Tuesday, 25 December 2007

tahu tak?

tak tahu.

betul tak tahu?

betul saya tak tahu.

apa yang patut saya tahu?

tahu lah benda-benda yang patut diketahui

Oh..tapi mestikah saya tahu?

Ya, mesti.Kalau tak tahu apa-apa, susah hidup nanti.



Tauhu or Tofu..the cheese of Asia.

Seriously, I am bored doing this essays for IELTS.Plus, this academic writing.I am writing about happiness.We can achieve happiness if we choose to be happy.I am happy as happy as I can be.I am "happy" thinking I am heading to college tomorrow.I am "happy" to start studying again.I am happy to face textbooks and papers.Oh..How happy I am!!!! I hope tomorrow there will be no IELTS class.

p/s: I realised I wrote quite a lot this December. Tahniah Nawa. You ought to be happy with yourself. and I don't celebrate Christmas.

Thank YOU.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Bila mana kita mula bermain

anyone here loves to play?raise up your hands!

anyone here hates to play?raise up your feets!

well, i assumed everyone loves to play since i see no one is lifting up their feets.including me, you, my sisters(especially the first one.she has 10 lean pretty nice fingers ,thanks to the joy and wonder of playing games), my brother and not to be forgotten my MOM.

Hi ibu.Welcome, Ahlan Wasahlan and Selamat Datang to the world of computer games.

Mom loves the computer.

BUT computer without the internet,for her is nothing. She couldn't do anything with the computer if the internet line is broken down. She will call and lament to Streamyx about her sufferings of her unable to log in into the net.Even those who work to pick up the phone at streamyx hotline knew my mother already.

"Oh,ini Puan Asnah yang selalu telefon tu ya?".This is normal.

Things start to change after a few weeks or should i say a few days, Angah got home.This sister of mine loves to download games.

Diner dash,wedding dash and all that dash-dash..she downloaded and played them all.

One of the games she downloaded into her computer is FARM FRENZY. and yes, Mom plays this most of the time.

If she is not on the net, she'll play this. If she is not chatting, she'll play this. If she's not doing any housework or watching TV or attending Haziq(does he still need to be attended?) or cooking or talking to the phone or sleeping or sms-ing or particularly when she's doing nothing, she'll play this.

This is how the game looks like...

see..that's her name..

This is just the beginning.Mom is way more advanced than this.

Ibu said that she is a "petani berjaya" now.As she has lots of sheeps,chickens, cows,cats and dogs as her helpers and not to forget LOTSA money!!
Mom, now you know how it feels like playing games non-stop.Heheh..

I bet she'll be playing Farm Frenzy this morning.Telling me not to lock my door after subuh.(the computer is inside my room.) Whatever it is, I am proud of my Mom who knows how to use a computer, who knows how to surf the net, who knows how to play computer games, and who knows updates of her children through friendster or blogger. Bangga.. sungguh kami bangga..kan kakak-kakakku?




Wednesday, 19 December 2007

of cupcakes and sushi..

the joy to bake and cook

i hardly know that

my sister does..apparently she loves to cook..bake to be precise.

and here are some of the cupcakes she loves to make

sure they look tempting.but originally they weren't supposed to look like that.modifications were made by me.thank you.

the history of how she's into this baking cupcakes was a bit pitiful and sad.

kan angah kan??

Telopong was invented by her.Never ask me what is the recipe.i know is haziq's favourite by far and i simply couldn't understand why he likes is just soup and an egg.

i don't fancy cooking and baking but i do love to make sushi.

and no..its not my specialty.i just love to make them. i like the way my sushi tastes and i need no comments from anyone back home who already ate my sushi of how they tasted like.No one at home likes to eat sushi(apparently those who are living with me back home are my Dad,Mom and Haziq.For some reasons,they don't like to eat these kind of foods.I am and still hugely wondering why Ayah don't as he is the man i knew who is very adventurous in terms of eating,eh?). but clap clap to angah who willingly ate the whole plate of sushi i made before.

sungguh daku terharu~

i was very excited having my new colour pens for it has been a few years since I got a new set.this is the result.CERIA.Red means i really need to concentrate more..Ohoho

the new semester is unusually hectic especially on tuesdays..Can you imagine i have only an hour break.An hour to buy lunch, an hour to pray, an hour to have my nap??

so WE planned to fast on every tuesdays.jimat duit dapat pahala.oh we are sOo nice.

till then,

eid mubarak.

Oh yes,

i succesfully had done the "penyembelihan".though it was only a chicken.a very fat chicken.

and proudly to say

I'm a KILLER!!!


this the ayam..yg mati kerana Allah..inna lillah

Thursday, 6 December 2007

My first post in December

Dah bulan 12 dah..

I am in the college for five months already and had been living in that Taman Kenanga for the past five months.

Now,I've moved!

It was an extremely tiring day yesterday,moving all the things from the rumah atas bukit to the apartment on the second floor

Terbakar lemak-lemak!!

But thanks to those who've helped.

I had the best sleep last night.because i was extremely exhausted.even my knees were shaking after moving and clearing up the apartment

ta for now~

p/s=ayu..dah buatkan know what.

Saturday, 10 November 2007


Last year,about this month i was offered to go to Japan by Antarabudaya(AFS) Malaysia.It was a student exchange programme.I saw an ad at the Star and i went to here. Dwnloaded all the application forms and sent them.few months later when i was at school, a teacher called me and said that i had to get ready for tomorrow as there was an interview for this AFS.Okay..

I went there.Being interviewed by 2 very nice uncles..more like fathers to me than interviewers..i thought i didn't get it.i dont mind though.then a letter came saying i was being shortlisted to go to Japan.YAY!!Again I had to fill up forms,composing essay,and so on.

when i was on the way home with Ayah from school,he said if we didnt get something we want regardless how the effort we put,we must not give up as there are always something better waiting for us.Then he said it.I got the offer. but it was at the time they were going for their problem settled then.they go for their hajj and i go for my afs.NOT..

I had to take care of my little brother.The AFS called again saying that what if they offered me to go to vietnam if iam not mistaken? my parents were not coming back yet.SO,tata to the scholarship..tata to japan..tata to vietnam.

I dont mind .although actually there was a small dissapointment in me not being able to go there. I stayed. I took care of my little brother along with my Angah. I learnt a few things at home. It's just that, sometimes we have to sacrifice for our loved ones. We never liked the idea of staying with someone else . So it would be better if the three of us stay together ,doing whatever we want than being stucked at someone else home doing nothing.

well, probably there's a blessing in disguise for me not going to Japan.Who knows?

BUT if i get the chance AGAIN..that will be super nice.

Friday, 9 November 2007

i'm tired of thinking

i read this somewhere on the net..and it really gets me into deep thinking..
your last mortal thought will be, "why did i take so many days - just like today, for granted?"

not that i'm a bit dizzy and i'm heading to my bed soon..very soon..i must really study hard tomorrow and the following days.and i'll write more and more when i'm in the mood and when the pc is with me.not having a computer with you sometimes is a bless but usually it's a torture.just wait for another year.but now i really need to focus on this one thing.

i can do it..ganbatte nawa!!aja-aja hwaiting!*semangat membara mode*

p/s: i am missing my sisters [if they knew,maka akan kembang semangkuklah mereka] sangat jauh friends.where are you guys??bz bz bz bz with exams i know..angah cepat balik..i want you and my bag..

Sunday, 21 October 2007

raya datang lagi!

so syawal comes ramadhan goes


the best thing bout ray IS duit raya..duit raya and lotsa duit raya

but i must admit this year's duit raya not as much as last year's


right now i am tremendously exhausted as all my cousins and paciks and maciks just came berhari raya.

and tomorrow i have class..early in the morning plak tuh..haila~

no mood going back to school
no mood
no mood

tapi mood itu mesti diadakan
saya comel~

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tak tahu nak beli apa kat bazaar..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

Ramadhan has always been the month i love the most.The joy of fasting, solat terawikh, menjadi budak baik for the whole month, boleh menguap without having to cover my mouth using the back of my hand (inappropriate for a girl i know but i enjoy doing this..HAHA), and yes of course, breaking fast is forever the best moment in Ramadhan.

This year, i spend most of my Ramadhan in different way of berpuasa. i remembered those days where Ramadhan was during school holidays.The whole family will wake up at 5am.Mom will prepare the food for us.usually it was the left over from buka puasa before.Dad didnt allow us to go back to sleep after that but we had to complete the whole 30 juz before raya.sometimes i just dozed off when one of us was reciting the Quran,well to wait for my turn.then we'll solat.and i climbed up my bed and terjelepok dan tak bangun-bangun until it was 2pm.

In school,it was a different way of ramadhan.sahur was like just getting up,took a few gulps of water then back to sleep till it was subuh.

In college, somehow i think I need my sahur but it was never that nasi and lauk kind of sahur.just milo and biscuits.if i am in super rajin mode, i will not get back to sleep but instead baca quran ke,study ke..but that mode is very seldom i tell chocolate coloured katil usually looks more tempting than anything.

The college provides a bus to go to the bazaar but we have to pay RM1,pergi dan balik.i haven't been to the bazaar yet. the Indians and chinese are very excited to go to the's like they go there everyday..Gila la..5 hari pergi bazaar sama denga RM5..lauk untuk dua hari..pembaziran.better for me to buy the lauk pauk at the cafe..the makcik,it seems sangat pemurah waktu bulan puasa all the lauk i bought cheaper than before..

I do really want to spend my weekend of puasa in college,try to go to the bazaar once by bus with friends, but i just can't.rumah asyik kata Mari~ Mari~..must not complain anyway..

One day..One fine day..before ramadhan ends..I will..


Friday, 21 September 2007

sangat segan

i had a class this morning. it was on 8 o clock..

as usual, i walked along with yati to college from our house. when we arrived there, we met vidya.

without any hesitation, the three of us simply barged in to LH3.zati and shema tagged along.after few minutes, there were many people unknown to us waiting outside the LH3.

"kenapa dorang ramai-ramai kat luar ni ek?"

"dorang nak ganti lecture fizik esok.gabung tiga kelas sekali."

"Ooo..Kesian ek tadek LH kosong."

an indian guy asked us,"your class is using LH, right now?"

yes we said confidently.

"our classmates always come late."

"betulla..dulu2 awal betol sampai..sekarang bukan main lagi.."

Achik suddenly came into the LH...

"kenapa korang kat sini?bkn kelas kita kat LH2 ke?"*Note=LH2 is just beside LH3.

WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT????!!!! went the five of us.all of the 3 classes stared at us.i noticed miss Su, the lecturer was already outside the LH trying to confirm whether this LH was in used or not..

haisy..even the lecturer was here..cepat2 jom kluar...

quickly,we went out of the class and went to LH2..

malu malu malu..

Saturday, 8 September 2007


ramadhan is coming and all my housemates already bought foods to cook for sahur.

ahaha..poyo aje..

but my house is really like a house compared to others..

semua ada..

and this new budget about raising our scholarship is tremendously good news for us


sadly our country is not in the list..HAHAHA

Saturday, 1 September 2007

selamat tinggal

usually when it is Hari Merdeka, me and ayah will go to Padang MPS to, well celebrate Hari Merdeka..

but it was an exception for yesterday..

we didn't go to the padang but instead we went to KLIA

to see my friends who went to Egypt and Jordan.

there were about 10-15 of them.

when they were about to go, i see all my friends "hujan-hujan" except me.

oh well,

i've seen too many departures before..therefore, no tears were coming out..

for me

i have to wait another two years..


and yes,

i bid my special farewell to them with my warmest hugs and kisses..

Sunday, 12 August 2007


tomorrow i have to sit for the midsem's exam and biology will be the first exam i have to sit

so right now,i am sitting beside my roommate downstairs borrowing another friend's computer updating my blog and also chatting with few friends


like tomorrow i dont have any exam..

there's one class in my college,they even have the chance to go for camping

and plus the ones who went for the camping are all malays

even the chinese and indian pass the chance to go for it

because there's this midsem exam..


Ayah said they dont know how to prioritise..and i agree with him

some people~

Friday, 3 August 2007

money money money!

hep hep

back home again

alamak lupa basuh beg..takpe-takpe..biarkan dia berendam dahulu..

oh yes..i am an orang kaya sementara duit JPA was IN!!!

hooray hooray...

but i forgot to bring back my purse..jadi tak dapek la den nak kuakan duet...


life is different now compared to school's life

back then, i was constantly being reminded by friends

back then, i read quran almost 1 juz perday

back then,i did solat jemaah almost every waqt


i was in agama school and had been always reminded by dear friends and teachers


it is different now

sometimes i feel very far from reading Quran

I feel very lazy to perform solat jemaah..

but thanks to Allah

He still loves me

My housemates are all nice people

They were not from religious school like me

but they are the one who actually asked me to join them solat jamaah..

and i felt very "tertampa" at that time


and alhamdulillah also

there are USRAHs there..

Saturday, 28 July 2007

the airpot city with a pasar malam?

salaam alaik and peace be upon everyone..

suddenly i have this sudden urge to pour my feelings after one month (not exactly one month but almost one month as my weekends i spent them at home) in the college.

i went to the so-called airport city where my college is situated one month ago with mixtures of feelings..scared,excited,happy be honest, i was not all that happy when i saw the buildings.and those who already seen them will know why.There were ONLY two buildings where most of the students live and study.

I don't live inside the college area because i came late to register on the first day but instead i was given a place at a house near the college.Inside the house, again my expectations shattered to pieces when i saw the bed and closet.i tried to climb the bed as it was a double decker one..but sadly probably because all the fats inside me ,the bed broke into two..

That was all one month ago..

haha..actually,there were lot of things to say..

but i need to do a few things..


oh yeah..i love the ending of HP7..HP rocks!!but i was amazed because none of my friends in college talk about was just plain weird.

Friday, 20 July 2007

i'm home.again

and i am home again


who will miss the chance to be back home?

bad news

i reformatted my sd card

abes sme lagu duniawi ku isk isk isk

tomorrow there'll be kenduri kawin at pak long's

have to attend..

it's a must..

of course own sedara maa~~

Saturday, 14 July 2007

after 2 weeks

i went home

i went to watch harry potter with akak and adek

i got my money back

i watched for free

i was very tired

i met my friends

i went home by taxi

i have to be in college this monday


Friday, 29 June 2007

the new life

so i am saying

i am starting my new life

i am nervous

oh yes i am

gedebak gedebuk hati ini to be more precise..hehs

-will i be good?

- will it be fun?

- will everything be as smooth as planned?

- will it?

- will it?

i am hoping everything will be fine.

so dear all,

pray the best for me..


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Saturday, 23 June 2007


hari ini ayah balik lambat..

maka dengan itu ada la habuan untuk kami yang setia menunggu di rumah..


adek : nak tengok pirate boleh tak?

W: tak mau tunggu ibu ayah ke?

adek : ha..tunggu tunggu..

Maka cd pirate 3 pun dipasang dengan penuh profesionalnya oleh adek.

skrin tv tulis : PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3

translation tv tulis : DICETAK ROMPAK KARIBEAN 3..


Ibu : Diorang ni memang nak cabar polis betul-betul ke?

oh ye

CD tu cetak rompak punya..hehs

adakah kari bean-kacang kari atau pulau-pulau tersebut??


Sunday, 17 June 2007


I was rummaging through ayah's documents the other day as he asked me to look for something in his James Bond briefcase.

In the middle of the rummaging procession, I stumbled upon this.


My sweet and dear 'old' Ayah

Thinking I was only in Form One when i was enrolling to Form Four..

I will always be your littlest girl

Mind you.. ye akak and angah,the littlest girl in the family.


I love YOU

or as you put it ,ILU...

I remembered when I was accepted to be in a boarding school.

Ayah seemed reluctant.He said,"Nanti lama-lama awa keluar gak dari rumah.Takpayah la pergi."or sounded like that lah.

Ibu tak kisah.I chose and she agreed."Ibu nak yang terbaik untuk awa.Ibu basuhkan baju weekly kalau pergi."she said.

Maka terus hati ini teruja mahu meneruskan pelajaran ke sekolah berasrama.. =D

Siapa tak menolak kan??

After 'pujukan' and continous persuasion from Akak, Ayah gave in.

I tell you Ayah. It was not,and never a waste when you sent me there.

With That,



Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Back to school...again..

Today I went for blood and urine test. There was a little commotion going on in the clinic as "akak kaunter" made a little blunder but it was not that serious. But I must say pity other patients. and it annoyed ayah and me too. But just a little bit.. Since she said SORRY , i guess.

We went to GH straightaway but then as usual lah, government hospital. There will be problems as expected. They said we were able to do the mantoux test today.[ the very very super duper nice doctor H called the hospital to confirm when mantoux test could be done the other day and they said we could do it on Wednesday Thursday and Friday] . But when me and ayah arrived there, they said ,"oh, tak boleh. Test tu tak buat hari ini. Sebab nanti kalau buat kena ambil result hari sabtu.Sabtu cuti."

What the heck??!!..I saw the annoyance on ayah's face. They said,"Datang hari jumaat la..hari isnin boleh ambil result..". Before that we were greeted by their laughter and looked as if they didn't want to entertain us at all. We sat there a couple of minutes listening to them talking and pretending as we were invisible. Tak pun kami ni kurus sangat sampai tak nampak?Made me wonder if we were VIP, how will they treat us then?

Ayah said OK. We went out and together exactly we said, "Ontah Papo.."

I sent Adik's form to SRI. At first, I was reluctant to go..Segan lah...Then so suddenly OK. I went out and sent the forms. I met Cikgu Zaiton, Cikgu Maryam, Ustazah Salasiah who was very popular among us students. Teachers called her Kak Sally.She asked about my sisters as well. Terharu cikgu-cikgu ni kenal kita lagi..isk..isk.Segan pun ada. Bangga pun ada.

SO on Friday I have to do the mantoux test.hope there will be no other problem.Ameen...

p/s : maaflah ye akak dan angah. kamera tak bawa sekali. jadi tak adalah gambar sekolah yang dicintai itu

Sunday, 10 June 2007


pandang atas tengok siling

siling bocor

air menitik nitik jatuh

panggil ibu

ibu:hujan ni.sebab tu lah bocor.kang dah abis ujan tade la boco tu

daku: oh yek?

sehari lepas tu..

pandang atas lagi

bulat tu makin besar

air pun makin banyak menitik jatuh

panggil ibu

ibu:aik,ada lagi?ni bukan sebab hujan ni..

panggil ayah

ayah:koff..koff..haahla bocor..kejap lagi ayah pergi tengok..

ayah naik siling

ayah:o..paip PVC ni ada crack.kena panggil Ah Kin.Ayah tak dapat repair.

Ayah telefon Ah Kin

4 jam kemudian

adik:yah..bu..dah makin besar dah.sampai kipas

daku:mana?mana?haahla..dah makin besar dah paip tu bocor.malangnya nasib.ishk..ishk..habisla tilam.

lubang kecik je.yang besar air meresap kat siling.

Komputer kena alih.letak luar.

ayah:Ah Kin sesat.Dia pergi tempat lain

Ibu:Bukannya dia tak pernah datang

Daku:....(nak kata apa?)

pukul 6petang

Ah Kin datang dengan Ah Fook.Ah Fook macam kanak-kanak.faham-faham aje lah OK?

Habis repair Ah Kin balik.

Daku kena tido luar hari tu.sebab takut kalau pasang kipas nanti siling roboh.

p/s: Cuki..happy birthday!!kawan2ku semua dah tua!!waha..

Saturday, 9 June 2007

pot of gold

We went to Kuala Selangor to attend kenduri kahwin one of ayah's friends

Ayah said we were to go makan sedap


Like I dont know nak pergi kenduri kawin actually

kenduri kahwin = makan sedap .bak kata ayah lah

on the way home, we saw a rainbow


jumpa pelangi pon nak kecoh

but then people
this was no ordinary pelangi, okeh?

we were at the end of the rainbow!!!

BUT there was no pot of gold..

Friday, 8 June 2007



macam dalam cerita p.ramlee tu..

finally, i managed to get haloscan back into the blog

and so my 'very precious' comments are not wasted just like that..

after so many hours 'bego-ing' this stuff,haloscan is back..

lagi cepat rasanya guna haloscan.

dan dengan itu,

saya letakla link haloscan


Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Abang, fuck you!!

-a quote from a profile found in friendster.

That’s not me. I don't have any abang for sure. Kakak-kakak I have.

But I am a bit amazed about how she can directly use the f-word to her brother.

Does this person really meant what she wrote or simply because the f-word is a very common word we heard everyday in TV and so she used it?

Although, it seems as if she was joking but still...

That’s in writing. Does she talk to her brother like that too?


If it's me, I say it's rude.

If it's me, I would have been bombarded with "tohmahan dan nasihat" by "pihak yg bertanggungjawab”, I would say.

It’s not right to use those kinds of words toward someone who is older.. Or younger. Be it family or friends or simply someone you just don’t even know if ,he/she ever existed. It’s just not right I must say.

But that's me.

Other people? I don’t know. Well, people do have their own way of thinking, don’t they?

Our PM is getting married by the way, to Jeanne Abdullah.

manusia tak penah puas

hello ebribadi!!

i changed my skin

yes i know

and the comments from haloscan also had been removed

and so was the chatterbox

i am currently using flooble right now

sbb senang

takyah den nak pilih2 colour

so i changed the template [guna XML nye bkn html.lg sng lah..keje pon sng] to look a little bit more matured and professional


matang tak saya?professional tak saya?


itu lumrah bukan

kita tak puas

mesti nak tukar2

kan kan

kalau henpon da lame mesti nak pakai yg baru nye kan kan kan



apdal apdal

hepi 18th birthday!!

tua tua

semua orang makin tua

i je yang kekal muda


okies la ebribadi

saya mahu ketiduran terlebih dahulu

tata for now

Saturday, 2 June 2007


hem hem

a beautiful day today..


and so we[me and adek aziq] did a vid dedicated to akak and angah

miss adek kan kan kan

and so here he is

Thursday, 31 May 2007



nampak tak semua

kale kale yg meriah

dan tulisan yg besar besar sekali~~~


takot rabon!

so i changed the colours and the font size

plus akan merangsang otak2 anda apabila membaca entry2 brikutnya


Wednesday, 30 May 2007

SRI sekolah ku

semalam pergi SRI..

nak pergi daftarkan muhammad haziq ramalan sekolah darjah satu

jumpa cikgu2 di kala zaman sekolah rendah dulu..

cikgu asmahan,cikgu haliza,cikgu khazidah serta ramai lg


skema penulisan daku~~~


SRI dah maju!!

serta yuran pun bertambah maju

215$ permonth

oh sungguh mahal

KTT gila ceruk


setaun setgh je...

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

the arrival of that letter

surat JPA sampai jua akhirnya~~~

i woke up this morning[pkl11 kire moning lakan]..and the letter was beside my ear..heheh..seb bek ibu x bukak dolu..muahahaha...ibu baek..bagi privilege kat awa dolu..ibu mmg baek..


it said


saudara/i [nawabaek]

anda ditawarkan .........kursus perubatan.....

????:kolej teknologi timur
program: a-level

????:universiti di india
????:60 bulan which is equal to 5 years
program: perubatan

lega la it is not twinning programme as yg digembar gemburkan akak..muahaha..


this is whati remembered as i am too lazy to look at the surat tawaran..


i have to learn physics..haih~~


ibu ayah akak angah aziq sete sabat2

pray for my success

Sunday, 13 May 2007


i'm sad

i'm sad

i'm sad

and worried

with that,

thank you.

Friday, 11 May 2007

ayah n ibus' happy day..mine also..

and so i thought of not going to sleep today.thought of waiting till morn to see my JPA result.
but i couldn't help the calling power of my klabu bed with slimut harry potter.
at 7, i watched CSI which was downloaded last night.

and so about 0746,i checked the result.and yes,it shocked me..INDIA's unexpected really.i thought they would campak me to poland or anywhere but never INDIA..tula..tulaa..but being me..a very OPTIMIST kind of person, i think INDIA is not so bad..lots of interesting places to go..heeeheee...and plus they said lots of specialists graduated from India..oh well...

but i am grateful.really i's a birthday present from me to ayah..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH..i love you very2 much..(bila mane enpon baru maw dibeli ini? =D penatla dropping hints yg trang lgkan bersuluh..)

INDIA..reminded me a scene was 3 years ago.I was playing with a globe with a couple of friends. i gave a thought that why dont we spin the globe and try to stop it with our finger.that place is where will we be at one day..lame i know..but that was what i do sometimes..lame things..

and finger stopped at INDIA..hadeh~..

well, Allah did give me a hint.and so i thanked Him..


ps= A BIG AND WARM THANK YOU with hugs and kisses also,to ayah and ibu and akak and angah and yes not to be forgotten adek aziq..marila ke india..kite bercuti..murah dan byk tmpt menarik..mari dan mari~ngaha

pps= to my friends who managed to get the offer,i said guys deserve this after all the hard work done..and to those who dont, i still love and appreciate you guys..there's a blessing in disguise there.we'll never know probably.but to thank Him is the most important thing we ought to do..

ppps= i changed my blog skin.the name of this skin is "bila JPA klua"..oh so creative of me and i just love this new song..

Monday, 7 May 2007


we went to KLCC to celebrate those who were born in May.


anyway,i had lots of fun celebrating you guys.let the pictures tell it all.

i went back to nadiah's home in Klang with night we checked our upu result.
Nadya= UIA asasi senibina
Ayu = USIM tamhidi perubatan
Nawa = USIM tamhidi perubatan (told ayah ibu about it.and they were extremely excited of the thought -me studying in malaysia i think..wahahaha)

we checked a few others too.but cant really remember all of them.but lots of them got UIA.

the next day,we went to Kajang.tgk perantin..huda's brothers got married and we(me,ayu,nadya) were the first to arrive among huda's clans.

sian belle ilang fon jua mekaseh pada faqeh kerna tumpangkan kami ke komuter stesen..

Thursday, 3 May 2007

a day in PD

suddenly Ayah..out of blue wanted us to have a has been years we dont have a picnic he usual when it is a picnic, mom is the one who have to do lots of works..heheh..trimas ibu!

we are on the way to PD when we saw a pair of indians on the road.satu terduduk dan satu terbaring.people didnt stop except a stopped by then only lots of other ppl stopped by then.
the chinese said that he did actually ran into the and haziq stayed back in the car as ibu didnt let us go and see them.they were injured pretty badly.that was what ibu and ayah said.
ibu called the police.but they were slow.too much bureaucracy..too much process..that is malaysia if you asked me..

anyway,we headed to PD and we had a lot of FUN!

main pasir,mandi manda,makan2[ibu prepared nasi lemak for us]

adek as usual being all excited about going to bathe at the sea.but pity then, when i brought him to the sea, there were lots of that time,air laut belum pasang lg.jadi sgt jauh dari tempat kitorg ke laut.sgt jauh!

i thought of not going into the waters but then it seemed that i couldnt help it.i didnt put any lotion at all.hitamlah muka ku~

we went home at the evening.maka tercapailah cita2 ayah!!
p/s: due to my tiredness,i slept for 14hours today![clap..clap]

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


my back hurts..after walking for hours at PWTC[there is a bookfair there],my back hurts but not my feet.

there were lots of people there mind you. i said to my friend."bkn org mesia ni slalu asek dtekan budaya membace ke?aku tgk ramey aje org means org mesia ni rajen a membace kan"
she said"ko tgkla ape dorang bace" and i cant help but to agree with her..

there's a booth there under MOY publications.and i did some survey.i think 99% who went to the booth were malays.65% who went out of the door of PWTC were holding the paper bag of MOY and also karangkraf.

MOy jual ujang and those kind of stuff..which kami da x bli.kami sapot sincan..hohahaha.ppl were busy memborong novels and mags kat karangkraf.and dont have to tell what kind of mags or novels they're buying.ngah3.ceritera chenta and gossiping mags.alah mags camtu pgi kdai buku nempek sane patuh bace..jimat dwet..thought of buying ramlee awang murshid's book but sadly dwet da kering.

when we went to the second floor where mostly buku ilmiah and english books.the ppl up there consist 1/3 dr yg ade kt bawah.bwh mostly buku mlayu patuh buku agama.ade jual cd zain yg lamenye..and dolod aje da bule dpt satu album.tayah bli mahal2..satu cd abg tu kate kalo yg baru klua la ade la 60-70 inggit..mahal mahal..doloding is much ahmad deedat pon ade..mnarek..things for sold there adela sgt mnarek.

i bought ayat2 cinta..the name of the book mmg la agak sepeti cheesy bgitu but then i read the reviews and all my friends who already read them said that it's worth to buy it as its not that ordinary chenta books you can find on's about islam jugak that's different.even mom is starting to like it.

list of books i bought

-insomnia[stephen king]
-the street supper
-tuesdays with morries
-ayat2 cinta
-majalah i
-halal haram pemakanan
-the umbrella man[roald dahl]

thats all.but i spent 200 on these..thought of buying a few more but budget tidak kesampaian.alangkah bahagia jika dwet sepeti air..ohoho

on the way back, i came across 3 couples.two malays,two chinese and two vietnamese.berpolok sepeti belangkas yg tamaw lpas2.
tolongla..i dont mind the chinese and vietnamese but those malays,they're muslims i think.oh sunggo menggelikan.melentok2 kan kpala..bermaen2 tgn..oh should know your boundaries if you're not married yet.and same goes with those yg bertudong but then still pegang2 tgn.and polok2 and let the guy pegang ur pinggang.tlgla.mencemarkan imej org bertudong.better u take off your tudong than doing those stuff wktu pakei tudung itu.haih.

smoga mereka cepat2 bernikah utk mengelakkan maksiat dan smoga yg menules dan membace dilindungi from doing these kind of things which are haram dlm agama kita..amin~

Monday, 30 April 2007


finally i got the kekuatan to actually write this post.i went to the sukan thingie. haziq as usual x mng pon.AHAHA..basically, its proven that we're siblings..the 4 of us.. kami kaki bangku dan kami mengaku itu..ohoho..change of plan.going to bukfair on tuesday.arap2 it will be fun cause i have this pemalas pnye perasaan..heheh

my back HURTS again.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

daulat tuanku

today is the day of pertabalan yang dipertuan agong-the King means cutila!! no schools or work or whatsoever but pity aziq.he had to go to school.he has been chosen to recite the doa.and i've been yapping to him to remember the doa but as usual he shuts himself pretending not to hear anything i said..adek..adek..

i didnt watch the pertabalan. just to wait for the VIPs or VVIPs to arrive took me probably more than an hour in front of the TV

on the way home after doing some shopping at Giant, i was just wondering basically what ADUN is doing.what kind of work she/he is doing.just being the suara rakyat?and how?.i did ask ayah n ibu but as usual they were like attacking the ADUN. tak buat keje so on and on. which is not answering to my question.. haha ..typical mum n dad.

this saturday i plan to go to PWTC with some friends.ade bookfair katenye..and so my sister asked me to buy few lah..nnt awa test carik..kalo x jumpa paipai sikal saje~..

anyhow,my back much...bila mana maw dtg bulan..wohoho...

Saturday, 21 April 2007

going down

finally streamyx went normal.yay.last night i didnt know what to do exactly.i was playing some of the computer games, listening to songs, yadda..yadda.. then this morning pacik telekom dtg and he brought along a new modem for us. but then the network card inside this computer rosak~

it was all because the kilat that day.rumah bergegar..dvd player x leh maen which caused haziq a teribble boredom for one whole day.but yay for mom and me though..fon umah pon kiok skali.

hadeh...ayah went to akhiri to fix it up and finally i managed to log in..atlast~

today's planning is to go to Pilah to visit a friend who just underwent a surgery.but then the friends who supposed to "teman" me wanted to go to Alamanda.IKMAL SMAPL are having some kind of gathering there and i am too lazy to go as usual.muaha..

erm..15more days to jpa result.haiyoh~lap dap smaken laju..hahaha..and i finished my puasa nazar.

toodles for now..

Sunday, 15 April 2007

90 miles outside seremban..

hehs..does the title rings any bell?

ala..lagu a walk to remember tu..ala ala la ok..

okie dokie..



.uma pakngah

.kedai dobi makngah at flora damansara

.uma nenek

.tesco kajang

.mkn pizza- i strongly suggest if you want to eat pizza if you're within the area..dont go to pizza hut tesco kajang. the service was super duper late..tenkiu and no offence to the ppl of KAJANG..hak hak..


.Internet->which what am doing right now.

.sleep-> in 2-3 hours time? haha


Friday, 13 April 2007

haziq ayah n mantin

today, i slept barely for three hours. i woke up because i heard ibu was scolding haziq and haziq was crying. Haziq terabokan bedak pastu tamo ngaku. gud beri gud..hehehs..
Early in the morning, i went to ayah ibu's room to wake haziq up. Haziq as always pmalas bgn pagi like his sisters do.

Mandi pagi mesti ada air panas. It's a must. Ngade-ngade tol.

Ini adela kesan dia kencing malam..TADA~

pukulan manja ayah~

after pakcik isa or whats-his-name, we said goodbye to aziq and we went for jogging

ayah= jogging(3round)
ibu= strolling(1round)
me= cycling[basikal itu mmg da x stabil](2round)

we headed to Selera Pinggiran or better known as SP to have our breakfast.
PTGnye, we went to Mantin.

Things to munch during our stay. cost: RM15.90

This is Mantin. Bawah tu, there is a swimming pool where ayah and aziq pergi memuaskan hati mereka utk berendam. While taking this pic, actually there were some neighbours karaoke-ing at their home. It was loud and noisy. These ppl dont have thier common sense.

Muka sedey ayah as directed by me.