Monday, 29 June 2009

I laff mai skul en kalejes

Salaam Alaik

I still do not understand why people love to degrade the place they have spent or will spend most of their lives in.

Like your school?

Like your college?

Like your university maybe? *ok ok..ini adalah post untuk persiapan mental serta usaha menenangkan diri dengan fakta akan memulakan alam universiti dalam sebulan ++ lagi, Insya Allah.siswazah alert..bip bip.

Ok maybe an exception for working place but heck do we ever hear people complaining about offices macam atap bocor ke? Office buruk ke? Like tak pernah kan? Usually it must be about the colleagues, minah ni pakai baju singkat nampak buttcrack bla bla bla..pakcik ni scandal dengan secretary ni bla bla bla. Bini dia department sebelah je bla bla.. though I doubt these are going to be the topics waktu lunch break since I myself never worked in an office with gossiping ladies.

But anyway, why eh?

I came across a blog whereby a kid (let us not disclose the gender of this being) simply naming the college that the kid is going to, as Kolej dotdotdotdotdotbabih1n1khinzir*mana-manalah sesuai

Lumrah untuk kita rasa tak puas hati. Setiap hari mesti adalah yang kurang punya. Adik ni tak mahu dengar cakap. Pergi main tak mahu balik-balik. Kerja rumah tak siap. Mandi sangat sekejap buat orang ragu-ragu mandi ke tidak budak ni? Nak buat gulai budak je rasa. Nasib baik tak hebat memasak.


Tak baik weh, panggil tempat nak belajar macam tu. Kita orang Islam. Kita ada adab. Even orang bukan Islam pun tak panggil tempat belajar macam tu. Kadang-kadang, orang bukan Islam laagi hormat pada tempat belajar. Apa susah dik, 2 tahun je duduk situ. 2 tahun kelip-kelip mata je. 2 tahun belajar, 2 tahun gelak-gelak, 2 tahun dapat kawan baru. 2 tahun ada macam-macam aktiviti buat. 2 tahun. Sekejap je. Kolej tu best. Percayalah. Kalau dapat KTT bagaimana reaksi manusia ni tah? Apa perkataan pulak yang akan ditukar? Kolej apa pulak namanya nanti? Kat kolej sekarang, dah tahu dah arahnya, ke tempat membangun lagi berteknologi tinggi juga. Rejoice the fact. Kalau menuju ke India macam mana?

I felt both happy and sad at the same time.

Terima je lah kenyataan. Some people got better college than you. Some people got apartments to live and you don't. Some people got TV in their apartments and you don't. Some people got washing machine but you got a laundry service. Some people got airconditioned room but you got a measly standing fan. Some people got to live by their own rules but you have to live with rules set by others. You just have to accept it and later you will see, college life was amazing and yes, you wish you could turn back time despite all those things.

You knew Allah knew what's best for us, right?

p/s: A friend told me during the slideshow of pre-departure briefing and while showing the photo of our future universities, " For the first time I think, KTT is much better."

Friday, 26 June 2009

I got nothing better to do.

Salaam Alaik

Seriously, I was cracking up when I heard this. Mari- mari. Dengar part yang hujung *3:39 is a must, OK!

Oh yeah, my sister graduated today and Mum and Dad will surely be very proud by now watching their eldest girl with the scroll and the robe. Way to go, sis! I dedicate this Laughing Song to you just to show how happy I am.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.. Haaaaa~*in Florence Foster Jenkinses' way.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Salagadoola menchicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Do not ask me what it means. Go ask Cinderella's fairy godmother.

Salaam Alaik

Well, people of my age, of the same course, of the same college, of having the same Indian lecturers originated from India, are currently busy jumping hopping or laughing their head off .. but me, I am now being a good, naive , handsome, obedient little housewife. Those who want to barf, please do so. Ceh. Macam I kisah. Maybe a bit but I love to be home nevertheless. You have to understand, I am being lonely now. My brother went to school and will come back at only 5pm and shoot to play football or something leaving me and my friend, the computer alone. He will only be back at 7 or so, have his bath, eat, pray, do howework *that is when being told to* and sleep. Senang hidup jadi budak. The TV is pretty much being left alone too because what is it to watch? Sad sometimes happy cheesy romantic drama with the tak menahan scripts? or Wanita Hari Ini? or Mentor? or Bintang RTM? or _______? you fill in the blank. Oh yeah, like you guys watch them. I told you my parents are against the idea of having ASTRO.*sigh*

Eh wait, I watch TV but only during news time. Hoho. Bajet intelektual.

Yesterday, I spent my morning and afternoon watching Cinderella and Thumbelina on Youtube. How sad, isn't it? I am quite sure my sister will tell me to go and watch Japanese Drama on mysoju. Ok but I have not finish Brown Sugar Macchiato, Maou, Zettai Kareshi, what more eh..? yet. I am such a lazy bump that even to watch these drama I tend to skip certain part or better still, I watch them but in a fast-forward motion. I even fast fowarded Thumbelina. I liked the Mother Frog though and did not skipped that part.

I skipped these. I googled for Mother Frog. Sadly, I found none. Such a pity for I wish to honour her in my blog. lol.

Tomorrow there will be this pre-departure briefing with the Skolesip People. Malasnya!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

My father is a Teck Ko Teck

Salaam Alaik

If you watch Under One Roof, you'll know who is this Ah Teck. If you never watch any, then I deemed you, uncool. Haha.

Anyway, this is a must publish entry for today.

Daddy, Happy Father's Day.

I love you mucho. Muah. and I am sorry for all the mistakes I have done.

I ingat anak I lupa nak wish Father's Day. I baru nak merajuk

Eleh. U ni nak ngada-ngada pulak

Friday, 12 June 2009

Tiba-tiba nak letak gambar banyak-banyak

Salaam Alaik

Haro everyone! For the past two weeks, I was extremely busy with worldly matters. Huheh. I went to Kelantan to attend a teacher's wedding, sleepover at a friend's house, went here and there, did things that a tourist always do, camwhoring all the way while waiting for the bus that was late for 5 hours, yeah.. the usual.

This was Stesen Putra at 11.30pm. The bus was late when it was my first long distance trip by bus.

I was sad. She was happy.

The teacher. I like to stand next to her because I feel like "Oh, tinggi juga diriku ini!"

Barisan bawah sedang mengambil berkat.

Then we had this Kannada Night in which my class made a cheap horror movie considering how amateur we are in this film thingy, with low-budget camera but the result was awesome. Well, we managed to scare some. Muahaha.. Baru korang tahu aku dok depan pintu minggu ni tunggu korang balik rumah kenapa. I just don't watch ghost movies or anything of that sorts, OK?

Creepy creepy creepy. Someone, do please cut her hair.

The Oh-some class. Keeko just stands out from the others.note* the guy next to me is my Kannada lecturer named Mr Shyamu. Keeko on the other hand is the girl with white tudung.

The next day, I headed to Pahang. There were only 30 of us going and yes, at first I was dissapointed. Most of my friends went there already leaving me and Yati, Nadten and Nadbolat behind. Sob Sob..But it was fun nevertheless because due to small number of people going, we managed to do all the activities. None of us excluded. Puas hati kau.

I am a PRO

She is not a PRO or is it she is shorter? Yati, don't kill me.

My all-time favourite. Nadten transformed to Nadnyet. Hoyeah!

Sangat tak serupa. Seperti bumi dan matahari perumpaannya.

This gajah is from India. Hai hai sahabat.

A random question but should I make a facebook account before I leave Malaysia?

p/s; Ha, ye Apdal dan juga Cuki. Selamat Hari Jadi lah kamu berdua. Bukan aku lupa la. Ko jauh na. Dah la sms pun takleh do. Cuki aku dah sms. Ko takmo reply. Ceh. Sombong. Tapi takpe, meh aku wish lagi sekali. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENKAWAN! Apdal balik Malaysia jangan lupa bawak Kibum

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I am a dedicated person as I just love to do dedications

Salaam Alaik

Baah.. It is June already. Before I proceed any further, marilah sama-sama kita menyanyikan lagu Allah Selamatkan Kamu buat saudari Nuurul Huda Nik Pa. Mari-mari bangun semua. Come on.. Yang tak kenal saudari ni pun tidak mengapa, kita nyanyi sama-sama dan kuat-kuat ya bagi menghilangkan stress diri.


Yo, saya Huda! Kadang-kadang boleh jadi Udang. Yo! Yo! Yo!

p/s: Hey Udang, cukup tak ini menunjukkan kasih sayang aku?