Monday, 30 April 2007


finally i got the kekuatan to actually write this post.i went to the sukan thingie. haziq as usual x mng pon.AHAHA..basically, its proven that we're siblings..the 4 of us.. kami kaki bangku dan kami mengaku itu..ohoho..change of plan.going to bukfair on tuesday.arap2 it will be fun cause i have this pemalas pnye perasaan..heheh

my back HURTS again.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

daulat tuanku

today is the day of pertabalan yang dipertuan agong-the King means cutila!! no schools or work or whatsoever but pity aziq.he had to go to school.he has been chosen to recite the doa.and i've been yapping to him to remember the doa but as usual he shuts himself pretending not to hear anything i said..adek..adek..

i didnt watch the pertabalan. just to wait for the VIPs or VVIPs to arrive took me probably more than an hour in front of the TV

on the way home after doing some shopping at Giant, i was just wondering basically what ADUN is doing.what kind of work she/he is doing.just being the suara rakyat?and how?.i did ask ayah n ibu but as usual they were like attacking the ADUN. tak buat keje so on and on. which is not answering to my question.. haha ..typical mum n dad.

this saturday i plan to go to PWTC with some friends.ade bookfair katenye..and so my sister asked me to buy few lah..nnt awa test carik..kalo x jumpa paipai sikal saje~..

anyhow,my back much...bila mana maw dtg bulan..wohoho...

Saturday, 21 April 2007

going down

finally streamyx went normal.yay.last night i didnt know what to do exactly.i was playing some of the computer games, listening to songs, yadda..yadda.. then this morning pacik telekom dtg and he brought along a new modem for us. but then the network card inside this computer rosak~

it was all because the kilat that day.rumah bergegar..dvd player x leh maen which caused haziq a teribble boredom for one whole day.but yay for mom and me though..fon umah pon kiok skali.

hadeh...ayah went to akhiri to fix it up and finally i managed to log in..atlast~

today's planning is to go to Pilah to visit a friend who just underwent a surgery.but then the friends who supposed to "teman" me wanted to go to Alamanda.IKMAL SMAPL are having some kind of gathering there and i am too lazy to go as usual.muaha..

erm..15more days to jpa result.haiyoh~lap dap smaken laju..hahaha..and i finished my puasa nazar.

toodles for now..

Sunday, 15 April 2007

90 miles outside seremban..

hehs..does the title rings any bell?

ala..lagu a walk to remember tu..ala ala la ok..

okie dokie..



.uma pakngah

.kedai dobi makngah at flora damansara

.uma nenek

.tesco kajang

.mkn pizza- i strongly suggest if you want to eat pizza if you're within the area..dont go to pizza hut tesco kajang. the service was super duper late..tenkiu and no offence to the ppl of KAJANG..hak hak..


.Internet->which what am doing right now.

.sleep-> in 2-3 hours time? haha


Friday, 13 April 2007

haziq ayah n mantin

today, i slept barely for three hours. i woke up because i heard ibu was scolding haziq and haziq was crying. Haziq terabokan bedak pastu tamo ngaku. gud beri gud..hehehs..
Early in the morning, i went to ayah ibu's room to wake haziq up. Haziq as always pmalas bgn pagi like his sisters do.

Mandi pagi mesti ada air panas. It's a must. Ngade-ngade tol.

Ini adela kesan dia kencing malam..TADA~

pukulan manja ayah~

after pakcik isa or whats-his-name, we said goodbye to aziq and we went for jogging

ayah= jogging(3round)
ibu= strolling(1round)
me= cycling[basikal itu mmg da x stabil](2round)

we headed to Selera Pinggiran or better known as SP to have our breakfast.
PTGnye, we went to Mantin.

Things to munch during our stay. cost: RM15.90

This is Mantin. Bawah tu, there is a swimming pool where ayah and aziq pergi memuaskan hati mereka utk berendam. While taking this pic, actually there were some neighbours karaoke-ing at their home. It was loud and noisy. These ppl dont have thier common sense.

Muka sedey ayah as directed by me.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

satu dua tiga dan empat

it has been four days i'm fasting..YAY for me..there will be another 3 days to fast.adoi..adoi..dan adoi..then i have to fast for another 8 days for puasa ganti..adoi adoi and adoi again..but fasting was not that bad i guess since i slept mostly during the day..HEHEH.. i cant help to sleep until 2pm.eventhough the bibik switch off the fan to sapu and mop the room.i cant help it, seriously.And now it has been almost 4 months i am at home doing nothing particularly..ngee..otak pon jadi beku kmudiannye..just now i had to look up the dictionary to spell P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S..siyes otak ku da beku..and then watching stories about school at crunchyroll made me missed school very much.. T.T ... all in all, i missed school..HAHA..

Haziq..sleeping on my bed. This angelic face can be only seen when he's asleep.Yang mengharukan adela ibu mengatekan he felt asleep selepas mencium bantalku yg wangi dan berkate bau acik..

Sunday, 8 April 2007

nothing much

i woke up earlier and found out that it was already 1230pm. i get up very late since i finished my spm. mom has been nagging me all the time about my waking up very late till noon..haha..

well, time flies by.. and i am waiting for the JPA result. the interview was last week and as i mentioned earlier it was not bad. if they campak me to india, i will go. if they campak me to indon also , i'll go.what choice do i have at that time? but really, i am hoping i will go somewhere else than india and indonesia.haha

i just finished watching gokusen last was so touching and so on but seriously were there any teacher like yankumi? guess not. i am not saying that my teachers are all bad but Yankumi ..not a very realistic one in the real world i must say.i do learn a few things from gokusen. i like the part when yankumi said something about friends which i cant really remember.

well then, i know that i've been sleeping and waking up really really late lately..but then i think back, nnt da tade mase nak tdo lelambat bangun lelambat dah..heheh..anyhow..


sorry for not helping you much

love you always

and yeah one more thing..i changed my song to classical music.ahaha..bes bes..a must listen for those who always listen to lagu yg mempunyai kate2..ahahaha...

Tuesday, 3 April 2007


finally went through d three days programme..and also went through d interview dis morn..evrything was quite OK..but i dunno..hoping and praying for d best..