Sunday, 24 May 2009

In Hindi, small pox is shitela.

Salaam Alaik

You know, I hate Sundays.


1. Tomorrow will be Monday. Monday means I have classes to attend. Classes mean homework or stuffing more knowledge into my head. It is a good thing, Nawa.

2. If I am back at home, I have to get up early in the morning because tomorrow Dad will be driving me back to where I am supposed to be. Terima kasih, bapaku. I love you mucho. Nasib baik tak perlu naik KTM ke hape.

3. I don't want to leave home. I just love my home and those inside it. I love Ayah, Ibu and surprisingly my cheeky-and-cunning-and-full-of-ideas little brother, Haziq. I love my room. I love the kitchen. I love the food rack. I love the fridge. I love everything.

4. Sundays remind me of holidays. I am currently yearning for months long of holiday after realising the fact that the chance of having that kind of holiday is getting thinner day by day.

5. I love Fridays.

p/s: Farah Najwa a.k.a Pa'a, saya terharulaaaah.. dan mungkin berbangga sedikit. =D

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Privatekan blog pun takde guna. Haha

OK. Seriously people, please ignore the title.

Salaam Alaik

Have you ever wondering why you put up a blog before? Why do you ever start writing? Do you plan beforehand what do you want to write? What is the purpose of your blog? Whether to educate or to entertain? Have you? Have you?

Well it is obvious, is not it? People are jumping into the bandwagon and each and every day new blogs are sprouting like mushrooms. I think it is much faster than mushrooms do. Perhaps like my own brother's experiment of planting "taugeh" which was extremely fast in growing.

And that is another story.

What I meant is, blogs are the "in" thing right now. Do not get me wrong. I love friends and family who are venturing into the world of blogs cause I just want to know what is happening to them. I tell you, it is more interesting reading about people you knew that people you do not know at all, it applied for me at least. I am almost a newbie myself in this blogging thingy which started out of boredom after finishing SPM. I like writing actually. I am very eager when it is time for writing and the joke of Biawak Komodo never deter my spirit of writing. Eventually, "Nawabaek" has become a part of my life already. My purpose of writing has never been for educational purpose. Heh. I am not good in those kind of things But I think I excel in crapping most of the time. Lol. Whatever.

At first, the thought of trying to educate or preach others in my own blog never came across my mind although, at this time around, sometimes I wish I could. Oh, how I wish I am capable of doing so. When I read other blogs who can fluently write about serious things, say politics or religion or social matters, that can trigger one's mind, I wish I could do so. When I read blogs that can entertain others, I wish I have the talent too. Seriously, I do. I wish for a mind that can do both. I wish for a blog that can give and share.

I am impressed with those around my age, or younger still that can provide serious business in their blogs. You know, the types that make people think.

I am not good in being very "puitis" and flowery in terms of languange. I respect those who can. Be it in any languange. The way how you can write and express yourself beautifully really intrigues me. Tabik spring sama lu orang la senang cakap.

But to share with people, you have to have the skill of attracting people, to get them read whatever it is in your mind. Same as talking I assume. If some "big-big" important person is talking or giving their speech, most of us will turn our deaf ears to them. Some more, if he/she is reading from a text prepared earlier. But if you can make it in a fun way, interesting way, and communicate with the audience * I learnt that eye contact is very important others will surely going to listen to you, no?

But of course, if you write, if you talk, you have to be extra careful. Nowadays, you can run but you cannot hide. The world is getting smaller and people will find you. Heck they will even though you think "Well, I am a nobody. No one is going to read my blog anyway." Nope. Nope. Nope. I, too discover that it is now the world of "THIINK BEFORE YOU WRITE" even if you are merely expressing your thoughts and feelings. Even for students.

Especially for students.

Well everyone,

buat diari yang ada kunci tu lah senang dan sorok bawah bantal.


p/s: I just have the gut to post this. Why eh? Why?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ini hadiah hari jadi untuk anda.

Salaam Alaik

Today is the birthday of an auntie.

Haish..seriously people. I am currently having this kind of writer's block. I am not in the mood really. I am a bit off tonight you see. Just a bit off. OK, what is the thing I want to talk about just now?

Oh yeah, makcik itu..

Firstly this is about a girl. Ayu is the name and she spesifically said that I am cute if only I write this post for her. Nah, amek kau! Ini untuk kamu, Ayu Amiza. Yelah, birthday girl lah kan? Kita ikutlah cakap dia.

nawabaek: woh
nawabaek: ayu jadi popular
ayumiza: hahaha
ayumiza: 3 belog je
ayumiza: satu lagi dayah
ayumiza: ko 4 lah
nawabaek: hahahaha
nawabaek: ni membuatkan aku tamo tulis ni
nawabaek: hahahahahaahahahahahahaha
ayumiza: jgnla nawa
ayumiza: ko nye lain'
ayumiza: ko cumil
nawabaek: kuheh
nawabaek: gedik la ayu amiza
ayumiza: hahaha
ayumiza: jgnlah ceni
ayumiza: (usaha goda)

Haha..motif aku letak conversation ini adalah sebagai bukti. Muahaha.. Kita harus bertindak kejam pada birthday girl. Rule pertama dan terakhir aku belajar di KTT.

Ayu is a great girl or should I say lady now eh, Ayu? I am always in awe with you nowadays. Of how much you change. I mean the way you change to be a better person. A better daughter. A better friend. A better muslimah. You are really one of kind and I am glad I met you. I am glad I knew you. Seriously, I do.

Kan aku dah kata Ayu, aku blur malam ni. But hey, you insisted to have one. So honey, here goes.


Ohey, comelkan diriku?

Nawwar adalah srikandi rumah merah tapi mengapa sekolah bagi tag nama berwarna kuning? Adakah Nawwar itu sangat royal namanya dan perlu berwarna kuning? Musykil.. Musykil..

Happy Birthday, Lahling.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Never worry. All paid for already. So, put your credit card away. Hey, it rhymes, nay?

Salaam Alaik

Yeah!! I am happy!

All went well for both Mum and Dad. Dad was being super cute when the people were actually singing Happy Birthday for him in the restaurant. So sorry for not being there but then again it was meant to be a romantic dinner for two. Next next year, probably we will go with the rest of the family, OK? Akak and Angah will surely treat us.

And Mum was very happy the other day as we surprised her with a bouquet of red roses. I never expect it to be so big. And darn, why do they typed the very meaningful words wrongly?

All in all, the countless conversations over the YM, calls over the phone (obviously not me calling them), lots of SMSes with my sisters are truly worth it. We love to see their happy faces. We love to see them happy. Most important of all, we love Mum and Dad. Both of you are simply the best!


Happy Mother's Day. This is only a small token of appreciation from us compared to whatever you have done till this day. We love you and no matter how much we say we do and we really do, you love is super than any other. I just want to say how proud I am to be your daughter.


Happy Birthday. I may not be there for next year to snap my finger or anything you used to do but just so you know, I will try to remember each and everything you told me what to do and what nots. You are simply one of a kind and you thought us to say I love you and never be ashamed of it. And here I am proud to say I love you, Daddy.

Ayah yang comel. Ibu yang handsome.

Romantic or not the view?

Ibu makan. Well, membazirlah kalau tak nak makan.

Krok..krok.. perut I dah lapar lah dahling
Sabarlah yang. Kejap lagi kita makan puas-puas.

The super Mum and Dad before leaving the house leaving me and my brother who was very excited for having the last season of Bola Kampung CD.

Saya sedang menonton bola kampung season 3

and it is true.

Salaam Alaik

Today I am very excited! You know, me and my sisters had been planning this thing for quite some time and we hoped that everything will go smoothly. Later later I will tell you.

Anyway, yesterday was our sports day and we KI3 gloriously won the best contingent. Kuheh kuheh kuheh. Tidak membazir air liur yang dilaburkan dalam jeritan-jeritan menyokong ahli kelas yang lain dalam bersukan. Yelah, bersukan tak hebat mana tapi kita mesti menggunakan skill yang ada. Maka, skill melontarkan suara telah digunakan sebaik-baiknya dengan harapan mendapat kontingen paling havoc tapi saprais saprais.. dapat yang terbaik. Ohey, senyum dengan penuh lebar dan bermakna as we were being announced to be one.

Yeah well, all the blood and tears being shed were never been wasted. Oh kay, maybe not the blood nor the tears but my beauty sleep was.

Just so you know, we are the tough chickens so,we never chicken out and we love to make noise and so hear us cluck! <-- ini la motto kelas kitorang. .We are cute, aren't we? Korang korang nak tahu tak? Aku main netball. I was the GD lagi. Hahaha. and you know what, we won that particular game. Ha ha ha ha.. Ha ha ha ha
*seyh.. gambar i dont have as I was not having enough time to bergigi biru and all.


today is Miss Beruang's birthday. I sent her my birthday wish just now. Thought of sending it later at 12 today but as a very nice friend I am, I sent it earlier laaaah. Well, I miss you and your beruangness, Ain. Enough said.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

A bag of mangoes. Does it worth it?

Salaam Alaik

It is funny when someone was actually stealing 3kg of mangoes along with the smart tag and also a wallet which contain cards and only a 50 ringgit note.Baaad luck to you.

I am pretty sure that person is currently regretting his luck of picking the wrong car.

Mengabihkan bogheh den yo pocahkan tingkap keto tu.

Yeah well, at least you've got to eat the mangoes.

Pity Dad. No IC. No driving license. Lost his precious little darlings photos. And his smart tag.

Dad, a very resourceful man.