Sunday, 27 February 2011

Everyone makes mistakes.

Salaam Alaik

We always jump into conclusion. With no background searching, with no personal experience, with no knowledge of a particular subject, we make our own assumption regardless whether it will hurt us or not. That is just us. A mere human being. Even though there is a part of us wanting to be positive, there will always be a fragment that oppose. It will grow and eat us up to the point that we can lose our confidence to a person, a system or anything.

The beautiful thing about religion is we have something to turn ourselves to when we are down and hopeless. When we have no insight of what will be happening in the near future, we pray just for the best thing to happen. If the outcome not as what we want it to be, there's a saying " when God closes a door, He opens a window." And the statement is not a total BS you know.

Writing from experience.

The assumption sometimes will lead to hurtful things that we cannot imagine. Yes, it's a relief to be able to say "sorry" but yet the scar is still there. I hope all are forgiven and if possible, not to be remembered at all.

Moral of the story ; Listen to both sides of a story before you jump into conclusion.

Happy Mondays everyone!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Domino Effect.

Salaam Alaik

Who said women are oppressed and cannot express their views in Islam?

Seriously why people are worried over the rise of Islamic extremism when an Islamic country is fighting over their own freedom? How extreme is extreme? People are killed by their own government on the streets. It is their right to be liberated after suffering oppression for a very long time.

While most of us including me is currently sitting in front of the laptop watching movies and TV series, another whole lot of youngsters on the other side of the world are being a part of a history in the making. Sometimes, I feel ashamed of myself for my lacking of interest to carry the responsibility trusted on me but instead busy thinking of my own comfort and happiness.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Terhutang budi. Kena bayar balik 10 tahun. Tskkkkk...

Salaam Alaik

Hi. As most of you probably know, I am a student sponsored by the people of my country to study abroad and  it is my duty or responsibility to bring back a scroll clarifying my worth of 5 and a half years of learning. I am thankful for being the chosen one to be sent here, to India. Though what I feel at the deepest part of my heart may not justify what I said most of the times, but really, I am thankful for being given this chance to study in a country whereby most of us if given a choice, will surely decline.

It's the truth. When I talked to my juniors or friends welcoming them to study in India,  they will mostly say NO THANK YOU. I can understand why. Even my thoughts were?are? like that too. Hey I had a senior too before. When she said she was leaving for India, my immediate reaction was "eeeee.. India. tak bestnya." Padan muka diri sendiri I guess. I don't know what happen to her though. I did not keep in touch apparently after that. Bad junior am I?

Putting that aside,

what I am going to talk here is about how we spend our money. Or rather how we broadcast our usage of money. The money given to us by the people with hope that we use it wisely and in which will benefit us and the country we are serving. I am feeling slightly annoyed with those who parade their lavishness to the world if the money are not earned by their own hard work. Studying is not working. Most people pay tuition money to study and not having money being deposited into their accounts every month or once in 3 months. I think, it is enough for us or our family only to know what we are spending on with the money trusted on us than telling everybody else. I know I am not the right person to tell you this but we know, we are spending some of the $$$ for our own personal gain. Kan?

The only thing is do not tell every living soul, especially those who are sponsoring you, those who do not have the chance as you have i.e to get paid while studying and also those who pay their taxes to support you, that you are spending it over a vacation, over a hobby, over an entertainment, or over whatever. Technically, the money once being given to you, are yours but at the very least have some respect to those who work hard for it.

Because I tell you why, these people do not like to see or know what you have been doing with the money other than for a good cause that is for learning purpose because once they knew, they will feel like they were being cheated on. By you. By us generally. As paying tax is compulsory, these people will feel that their money are being wasted. on us. The good for nothing enjoying life with other people hard work . Yeah well maybe studying is far from really enjoying your life but still... you get the drift, don't you?

Dan, apa jadi kalau orang tak redha dengan duit yang kita guna untuk makan, pakai etc? Na'uzubillahiminzalik.

Oh duit dah masuk. Boleh shoppinggggggggggggggggggg..Yey.
Oh duit dah masuk. Boleh beli itu dan iniiiii...Yey
Oh duit dah masuk. Boleh pergi situ dan siniiii...Yey.

These are entirely wrong but we are already an adult. I believe we know what to do and what not to do.My 2 cents over the topic. I hope none get offended. Heheh. This is a reminder for myself too, not to do silly things that I will regret later. Because one day, I will be paying taxes. And one day, I will be paying for the future kids' education. And you got that right I will be pissed off if I know they are using it to belanja girlfren/bofren pergi candle light dinner. Lolz.

Now now I need to study more. My Forensic and Microb are down the drain. Sobs.

Our weapon was our dreams and tomorrow is clear in front of us.

Sometimes I need to remind myself my purpose of being here. Belajar.Belajar. Belajar. Not academic wise only. But of life.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Of school again.

Salaam Alaik

The new semester is tiring. We started class at 8am in the morning and finished at 5pm everyday. On Saturday however, they ended at 3pm. I just came back from the college after the class, that was supposed to be held today at 2pm, was cancelled. It was a waste of my precious time to be away from college when I could actually go back at 12pm. *sigh*

Well, I hope nothing but for the best and I wish to see a video of my Dad playing DDR pretty please. thank you.

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.

Nak buat apa eh kot tak belajar sekarang?