Tuesday, 25 December 2007

tahu tak?

tak tahu.

betul tak tahu?

betul saya tak tahu.

apa yang patut saya tahu?

tahu lah benda-benda yang patut diketahui

Oh..tapi mestikah saya tahu?

Ya, mesti.Kalau tak tahu apa-apa, susah hidup nanti.



Tauhu or Tofu..the cheese of Asia.

Seriously, I am bored doing this essays for IELTS.Plus, this academic writing.I am writing about happiness.We can achieve happiness if we choose to be happy.I am happy as happy as I can be.I am "happy" thinking I am heading to college tomorrow.I am "happy" to start studying again.I am happy to face textbooks and papers.Oh..How happy I am!!!! I hope tomorrow there will be no IELTS class.

p/s: I realised I wrote quite a lot this December. Tahniah Nawa. You ought to be happy with yourself. and I don't celebrate Christmas.

Thank YOU.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Bila mana kita mula bermain

anyone here loves to play?raise up your hands!

anyone here hates to play?raise up your feets!

well, i assumed everyone loves to play since i see no one is lifting up their feets.including me, you, my sisters(especially the first one.she has 10 lean pretty nice fingers ,thanks to the joy and wonder of playing games), my brother and not to be forgotten my MOM.

Hi ibu.Welcome, Ahlan Wasahlan and Selamat Datang to the world of computer games.

Mom loves the computer.

BUT computer without the internet,for her is nothing. She couldn't do anything with the computer if the internet line is broken down. She will call and lament to Streamyx about her sufferings of her unable to log in into the net.Even those who work to pick up the phone at streamyx hotline knew my mother already.

"Oh,ini Puan Asnah yang selalu telefon tu ya?".This is normal.

Things start to change after a few weeks or should i say a few days, Angah got home.This sister of mine loves to download games.

Diner dash,wedding dash and all that dash-dash..she downloaded and played them all.

One of the games she downloaded into her computer is FARM FRENZY. and yes, Mom plays this most of the time.

If she is not on the net, she'll play this. If she is not chatting, she'll play this. If she's not doing any housework or watching TV or attending Haziq(does he still need to be attended?) or cooking or talking to the phone or sleeping or sms-ing or particularly when she's doing nothing, she'll play this.

This is how the game looks like...

see..that's her name..

This is just the beginning.Mom is way more advanced than this.

Ibu said that she is a "petani berjaya" now.As she has lots of sheeps,chickens, cows,cats and dogs as her helpers and not to forget LOTSA money!!
Mom, now you know how it feels like playing games non-stop.Heheh..

I bet she'll be playing Farm Frenzy this morning.Telling me not to lock my door after subuh.(the computer is inside my room.) Whatever it is, I am proud of my Mom who knows how to use a computer, who knows how to surf the net, who knows how to play computer games, and who knows updates of her children through friendster or blogger. Bangga.. sungguh kami bangga..kan kakak-kakakku?




Wednesday, 19 December 2007

of cupcakes and sushi..

the joy to bake and cook

i hardly know that

my sister does..apparently she loves to cook..bake to be precise.

and here are some of the cupcakes she loves to make

sure they look tempting.but originally they weren't supposed to look like that.modifications were made by me.thank you.

the history of how she's into this baking cupcakes was a bit pitiful and sad.

kan angah kan??

Telopong was invented by her.Never ask me what is the recipe.i know is haziq's favourite by far and i simply couldn't understand why he likes is just soup and an egg.

i don't fancy cooking and baking but i do love to make sushi.

and no..its not my specialty.i just love to make them. i like the way my sushi tastes and i need no comments from anyone back home who already ate my sushi of how they tasted like.No one at home likes to eat sushi(apparently those who are living with me back home are my Dad,Mom and Haziq.For some reasons,they don't like to eat these kind of foods.I am and still hugely wondering why Ayah don't as he is the man i knew who is very adventurous in terms of eating,eh?). but clap clap to angah who willingly ate the whole plate of sushi i made before.

sungguh daku terharu~

i was very excited having my new colour pens for it has been a few years since I got a new set.this is the result.CERIA.Red means i really need to concentrate more..Ohoho

the new semester is unusually hectic especially on tuesdays..Can you imagine i have only an hour break.An hour to buy lunch, an hour to pray, an hour to have my nap??

so WE planned to fast on every tuesdays.jimat duit dapat pahala.oh we are sOo nice.

till then,

eid mubarak.

Oh yes,

i succesfully had done the "penyembelihan".though it was only a chicken.a very fat chicken.

and proudly to say

I'm a KILLER!!!


this the ayam..yg mati kerana Allah..inna lillah

Thursday, 6 December 2007

My first post in December

Dah bulan 12 dah..

I am in the college for five months already and had been living in that Taman Kenanga for the past five months.

Now,I've moved!

It was an extremely tiring day yesterday,moving all the things from the rumah atas bukit to the apartment on the second floor

Terbakar lemak-lemak!!

But thanks to those who've helped.

I had the best sleep last night.because i was extremely exhausted.even my knees were shaking after moving and clearing up the apartment

ta for now~

p/s=ayu..dah buatkan know what.