Friday, 21 March 2008

Ini tiada kena mengena dengan band Hujan


Ini merupakan cubaan saya ingin menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Saya tidak hebat berbahasa. Tetapi saya teringin. Teringin dan kepingin untuk menulis dalam bahasa yang pelbagai. Mungkin apabila saya fasih berbahasa Kannada atau Hindi atau Tamil, saya akan cuba untuk menulis dalam bahasa tersebut. Ehehehe..

Hari ini kerap kali hujan. Hujan lebat disertai kilat dan petir. Telah beberapa kali saya menutup komputer, mencabutkan plag kerana ditakuti berlaku lintar pintas. Habis jahanam komputer nanti. Ibu cukup risau jika komputer riba yang satu ini rosak. Jika rosak, maka habislah komunikasi beliau dengan dunia luar. Kasihan juga saya pada Ibu kadang kala.

Saya amat suka apabila hujan. Saya suka suasana ketika dan selepas hujan. Saya suka bau hujan. Ramai orang mengaitkan hujan dengan kesedihan. Tapi, hujan membawa rahmat, bukan? Kita patut berterima kasih kepada Tuhan kerana menurunkan rahmat kepada kita. Disebabkan itu saya suka pada hujan.

Tidur semasa hujan merupakan satu nikmat yang tidak terhingga. Tidur dengan kehangatan selimut. Saya jarang menggunakan selimut ketika tidur. Maklumlah, bilik saya tidak berpendingin hawa. Setakat kipas yang dipasang sehingga maksimum. Tambahan pula, negara kita beriklim khatulistiwa. Jarang sekali saya terasa sejuk.

Ketika megulangkaji pelajaran di Bilik Ulangkaji pada zaman sekolah dulu, seringkali saya dimarahi kerana kipas dipasang sehingga maksimum apabila semua orang terasa sejuk. Rakan-rakan memanggil saya "memerang". Saya pun tidak tahu apa kaitan memerang dengan keadaan saya ,yang memang jarang terasa sejuk.

Hujan kembali. Petir dan kilat mengiringi. Saya perlu menutup komputer.Kasihan Ibu jika komputer rosak. Sekian


p/s: Haha.. I have to laugh at my attempt to write. It reminds me of the biawak komodo thingy. Anyhow, it is fun. should do this more often.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bersuara bukan mengata,itu perlu

Salaam alaik everyone.

Today is Saturday. To be precise it has been almost a week since the "political tsunami" in Malaysia
No I am not going to talk about the current situation in Malaysia or the past result of The 12th general election. There are too many people in blogsphere talking about it. But I totally love the outcome.

not that grand I think

When I was in the college recently, trying to talk about politic stuff, i found it very hard to find people to talk about it. I love to talk about these topics. It brings back the memories with Hazira and Ayu. They're the "Government" and I am the "Opposition". Haha. Most of my friends don't really want to talk about politics.. not all but most of them. The reason is we're still young to talk about these heavy issues.. and it is sensitive ..and we should not talk about it until we are allowed to vote(I suppose?).

Until when?

Until when you're going to live inside your own shell? This is about your country. This is about you. This is when you're evaluating the government so that when you're 21 and able to vote, you can clearly think which is good and which is not. This is the time to have your own opinion, to express yourself though only your friends and family will hear you. This is the time. Politics are vast. Even in high school or colleges or in working filed, you need to face the politics. Politics are not evil things that we need to hush ourselves about it. It's a need. Talk about it. It will widen you knowledge and thinking. Open your mind to such issues. Rather than talking about hot juicy stupid artist gossips (though it can be fun too...bertambah doso den)

I need to talk with others too

18 or 19 is not that very young my dear friends. Read more, search more. I am thankful as I have my own sources to look into :- Mom (she was even campaigning in the chatrooms) , blogs, newspapers and so on.

People's power = powerful indeed.

In the next general election, I can vote. and yes! I can't wait!

p/s: one month ,i think since i last logged into my friendster's account. I'll try to make it into two. heheh.

I read this article and I think it will help those who never like to talk about politics.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


I am currently sitting in front of a friend's computer while listening to the other friend, singing whole-heartedly a letto's song while the other friends is in her deep afternoon nap directly after lunch.Oh yes, I am waiting for Ayat-ayat Cinta to load in Youtube.

Today is the election day. Mom and Dad must be busy voting and going to the hotspots. I wonder how is Haziq doing. The other day when he was supposed to get his ear-"korek"ing, the doctor could not get the whole earwax out. Another half inch is left inside his ear. Adek adek.

My friends pulled their pranks on me this week. Birthday celebration, they said. Sheesh.. so embarrassing this week. They put up flyers everywhere with my face on it and hanged a dress of mine at the cafe saying I was putting up a charity sale for my birthday.

I am currently waiting for my birthday present from Aussie to come..Heheheheh.

Okie dokie.. Ayat-ayat cinta to watch~papai all