Saturday, 8 March 2008


I am currently sitting in front of a friend's computer while listening to the other friend, singing whole-heartedly a letto's song while the other friends is in her deep afternoon nap directly after lunch.Oh yes, I am waiting for Ayat-ayat Cinta to load in Youtube.

Today is the election day. Mom and Dad must be busy voting and going to the hotspots. I wonder how is Haziq doing. The other day when he was supposed to get his ear-"korek"ing, the doctor could not get the whole earwax out. Another half inch is left inside his ear. Adek adek.

My friends pulled their pranks on me this week. Birthday celebration, they said. Sheesh.. so embarrassing this week. They put up flyers everywhere with my face on it and hanged a dress of mine at the cafe saying I was putting up a charity sale for my birthday.

I am currently waiting for my birthday present from Aussie to come..Heheheheh.

Okie dokie.. Ayat-ayat cinta to watch~papai all