Thursday, 25 October 2012


Well I moved out I moved in
Settling down..getting used to the surrounding and what not.
I miss home. Terribly and it's raya tomorrow in Malaysia and no one is online right now.
and yeah I have terrible mood swings that need to be corrected.
Other than that, everything is good apart from the incoming exam in 2 weeks time.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I had a wonderful time in Davangere. This was my second time going there since my last back in my first year celebrating Raya. The journey was OK since we went by train. I did not get much sleep going there but coming back I woke up in the nick of time. I saw parts of Davangere I had never been to and I must say Davangere was not bad at all. With friends having their own transport, exploring was much easier. I didn't do much exploring but we went here and there as my friends were busy preparing food for 200 people. I cannot imagine myself to cook for 200 people. Even cooking for myself is a somewhat huge daunting task to think.


friends in Davangere were very welcoming considering how many years I had not seen them and for that, I thank you guys. Oh yeah,the food was marvelous.

Gotta hit the books since exam is near.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

pls gimme more cuti.

While I do believe that we owe to those who fought to give us freedom years ago, but I do not believe using that same reason to justify the current state of affair.

To repay the kindness given to you, does not mean you have to follow blindly and nodding yes to everything.

Change might be good. If change proves to not bring any good, we can always go back to how it used to be. We have the power, don't we?

p/s: The Casual Vacancy is so unlike HP but I still like Rowling's writing tho.