Friday, 29 January 2010

Kucin Lapa takmo kasik cuti?

Salaam Alaik

There was this Fresher's Day yesterday and we were forced to do cultural perfomance for that day. I love when they do something-something Day, because classes will be suspended for that occasion but the thing I never will like is to do things I do not like to do,like having to perform cultural dance or something. So, they told us, we Malaysians had to think of something to do for the day. There are only 18 of us and luckily, I had seniors who were very responsible to think of something anyway and friends that have free flow of ideas on what are we going to do.

Well, if it is me, kita nyanyi lagu Negaraku je lah kan senang. Muahaha.. See the pemalas side of me?

At first the seniors finally made up their mind to do a traditional dance. My friends and I were like, WHAT??!! and so came along the saviours that suggest the rest of us to do some sort of Dikit Barat movements. Heh. Mestilah mau. Duduk main tepuk-tepuk je.

So, for barely hours of practicing, we performed well I must say. The hall was pure madness I tell you. We were even scared before doing the Dikir Puteri. Because if the crowd did not like what they see, they'll boo you. Sangat kurang sopan. Penat menggeleng-geleng kepala semalam sebab ketidaksopanan mereka semua. But one thing that impressed me was that some have really HIGH confidence level to recite their own poem. Monotonously. Kagum. Sumpah kagum.

p/s; Kucin Lapa, semoga semua orang tahu siapa beliau.. Muahahahah

Monday, 25 January 2010

I'm high

but not on drugs obviously. Nak kena sepak dengan encik perwakilan skolesip silalah amek dadah.

Salaam Alaik

We celebrated Farida's birthday today. Hers fall on Indian Republic Day. What a coincidence, eh? Anyway, I am now full, high, and 100 percent sure that my blood sugar level has elevated very much right now. I am dizzy and urm, a bit hyper? I don't know.

Anyhow, dearest Faridat,

A happy birthday to you. I don't know whether you are reading my blog or not but dear, a happy birthday for you. May Allah bless you and you'll be blessed in every single thing that you do. Truth to be told, I am thankful that you are here with me in India. At least, I got someone to gedik-gedik with. Hee.. gedik. I know you are.

Ini lah besday girl. yang jumpa di SMAP Labu, yang muncul kembali di KTT, yg reunite di Mysore. HAHAHA. kita memang ada jodoh.marilah kita meneruskan legasi menikus.

okies dokies,

prepare for glory! Ou!

p.s: i just watched 300.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Semalam kena marah lagi. Tapi kita mesti cool.=D

Salaam Alaik

You know, being back to home really change my view to India again as first I saw it 5 to 6 months ago. Yeah well, nothing can beat home. That is definite. Everyone knows that. But sometimes, when you are being in an alien place, where you are not in your usual cocoon, everything seems so wrong. Your view in life changes, you turned to be more skeptical, more whiny, complaining and comparing for endless of times. Sometimes, we need a break from the surrounding and think, is being the current "me" is good?

I know, I for once has been the most whiniest person on earth. I do nothing except complaining, complaining and complaining. I know my writings lately were nothing but complaints but blog is my medium to let go. If I am complaining "live" to you, will you like it? I don't. So better for me to release all the hate, tension and all negative things bundled up together into this blog rather than taking it on someone else. But I think being back to home does really worth all the money and time. Even my friends who went back also realised this. We did not complain as much as before we went back. Luckily the ticket to go back is not that expensive. When we think we are fed up with the life here, just book a ticket and go home. Heh. Macam orang kaya tak? Kalau Ayah baca mesti kena hempuk.

So, today will mark a new day for me. It is just like New Year. People start with a new beginning. I am going to start mine from today onwards.

1. Be a better person
2. Quit complaining
3. Smile more
4. Appreciate others
5. Be more forgiving
6. Wake up early
7. Cut the time of lazing off
8. Study for my own sake not others.

I wrote so many things to be accomplished. People needs to have goals in their lives anyway. What is the quote.. urm, reach for the sky. for if you fall, you land on clouds.. or something?

All the best, me!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Finally returning to reality.

Salaam Alaik

Dear readers.. I mean, friends and family.( muskil i ada orang lain selain keluarga dan sahabat handai yang baca). Anyway, here I am arrived at four in the morning Indian time equal to 6.30am Malaysian time. I must say whoever in their rightful state of mind will not do anything the next moment they reached "home" after a few hours of journey by flight and car. But I, being a good dedicated student who missed home terribly and succeed in having 10 wonderful days with the family, went to attend classes at 8 in the morning. And the bus arrived at 730 or so. And the pakcik dreba must be out of his mind today for bringing such a small bus to accommodate the 18 of us.

Anyhoo, 10 days were not enough man. Not enough. I was hardly at home for that period of time. Dad planned so many things. It seemed that we managed to go to the whole Semenanjung except Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. Meeting friends were out of questions too. I only managed to see only two of my friends. AinRos dearie, your kain I will buy later eh? Since I did not manage to meet you and Mummy was very interested with that kain. Never worries, kain kat sini banyak cantik-cantik. I hope they will give like 30days or more for holidays this coming July or August. Like I said, 10 days were not enough.

Cuti.... datanglah kau lagi....

Haziq. the before sneeze.

Okie dokie, I have like so many things to read right now. Second internal will be in a month. Gila!


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Khas untuk mereka yang di perantauan.*evil grins*

Salaam Alaik

In 3 hours time, I will be heading to Singapore with the family to finally meet the Big Family again after I don't know how long has it been since the last time we met. I kind of anticipate this thing. Yeah well, since all my cousins had grown up and my makciks and pakciks dah tua already. I had seafood for dinner just now at Bagan Lalang. nice!!! Mysore lacks of seafood. I know I am running out of time before I am back to that place again but I must enjoy my time to the fullest now. Hee. Dad even took 10days leave to spend his time with his sayangness. Nyeh3.

And I want to buy lotsa things! So sad the End-of-Year Sale has ended but like I care, I still wanna buy things.

Ikan Udang Ketam yang gembira menjadi sajian.

Ahli makan yang bahagia menyantap.

Pembaziran tidak berlaku oleh keluarga Pacik Malan.

Toodles all.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

sleepy head.lazy bump.recharge!

Salaam Alaik

I know I am not the most patriotic person ever. I admit that even Rukun Negara pun I lack of memory in remembering it. Bits of it, I can remember but not the exact same words. But lemme refresh my head again.

Kepercayaan pada Tuhan
Kesetiaan pada Raja dan Negara
Keluhuran Perlembagaan
Kedaulatan Undang-undang
Kesopanan dan kesusilaan

I do have a few questions to be raised here but later I think. This post is about something else
OK back to the story

I know I am a bad citizen of my own country. I took Malaysia for granted after living in comfort for the past 19 years of my life. I condemned, I blamed, I found faults, I have so much of negative thoughts about the country I lived in and looked highly upon another. I know that the government had put so much effort to make us, the future leaders to love the country but sadly I do not think they succeeded in doing so. Sorry to say but the module was way too... domineering? Can I talk about this? I am very afraid if I write about my thoughts, my scholarship will be taken away. Shush. I believe that I love Malaysia more when I started to live in another country. This very new culture seems to get me. You know how much I have been whining lately? It is like there is not much of happy moments since I got here.

But then again, some people said it is all YOU. If you want to be happy, you will be. I will try but as soon as I get back to Malaysia for recharge!

What I want to talk really is, is just by knowing the principle, merely reciting it word by word, make you a good citizen? How can that possibly be? What makes you think so? Do you live by that principle? Do you?

But I think, principles are like guidelines. A path to show you which way we are going to. Are we going to the left or to the right? Without these general guidelines, it is hard for you to reach your goal. We want to be a united, diverse community ever existed hence the 1Malaysia was introduced. I think as a muslim, it applied to this ; do you know Rukun Iman and Rukun Islam? Do you live by that principles or merely stating and remembering it because at school you have to memorise them for exams? Most of the things I learned back in school are probably just because I wanted to pass the exam. It is sad. As for now, if you ask me about all the things I learned, I maybe cannot answer you. =(

I am getting too serious nowadays. Haha. But then again, it is good. Don't you think so? Once in a while, it is nice to talk about this kind of thing and hear out what other people want to say.

p/s: tomorrow is darling Wednesday. Heheheheh.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Grumbling won't do any good.

Salaam Alaik

I am getting lazy day by day. Is it because in a few days time I will be back home? =D. Shut up, Nawa. You are showing too much excitement here. Mwahaha. Well, if you are happy, I thought you have to share with other people, don't cha? See here is what I am currently doing. Sharing all the love with you people.

What am I talking about really?

Has it ever occur to you that Internet is wasting your time? I have this test tomorrow with this teacher who is awesome in teaching but surely do love to compare her students. "you know, this and this student is better than you. You did not read, did you? How come you do not know the answer?" Yeah well, maybe it is her style. Maybe she thinks it is like a booster or something for her students to perform better the next time she sees them. Positive thinking, do you mind? I think she thinks that by doing that, we will read and come, and answer her questions gloriously and she can praise us and all of us are happy and we will be the best dissection table ever existed. End of story. At least, that is what I think. It annoys me to be compared really.

But it all downs to how we want other people to accept us. To view us. Other people's perception on us. We sometimes try hard to get other's approval that it eats us up. Some people went overboard to get other people like them. You need to be handsome. You need to be pretty. You need to be smart. You need to be witty. You need to be wealthy. You need to be bitchy. You need to be wangi.Just don't mind. It rhymes anyway.Or no one will be friends with you. We choose our friends, don't we? Our friends reflect us of what we are. So if you have a wealthy friend, it means you are one too? Naah because that is too superficial. I think what you have deep inside is what reflects you and your friend. If say, you are my friend, and you are bitchy. Hell yeah I am gonna be bitchy too since you are bitching to me and I have to respond in a bitchy manner. Got what I meant?

But no, good people can be friends with bad people. Good people with strong will will not get influenced by bad people. So that is why usually good people have to be friends with bad people. Bad people have lack of will. With that, good people can make bad people good. Got it?

Darn. I am babbling.

Have you ever ask you friends what did they think of you the first time they met you? My own first impression is bad usually. Most of times, people said that I am,

1. stuck up
2. arrogant
3. unfriendly
4. not a people person

So sad to know this. Well, basically those are what my friends told me. I kinda accepted it already because most people when I asked them what is your first impression on me? I got these answers but I do not mind that as time goes by, it just a prove that these qualities are not mine. I tak berlagaklah. I am shy only. Eheh. Maybe it is true that you need to know that person before then to judge him/her. I did not smile a lot. That is what people say. What to do? What to do? Then, smile Nawa.. Smile~

I cannot fathom why sometimes we tend to dislike a person just by looking at them. I think it is really unfair because that person is not doing anything bad to us. I did it countless of times before. And still doing it, I believe. An unexplained feeling that come up out of nowhere. Just by having a few observations, and immediately we can tell we like/do not like a person. Human is surely complicated especially women. We tend to let emotions play rather than having a deep careful thought about it. Guys seem do not care that much. Well, most of the guys. As far as I know, I let myself not liking so many people,then after a while I do realise that they are actually all good people. Or other people said they are. Well, who I am to judge? Therefore, here comes another resolution,

- to think positively about others.

After all, life is all about thinking positively, isn't it?

Sorry. I could not help myself. =DD

Aih, will have to turn off this machine before I can start revising but how? I am too edgy right now. Cannot sit at one place and reading an academic book requires you to sit at one place. I do not want to go to school!

Wednesday my darling. Come early please.

Friday, 1 January 2010

It's 2010,folks.

Salaam Alaik is that time of the year again. where in Malaysia people are busy making up new year resolutions, busy wishing each other a prosperous year ahead, busy pampering themselves at home, busy spending time with friends and family, busy having their own holiday, busy shopping because there is this end-of-year sale, busy..busy and busy. But they are all in the name of Good Busy. Good Busy is good, you know. Unlike here, you do not have holidays during New Year. You have to go to school and have Physiology tutorial for heaven's sake it has been how many times already this week and facing the horrible stench of the cadaver *this time around, the cadaver really smells bad.Only lifting up the plastic covering it up will expose few maggots and yes, flies are everywhere. so, please remove your laptop and puke now.

Everything is so new. This will be a different beginning for me and few friends who are strong enough mentally and physically to put it up over here and not going back during new year. Our endurance level are high, my dear friends. Very high but fear not. Malaysia is just ONE week away. Though for only the two of us. But no worries, we will send your wishes and regards to Malaysia. Muahahah.. I am a bit excited today just by thinking the fact that this day, next week, I am probably snuggling up on my real bed at home, or eating mummy's cooking, or chatting and catching up with family or meeting up with friends or happily giving away my money to the malls. My, how nice that would be! Currently, those are what keep me going.

How the time flies, isn't it? I thought I was just in kindergarten playing along with dear friends and have to stay back with the teacher until Mum and Dad finished their work. I thought I was just in primary school where academic performance was the least of my problem.*Siapa kesah berapa A dapat waktu kecik2 dulu? I thought I was just in high school doing things that a teenager ought to do. I thought I was just finishing up my A-Level papers and finally got a taste of freedom. I thought I knew for a fact that I was confirmed to go to India . I thought I just landed on Bangalore Airport and could not believe myself I was in India. And now, everyone, I am here for 5 months already. Soon, I am going to be back home though only for a while.

Everyone I would like to offer my sincerest and humblest apology to you. If I ever done anything wrong, do please forgive me. And if anyone ever done me wrong, I forgive them.

I hope this year will be filled with joy and happiness for you and me.