Thursday, 21 January 2010

Semalam kena marah lagi. Tapi kita mesti cool.=D

Salaam Alaik

You know, being back to home really change my view to India again as first I saw it 5 to 6 months ago. Yeah well, nothing can beat home. That is definite. Everyone knows that. But sometimes, when you are being in an alien place, where you are not in your usual cocoon, everything seems so wrong. Your view in life changes, you turned to be more skeptical, more whiny, complaining and comparing for endless of times. Sometimes, we need a break from the surrounding and think, is being the current "me" is good?

I know, I for once has been the most whiniest person on earth. I do nothing except complaining, complaining and complaining. I know my writings lately were nothing but complaints but blog is my medium to let go. If I am complaining "live" to you, will you like it? I don't. So better for me to release all the hate, tension and all negative things bundled up together into this blog rather than taking it on someone else. But I think being back to home does really worth all the money and time. Even my friends who went back also realised this. We did not complain as much as before we went back. Luckily the ticket to go back is not that expensive. When we think we are fed up with the life here, just book a ticket and go home. Heh. Macam orang kaya tak? Kalau Ayah baca mesti kena hempuk.

So, today will mark a new day for me. It is just like New Year. People start with a new beginning. I am going to start mine from today onwards.

1. Be a better person
2. Quit complaining
3. Smile more
4. Appreciate others
5. Be more forgiving
6. Wake up early
7. Cut the time of lazing off
8. Study for my own sake not others.

I wrote so many things to be accomplished. People needs to have goals in their lives anyway. What is the quote.. urm, reach for the sky. for if you fall, you land on clouds.. or something?

All the best, me!