Monday, 18 January 2010

Finally returning to reality.

Salaam Alaik

Dear readers.. I mean, friends and family.( muskil i ada orang lain selain keluarga dan sahabat handai yang baca). Anyway, here I am arrived at four in the morning Indian time equal to 6.30am Malaysian time. I must say whoever in their rightful state of mind will not do anything the next moment they reached "home" after a few hours of journey by flight and car. But I, being a good dedicated student who missed home terribly and succeed in having 10 wonderful days with the family, went to attend classes at 8 in the morning. And the bus arrived at 730 or so. And the pakcik dreba must be out of his mind today for bringing such a small bus to accommodate the 18 of us.

Anyhoo, 10 days were not enough man. Not enough. I was hardly at home for that period of time. Dad planned so many things. It seemed that we managed to go to the whole Semenanjung except Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. Meeting friends were out of questions too. I only managed to see only two of my friends. AinRos dearie, your kain I will buy later eh? Since I did not manage to meet you and Mummy was very interested with that kain. Never worries, kain kat sini banyak cantik-cantik. I hope they will give like 30days or more for holidays this coming July or August. Like I said, 10 days were not enough.

Cuti.... datanglah kau lagi....

Haziq. the before sneeze.

Okie dokie, I have like so many things to read right now. Second internal will be in a month. Gila!