Friday, 31 December 2010

10years ago, I thought I will be tall enough to reach the uppermost part of the blackboard.

Salaam Alaik

For 2010

1. I never had an awful lot of homesickness before. Yelah kot kat SMAP, tetiap minggu ibu datang jemput sanggup tunggu habis tazkirah jumaat bondong2 bawak baju kotor, ibu buat masak-masak pastu makan kat pondok depan asrama tu. Takpun ibu seludup bawak balik. Kat KTT, kot rindu rumah, call ayah/ibu, nanti petang sikit ayah balik dari kerja ayah jemput terus bawak balik takpun pergi makan kat Nilai ,borak-borak sampai maghrib.. Ni kat Hindia. Tak boleh nak balik selalu. Walaupun dah selalu balik, tapi tak sama. Like now, I want to go home again although it is barely a week after I came back from Malaysia. Sobs.

2. I celebrated 2010 here yo but at that time I was doing my countdown to go back.

3. I sat for this one of a kind exam for 5 consecutive days. By the end of the 5th day, directly after finishing the last theory paper, I went Skype-ing with my friends and they said my face was awful.

4. Yeah, not to forget the blunder I made for the exam. Still a plausible act for I managed to pass though. Syukuuuuur Alhamdulillah.

5. I was mental almost throughout the year 'cause I have too many aggravating factors. Alasan.

6. Started UO with Ayu and Mimy. I miss Mimy's way of telling stories and Ayu's way of trying to get us to talk? Lol.

7. Went here and there. Exploring India but only in the south. Never cease to amaze me.

8. Dunno how many chocs I bought and ate this year. Too many. Way too many but surprisingly I am not gaining any weight. All the curry and chillies I ate apparently increased my metabolism rate, maybe.

9. Oh yeah, I moved into a new house. My room is complete now with the furnitures and all but still I malas nak ambil gambar show off pada dunia.. I am lazy like that.

10. What else eh? Is my life was so uneventful this year? T.T

11. Gained many new friends, lost none I hope. My facebook is kinda dormant lately.. My tumblr kinda active lately. Being anon is way too awesome. My sister please do unfollow me. My freedom of expression is suppressed with you around. Miahahahhahahaha.

12. Watched one Hindi movie only. but watched too many series.

13. Lost Nohara but I have Misae now.

Dahla ok. too many things happened really. it is never uneventful a life is. everyday there is something significant in your life. it is just whether you realized or not, the events that make you the way you are NOW.

Alhamdulillah and I am welcoming 2011 and 1432H with an open mind and heart.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

allow me to be in semangat kenegaraan for a while. No BTN can do this. XD



pueh ati den.

ok bye nak dengar review.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Salaam Alaik

You know,

if i can put up a big grin with hand clasping together over here, I will most probably do it but

wait i'll go and try to google one, fit for what I am feeling now.

Ha! i think my face right now will be more or less like Hobbes. HAHAHAH

Okie dokie, goodbye.

Salaam Maal Hijrah to all. May Allah bless us in every single thing that we do. May we be a better servant. May we be more grateful. May we be the best yet the humblest being He created.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

One of the days.

Kacak budak2 hansons ni. tapi sadly semua dah kahwin.

Maybe I could take take a look at myself lately.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Seriously, do doctors greet patients with Hello, good morning..?

Salaam Alaik

I was posted to a new department this week from OBG to General Medicine. Luckily ( I hope ), I was posted into 4th Unit in which I heard good stories of no screaming PGs or evil unit head but, you'll never know as it has only been 2 days. So far I can say, everything's good.

Today was OPD day. There will be like many sick patients coming into the department to be diagnosed and get admitted into wards. Nothing unusual happened. But one thing that really caught my attention was when one police officer came in. He was coming along with two elderly people who I guessed were his parents. His mother was being checked exclusively by the head unit, pushing behind all those that came in before her. Well that was nothing maybe but what amazed me was the police officer got to sit at the table together with the doctors. Mind you, this is a very crowded place.

Those who accompanied the patients to see the doctor will never get to sit because I repeat, it's a very crowded room. But this guy, with his uniform, Daewoo walkie-talkie and one big confident moustache sat nonchalantly next to one of the PGs and begin talking to the unit head. The next thing that made me shaking my head silently was he yelled to another patient for trying to see the doctor before his father did. It was unsettling because his father was hiding far behind where no one could see him and others were queuing for a long time. Maybe that atuk penat kot. His BP was 190/110mmHg by the way. Tapi tak perlu jerit-jerit. Kecut perut pakcik diabetic sejak umur 13 tahun, yang sekarang heading to renal failure tu tadi. Kesian dia.

The power of uniform, ey?

It reminded me with one news in Malaysia. There was this boy who wrote a letter to the camp where he was being assigned to for the NS/PLKN stating that he was the foster child of one of the sultan. The hilarious part was, the boy was welcomed extravagantly by the camp administrator and all. When later they found out the truth, it was like a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge embarrassment and tried to blame the boy etc etc. Dah malu nak pinpoint kat orang lain. SOY lah! SOY!

What I am trying to say is, double standard ada di mana-mana.

Bangalore has a city centaur yo.