Saturday, 29 May 2010

pening cerita pasal organ2 kat bawah.

Salaam Alaik


yariba andre andre..

kecoh baru habis teori paper. tapi i lapar.

babai lah all.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Nak exam dah ni tapi tak sedar diri.

Salaam Alaik

I have lost count already on how many times I had my panic attacks. Haha. I panicked. I roamed around the house. I went to see Atul in her room. I went lamenting to Fareed. I made some tea. I ate chocolates. I buzzed anyone available on my YM but of course, only the selected ones. Tapi ceh, sume orang tadek or just pretending they were not there sebab takmo layan yours truly.. Terus bergurindam jiwa dan tidur. Not that I didn't want to study. Mysore was out of electric at that time and it is RARE to have such a cool night during summer. So, sleep was on the top of the list. Heheheh.

Right now. I have loads more to memorize. If it only requires me to read and not reciting them back, I can certainly pull that off. Like kacang begitulah kan. But as we all know, medicine is all about memorizing. So here we are, medical students who really need lots of Omega-3 in their food but couldn't find any decent fish to cook. Hence, the ordering from outside. Hahaha. Alasan walhal pemalas. but seriously, it is hard to find fish here. We saw fish stall on the way to school but it is next to a pork stall.

Sorrylah. I takde DSLR. Mahupun compact camera. Yang ada kamera fon. Hahaha.Jadi cuba teka?

p/s:  siapa nak jerit kat telinga suro pegi belajar?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Girls know what to do.

Salaam Alaik

Yeah..yeah..the chinese won again. I wanted them to win but not this easy. I want to see Bao Chun Lai play at the very least. This is so frustating. India Open is on June. And exam is around that period of time. If not, for sure I will be dragging someone to go along.

I have this very unsettling feeling right now. I do not know what is it exactly. I have no problems right now aside from my studies that seems to be endless but I will manage somehow, Insya Allah. This is something I cannot explain. I have been trying to figure it out myself and seriously it is troubling me. It is discomforting knowing you are feeling out of sort but you don't know the source.

Maybe I am just being too far from Him and exams put the pressure even more. You know what they say about exam fevers. Some people hangs themselves due to the pressure but no worries, as long as I have my faith with me, I would never even do that.

It is just that. I am not happy with what I am feeling. What is the feeling? I myself don't know.

Such a complicated person I am. Haha.

p/s: I am a girl and I don't know what to do.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Panik panik panik. Pergi tidur.

Salaam Alaik

Aih Malaysia. Eh I mean, aih Malaysian badminton players. The live streaming in India was not that bad, you know. The game points were tallying with what Malaysian TV was showing. I am sad. Maybe now I can concentrate on reading my books. I went to LoyalWorld before the game started, quickly did my shopping and cycled all the way back to home. Just to catch the game. ON TIME.


Yeah well,luck was not on our side. I am going to give my support to Chinese players this Sunday.

p/s: Tu berapa ramai tak solat maghrib dok jerit-jerit kat stadium tu?

Monday, 10 May 2010

This is what we call killing two birds with one stone.

Salaam Alaik

Daddy's birthday will be tomorrow but as I write this, Malaysia was already 11th of May. Happy Birthday Dad. I know you are reading and if you are not, I will just assume you will one day. I miss you terribly, you know. I wish I can go back home and hug you. I miss hugging you. I miss giving you a peck on the cheek. I miss the conversations in the car. I miss you calling me to tell me about your day. I miss listening to your jokes, though it might be lame sometimes but it made me laugh all right. I miss having a discussion with you in which you will eventually win or I will get tired listening you reasoning your points. I miss your cooking. I miss touching your head after shaving your hair off. I miss your smell after you get back from work. ILU Dad.

Ayah kuruskan perut eh? If not tak muatlah baju nak beli. Hihihi. ilu.

Mummy, Happy Mother's Day. I have no cards or roses to give you. You have always been there whenever I need you. You went through a lot of things to raise me. I miss you too. I wish now you are right here for me to hug and kiss. I miss listening to your voice. I hate to see you cry. I wish I never made you cry but I know somehow I had. I am sorry. I never truly say I appreciate all the things you did for me. I have been rebellious most of the time. It has never been my intentions for you to get hurt. If money can buy, I surely will buy the world for you but I know you don't want that. I know you are content enough to see us grew up as you planned. I hope for nothing but only joy be with you. I love you, Mummy.

Hadiah pinggan besi can loh?

Tetiba macam berair-air mata ni. kehkehkehkeh

Friday, 7 May 2010

Vitamin C lowers progestrone level? A myth or not?

Salaam Alaik

I have been wanting to write about this particular topic actually, yeah, maybe like a dozen more topics I want to write but this one keeps on popping out rather frequently but I do not know why, I simply brush the thought away and begin writing another piece of junk about me and me and me only. Diri ini terlalu vain. Apakan daya.

Baiklah straight to the point kerana selepas bersembang petang bersama Kucing Lapar, tak ingin untuk diri ini bermukadimah panjang.

Kenapa orang nak rush-rush nak hidup berpasangan. Nak berlovey-dovey. Nak bermushy-mushy. Nak ber PDA-PDA? (public display of affection ye bukan personal digital assistant) Yelah, mungkin I am the stone cold hearted one but I admit I have feelings too. Mestilah pernah minat mamat-mamat hensem yang ada. Fokus hensem hensem hensem sahaja. Hahaha. Entahlah. For me, there are more to lives right now than having a boy? a partner? a soul-mate?*wadahek weh baru declare 2 minggu buleh ngaku soulmate* Apa-apalah. tapi I found that having a friend worths a thousand times better than that. Yelah, maybe for those who were already married and have kids would say, having my hubby/wife/kids is gazillion times better than anything in this world. Tapi kita tak. I believe most of us, are not ready for that yet. Most, I say. Sesetengah tu dah boleh dah nak kahwin.

But we are like, right now, in this mad,weird world whereby if you don't have a partner, or you don't have someone to commit yourself with, whether being in a serious relationship or not, you are pretty much uncool,or sad, or odd... Some even cannot bear to think the thought of not having someone to cling to. Come on,man...or woman. Bukannya tak boleh hidup dengan tak bersayang-sayang, tak boleh hidup dengan tak mesej 24jam, tak boleh hidup tak habiskan kredit untuk orang "tersayang", tak boleh hidup tak bergudnait hanimanibanci setiap malam,tak boleh hidup dengan tak showering our love to this one person only. Kecilnya pemikiran kita kalau itu fokus utama kita. Kata nak jadi pemimpin masa depan, tapi dok perabih masa fikir benda macam ni.. Kinda waste, don't you think?

Yang dah ada tu, adalah. Ni yang takde tapi gila-gila nak mencari orang tersayang. Tak semua yang kita nak, kita dapat. Relax. The time will come and as it comes, you will know what to do, kan? God knows what is best for us. It is not like He ever said that You, si fulan/fulanah bin/binti fulan, will not have anyone to share you love for the rest of your lives. Tak pernahkan? Even He said that setiap benda diciptakan berpasang-pasangan. So, chill lah. For the time being, just commit ourselves to the responsibility we have right now. Even that we cannot do, macam mana nak pikul tanggungjawab yang lebih besaaaaaaaar nanti kan?kan?kan?

Okey jangan gelak for those who knew me deep down. I just have this disgust feeling pada orang-orang yang macam tak boleh hidup kot takde bopren/gepren lah hai. Macam matahari tak bersinar, bulan tak terang, dunia gelap gelita,hidup terasa kosong, termenung memikirkan nasib yang malang sebab tadek gepren,tadek bopren? Maaf tapi saya berpendapat sungguh shallow pemikiran begitu.

p/s: Nawa is still looking for a nice-looking rug to match with her room. Kenapa susah sangat mahu mencari rug di sini? Kenapaaaaa?
p/p/s: Marilah semua menonton Glee!!!!!!  hiahiahia..

Monday, 3 May 2010

Hidup menjadi semakin malas. Ada remedy?

Salaam Alaik

Well, I moved into a new house safe and sound. I am beginning to like my new home right now. Bigger space than the previous one.. Ken deco2 sum mo. Nyeh3.

BUT I will not be posting any photo...........................yet. As my room is not fully furnished with the things that I want. Macam rug yang gedik-gedik sikit, cermin, katil pun belum pasang, pillow case nak beli baru sebab ada bantal baru. Hihihi. But so far so good. My study table is "made in Malaysia" one and I like it A LOT. So, hopefully I will be studying more.

Okie dokies,
semoga yang terbaiklah hendaknya untuk diri dan semua. Ameen.