Friday, 21 May 2010

Nak exam dah ni tapi tak sedar diri.

Salaam Alaik

I have lost count already on how many times I had my panic attacks. Haha. I panicked. I roamed around the house. I went to see Atul in her room. I went lamenting to Fareed. I made some tea. I ate chocolates. I buzzed anyone available on my YM but of course, only the selected ones. Tapi ceh, sume orang tadek or just pretending they were not there sebab takmo layan yours truly.. Terus bergurindam jiwa dan tidur. Not that I didn't want to study. Mysore was out of electric at that time and it is RARE to have such a cool night during summer. So, sleep was on the top of the list. Heheheh.

Right now. I have loads more to memorize. If it only requires me to read and not reciting them back, I can certainly pull that off. Like kacang begitulah kan. But as we all know, medicine is all about memorizing. So here we are, medical students who really need lots of Omega-3 in their food but couldn't find any decent fish to cook. Hence, the ordering from outside. Hahaha. Alasan walhal pemalas. but seriously, it is hard to find fish here. We saw fish stall on the way to school but it is next to a pork stall.

Sorrylah. I takde DSLR. Mahupun compact camera. Yang ada kamera fon. Hahaha.Jadi cuba teka?

p/s:  siapa nak jerit kat telinga suro pegi belajar?