Wednesday, 12 December 2012

jumping on the bandwagon

just because it is 12.12.12
and i would like to have a post dated 121212 for the fun of it.
with that
thank you.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


I am back in Mysore.
Will write about Kashmir and Delhi soon after grabbing photos from friends as I am a cheapskate with no DSLR or even a cheap compact camera but happily letting myself to be snapped by other people. Yahahah.

Toodaloo people!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

i watched Barney. do you?

I love having my place next to a kindergarten somehow.
The other day I was singing along to Happy Birthday
Then came the "Head shoulder knees and toes"
Now it's either Jingle Bells or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I don't know what the teacher is thinking. Christmas is like a month away. It's not even December yet.

All these bring back so many memories somehow.

Friday, 23 November 2012


I do understand why some people think that boycotting will not get us anywhere. Nothing can be achieved when in a month from now, we will go back to our usual routine of buying our usual stuff without any second thought. Yes it is actually a lifelong commitment i.e to boycott. Not just when there is an attack with a huge mass media coverage then we suddenly realize and have this sudden burst of emotion to retaliate, boycott and condemn those who doesn't.

But we are mere humans. We are protected, comfortable, happy, with our stomach full everyday that most of the times we forget. We forget about those who suffer. We forget that there are people who go to sleep at night, hungry. We forget that there are children orphaned by the war. Due to our forgetfulness, we slip back to our normal routines. Grabbing all the available products we seem fit to our lifestyle and the boycotting fad dies away. Why? Because we forget.

For me, I find that the idea to boycott is plausible. It is doable although it can be a one time act. You see, it is an act of telling the organisation that we are not agreeing with them to contribute their profits to a military body that kills civilians without remorse. Though it is a one time act, still when the company do their monthly review, they'll know that their sales have dropped. It shows a statement made by the people that they do not condone.

I find that people belittling other people's effort to at least contribute to a bigger cause is somewhat disappointing. Let them do whatever they can. We all have our own means of contributing and so do they.
What important is the present, not the past the we cannot change nor the future that we cannot see. If at present, we have the power/controlling the urge to buy from the obvious organisations, then do it. If boycotting is too much, then find some other way to contribute. Just don't belittle the efforts put by others. And those who already contribute, don't flaunt what you have done and condemn others who have not. Promote what you do instead of bashing those who doesn't.

As for Muslims, the story of a little bird trying to put out the fire when Ibrahim A.S was burnt alive is enough to serve us as a reminder as to why doing a small thing that may not show result, but more importantly is the effort being put is what being counted by Allah.

p/s: Jews and Zionists. Need to learn the difference.

Monday, 19 November 2012

A short post

I would love to write about what I had been doing this past week i.e my sister's wedding but my conscience is telling me to do otherwise. With what is happening to my brothers and sisters in Gaza, I feel it is unfair to them, for me to write like I really don't care as long as I am happy and content with my life. I will do my utmost best to keep up to date with the news and not be ignorant.

May Allah eases my brothers and sisters and bring peace to Palestine.

Monday, 5 November 2012



It's already November.
I am getting old.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Well I moved out I moved in
Settling down..getting used to the surrounding and what not.
I miss home. Terribly and it's raya tomorrow in Malaysia and no one is online right now.
and yeah I have terrible mood swings that need to be corrected.
Other than that, everything is good apart from the incoming exam in 2 weeks time.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I had a wonderful time in Davangere. This was my second time going there since my last back in my first year celebrating Raya. The journey was OK since we went by train. I did not get much sleep going there but coming back I woke up in the nick of time. I saw parts of Davangere I had never been to and I must say Davangere was not bad at all. With friends having their own transport, exploring was much easier. I didn't do much exploring but we went here and there as my friends were busy preparing food for 200 people. I cannot imagine myself to cook for 200 people. Even cooking for myself is a somewhat huge daunting task to think.


friends in Davangere were very welcoming considering how many years I had not seen them and for that, I thank you guys. Oh yeah,the food was marvelous.

Gotta hit the books since exam is near.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

pls gimme more cuti.

While I do believe that we owe to those who fought to give us freedom years ago, but I do not believe using that same reason to justify the current state of affair.

To repay the kindness given to you, does not mean you have to follow blindly and nodding yes to everything.

Change might be good. If change proves to not bring any good, we can always go back to how it used to be. We have the power, don't we?

p/s: The Casual Vacancy is so unlike HP but I still like Rowling's writing tho.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Anger is not to be abolished, but channeled.

Whenever we are having difficulties with other people, it is best not to handle it by publishing what we felt for   our friends to read. I know it is some sort of comfort by letting it all out on writings. I have done that many times before. After a while I get very uncomfortable and decided to write my problems for my eyes only. I don't think it is a good idea to let our friends assess the situation by reading vague outline of the story. Our friends, being some very good friends they are, will support us never the less.. but there are times, it is actually doing us much more harm than good.

Take for example when we are actually ready to forgive what others have done to us, but then come this good friend who seems to be having good intentions trying to solve our problem but instead of that, he/she is pouring oil on the fire. Giving more problems than solutions or giving impossible solutions to the situation or worse, letting we feel that we are superior and the other party does not deserve our apology. In simple words, an ego boost. So, there goes the intention to forgive. down the drain, and never to be seen again. for maybe 1-3 days or weeks.or months.or years. take your pick.

Social media is scary nowadays.

What I am saying is sometimes people will cloud our clear judgement. If you really need to tell someone, talk  to someone you can trust or go sit down, open up a new blog, write anything you want. Bitch like you never bitch before. or better yet, make a twitter account with no friends in it just for you to let all the anger out. Importantly, be ANONYMOUS because whether we realize it or not, words cut us deep. What we don't want to feel, don't do it to others. Everybody knows that.

Well anyway, this is my kind of self-therapy and yeah, a reflection too.

I googled anger and islam just now. and I find this is a healthy read.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saturday, 8 September 2012

saturday and waiting for food because i am lazy.

we just love conspiracy don't we
from olympics opening to gangnam style.. whatever we can think of actually. we like to believe there are hidden meanings in every single things that we need to decipher. 
we just cannot enjoy and let that be just that.
instead of handling matters obvious to our eyes, we want to tackle things unseen before us.

we are all medical students who prefer to think of rare medical conditions instead of a simple flu.

ye udoh2 le tu. mengsharekan kat pesbuk pasal orang lain nak mengkapirkan kita. 


Saturday, 1 September 2012


once you stopped writing for a very long time, it is kinda difficult to get in the mood again.


Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Merdeka

any other events that I missed?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Ola people

I should have written about this ages ago but I haven't got a chance to do it just simply because I am lazy.


as some of you knew that I got the chance to go to Korea last summer. Ecewah last summer kau. Yea, it was summer really in Korea and forever summer in Malaysia and summer-monsoon transition in India. I thought of  going for Eurotrip with Amijah but she couldn't make it.. what's with exam and getting married and all. You still owe me a trip missy. So, I headed to the opposite of Europe with my sister. My eldest sister who apparently managed to get so many days off.

We planned a 10 day trip to Korea beginning from 16 June till 26 June.

After 6 hour or so flight, we arrived at Incheon Airport about 10 or 11pm. Since we booked a flight with Jeju Air the next morning at 645am, we planned to spend overnight in Gimpo Airport.Little that we know that the airport was closed and will only open at 4-5 in the morning. Lucky we met another Malaysians having the same problem as ours.

Probably at 1am in the morning. The place was deserted. We could not help to take pictures of ourselves.

The next day we headed to Jeju. We had problems understanding the map provided by our guesthouse, so we began asking around. One very nice ahjumma came and helped us although she had difficulty communicating too. She directed us to the police station and the policemen were very nice to drive us directly in front of the guesthouse. Yea, imagine being escorted by policemen to a guesthouse. They even opened the door for us as we couldn't open it from inside. Haha.

We even skipped our sleep. The only sleep we had that day was during the flight. We had to put up a night outside the airport and it was cold. 

So, we put our bag.. oh by the way we stayed in Yeha Guesthouse. It was very lovely and cosy. I really do recommend it to anyone planning for a trip to Jeju and the staffs are very fluent in English.  Since we were not able to check in before 2pm, we decided to move around Jeju City and look for interesting places around the city..

Some market in Jeju. and this was how we managed to take pictures with both our faces in them.

Herbs everywhere~

See how serene Jeju is..

Doing what tourists should do.

My sister and the dolharubangs. They resemble penis anyway. If you touch the ears, you'll get sons and touch the noses, you'll get daughters. We touched everywhere. Ok that sounds weird.

Some old buildings that used to be public offices but they were lovely and I just had to read all these explanations being put up. As long as it's in English.

My sister was dragged by me to go around the city by foot. 

That night, we booked two tickets for Nanta Show. It was awesooooooooooooooooome! Honestly it is cheaper to watch Nanta in Jeju than in Seoul but if extra money and time were there, prolly we will watch it for the second time since they have 10 different teams to perform.

Post-Nanta. Coffee shops are abundant here. Not your normal coffee shops but those pretty cute and cozy cafes.

We took a 2 day trip with Yeha to tour around Jeju. First day was West Course. There were 15 us : Malaysians, Mongolians, Czechoslovakians, Australians, American travelling with this tour on that day. Jin, our tour guide was amazing and very funny too.


Hallim Park is gorgeous and very well maintained. I think all parks here are well taken care off.

I feel like I am having some sort of supernatural powers. Call me Fish Whisperer and the fishes are my minions.

and also some kind of tribal leader.

Spirited garden. have to wear Hanbok once you've been to South Korea.  Locadio World is easily our place. Too many pictures here and all are vain pictures of us.

My sister the poser.

On our way up to Sanbang Mountain.

Hi, Uncle Monk. I made my way up to the top. 

After praying so much for a bright and sunny day for our next day tour, Alhamdulillah, the weather was so very fine. It was a happy weather. Sunshine throughout the day but there were more people joining the tour ..about 45 of us were there and we were the only Malaysians that day.

It was mad fun taking pictures in the Trick Art Museum.

My sister and her obsession with dolharubang. We were in Seongeup Folk Village. The villagers are paid to stay here and maintain old lifestyle..and they eat black pork and dogs. and they have a communal bath..naked for both men and women. and it's normal.

No before photo. We were hungry and we ate together with a Jewish couple. They seemed nice. Bibimbap also is nice. IMHO people exaggerate about Kimchi too much.

Ahjummas.. Loud ahjummas. but most ahjummas we came across were all nice ahjummas.and most ahjummas have more or less the same hairstyle. 

Sunrise peak. tiny people down there were watching women divers. The reason why women dive and men don't is apparently because it's a prettier sight to see when a woman dives. 

The breeze is so much different. You know how when you've been to the beach and the next thing you realize you were all sticky and salty..well, it didn't happen here.

It's a proof I conquered this peak. It was tiring. Very tiring. 

It must be nice to have a house next to this scene. Having tea with this view. 

We head back to Gimpo the next day. I sat next to a tall guy with a military suit,I think he was in the National Service since he looked very young.. looking very macho and all.but afterwards he took out his cell phone and guess what, his phone cover was in bright shocking pink, an earphone plug was this cutesy doll and his ringtone. Omg his was just too cute for a guy. The wall of machoness was crumbling down at that moment. and I slept soundly for the next hour although there was a crowd of aunties fighting for places to sit and talking loudly in the flight.

All in all..I love Jeju so very much.

I will write about Seoul later. whenever I want to. Bye.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

i need sleep.

India is an experience you won't get anywhere in the world. It is one of a kind. It is one of its own. Yes, there will be terrible things coming your way. It is normal. As a new person coming to a different country no matter how good or bad the country is, you will eventually face a problem..

but somehow, 

when people are trying really hard to help you settle down, the least you can do is appreciate the time and energy those people already spent. Dealing with people is not a small feat especially when one who is not in the same lingo as you are. Settling down is important because we know how we felt the first time we were here. Packing and unpacking our bags for 3 weeks was frustrating. You have no sense of belonging. You don't know how to start your life properly. When you have settled down, see the pros and cons, then make your decision. You have a looong way to go from there.

And those who want to help, be there. Help things make easy. Help the transition for the newcomers to be easy. Don't sweat the small stuff.

My advice to any students coming to India, don't expect too much because when you get something extra, you will be happier. Trust me. Been there done that. 

Don't worry anyway. It is not THAT BAD..but no worries, you can manage.

Wow, this is so unlike me like in my first year. I am all sobered up for Ramadan.. XD

Friday, 20 July 2012


Ramadhan is coming.

I am so excited as there are so many things to accomplish this year!!

May Allah eases us in every difficulty that have been put in front of us.

Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


When I hear someone really close to me is getting married, I honestly feel happy for them but at the same time, I feel some kind loss inside. It saddens me as I feel like I am losing someone dear to my heart. I know it is just like an extra addition to the family, to my circle of friends, but somehow I know it will never be the same anymore. Time passed, people grew.

I need to learn and accept the fact that different people comes into my life and .. and be more accepting. I have a lot to learn with acceptance. It is just my nature to build a wall against people I don't know much. I guess most of us are.

Do not get me wrong.

I am happy. Really do. Can't contain the excitement sometimes and I feel like the event is ages from now but I guess it's getting late and hormonal imbalance does something to me for being extra sentimental today.

Oh well.

It seems a bit late to congratulate you since I know for a fact, you are getting married, for quite some time but I hope the marriage lasts forever till Jannah and you be blessed with LOTS of cute, soleh and solehah kids.


happy news need to be shared.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Back here again.

It was load of fun being back but it was not enough. 

Thanks to everyone making my short short short holiday a very good one.

Thanks to Mummy for cooking ossum-possum food, bringing me places to eat. Mummy played a big role for  weight gain every time I am back home.

Thanks to Daddy for bringing me here and there for experience sake, though you fell asleep in the middle of one event but thank you still.

Thanks to my big sister for spending money on me and tolerating my bossy attitude. What to do? I learnt from the best.

Thanks to my second sister for lending me all the things and also for spending money on me. Boy, it is good to have someone older than you just because money rains on you it seems. 

Thanks to my little brother for being my brother. lol. 

Thanks to my good friends for being very helpful during my stay in a place far from home. Hope to see you guys once again. 

Now I am no longer in a 10 feet deep pool. I am merely floating around and still learning to swim to survive. 
and like Dad said, 2 more years.. JUST 2 FREAKING MORE YEARS. ok ok he din say freaking..

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I am in a 10ft deep pool.

The one particular thing about living in India aside from the spicy food in which even after 3 hours, your stomach is still burning and starting to make rumbling noises and you will get that sensation of... ehm..tmi..tmi..sorry.

Okay that one particular thing is the honking. Back in home, when somebody honks you, it is like OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE? but here it is like, meh, honk as you please. this road is mine.

It's not that people really mind the honking. Even a bicycle, if they can honk, they will honk you. And their honks are not the normal within average sounding honks, they are wholly different, out of this world kind of honks. I was wondering before, whether they change their normal pitched honks to a new one and my theory was approved not long after that. The honks are always high pitched as if jabbing your ear drums with a fork or a pin every now and then.

It is annoying especially when you are only a puny human walking beside a road and then suddenly an in coming over decorated huge bus so full of people and you are on its way. The bus looked as if it will run over you however it manages to steer away at the last minute but the bus will honk as it sees you 100m away although it is clear you can see that the bus is coming .Or the driver weirdly decides to honk you, the last possible minute and you will jump, heart racing, covering your ear as well, as you are taken by surprise and wondering what have you done to this mighty thing to deserve this. Of course, cursing has no longer done anything good, for you have been desensitized after 3 years living here. The most you can do is distorting your face showing your disapproval but who cares anyway?

I mean, as a peace loving girl, I yearn for a tranquil, quiet and calm area to relax and contemplate the meaning of life but the chance is rare. You might get it at 3am in the morning but somehow the dogs decided to do a friendly meeting and have a barking orchestra. All the neighborhood dogs seem to enjoy that. It's their happy time I supposed.

But anyway,

I am going back to the place where honking people randomly will get you a middle finger if you do it without any reason. HORAY.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

this will prolly take a long time to load if your connection sucks

People use social media to interact but I use it as a form of an escape. How can you not when there are so many awesome things on the net?

 Like this..

and this..

and this..

Anyway, how was your day? Done anything good? Eat something nice?


I need to sleep.

eh..blogger can upload gifs. coolcoolcool

Friday, 25 May 2012

boats and moats and waterfalls.

In conjunction with an upcoming exam in a few more days and tonnes of things to be remembered, here's a song to lighten up the mood.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


It was Dad's 51st birthday day before yesterday. Oh I do miss him a lot. In fact I miss the whole crew back home. It's funny how when you are here, things moved so much slower than it should but at the end of the day, you were surprised at how late the time was and you realised that you need your sleep.

One month.

of course, here is the picture of two youngsters armed with the latest technology and a red hat that sings I have confidence by Julie Andrews

Sunday, 29 April 2012

A good Sunday.

This reminds me of the days when I was not in the boarding school. When my dad sent us off early in the morning. You know how sleepy all of us were but instead of  rocking off to Bohemian Rhapsody, he made us read the Tafseer Quran.. Yeah I know it is quite the opposite to what this family is doing. Hehehehe.. and most of the time we will look for the shortest ayaat available. He even made my neighbour to read them also.Poor guy but my dad is just being my dad. None shall be excluded in doing his daily routine with his girls. but that was what sweet about this. About Dad/Mum that make the journey to school so memorable. About having that  unforgettable piece of memory while doing something very ordinary.

But none the less, this kind of session, singing our heart out is still in commence I believe, when we have small trips whenever I get back and have nothing much to do in the car, usually we'll sing nursery rhymes or in the case of my brother who seems to be knowing current songs, we will be singing along to that too. My sisters and I pretty much knew most of the nursery rhymes because we had this cassette with girls singing the nursery rhymes and playing it again and again until the we memorized the words...Ooohhh I miss home..

Friday, 20 April 2012

You know,

what I think when I read about this?

but seriously though, if no internet connection or any other sources people can gather their information, community will believe word by word whatever being fed to them by those in power. Like North Koreans, obviously. 

tapi still, kelakaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012


I think this is the longest period of time I have been in India.. I think.

Nak balik laaa.. Rindu keloarga.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

anger management issue.

I guess it is easy to become angry when we think we have the right to be angry. Allah gives us the ni'mah of having all kinds of feeling including anger, so there must be really goodness in having these feelings that most of the time will only create animosity. I suppose, it is a matter of where to channel the anger to benefit us in some way.

Always I regret my post-hulk actions and words. After being angry there will always be a pang of regret. Just like the other day when an auto driver took an extra 10rupees, I was easily raising up my voice to him. Few minutes after bickering with him, I went up to my room and regret my action so very much. And I thought of going back later to find him and say sorry because he was old and yeah, he was working to find extra money to feed his children maybe.. (although that is not an excuse to cheat people but come on, my 10 rupees is not worth to be angry about) But of course, saying sorry is such a huge task for me and ended up not doing it. It is also hard to find that one particular auto driver in Mysore..

For me, the best way to control my anger is to shut up. Because with that, my anger will subside in a drastic way. I find that in keeping mum about it, made me think twice why should I be angry..and the right I have to be angry with other people whom I don't know things they are currently going through. 

I just hope I am able to control my anger and forgive and yes, apologize.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I think giving out reason of  "I was being brought up this way and so I cannot change it" for doing something of one's own liking without consideration of others is .. I don't know how to put it exactly in words but I think it is just not nice and it sure is the laziest excuse one can come out with. I kind of dislike when someone plays the card "I was born this way so you have to accept me the way I am as I can't change it" just because what they did is not tolerable to some people. When someone being mean or say, selfish to achieve their goal, you feel disgusted by their act but when you act that way and people need to accept you just because you were born that way? How selfish is that? Unless you have an untreatable medical condition then the point is valid.

Being flexible does not mean if you are thrown into a jungle, you can survive with all the natural resources available. Being flexible means you know how to assess the situation, process it and manage it in your best possible way that will bring the most minimal damage or the most positive outcome either to yourself and those around you. At least that is how I see it.

People can change. It's funny when they say they can't when actually they won't. Just because you were born naked doesn't mean you need to be naked at all time.

We are changing every second whether we realize it or not. Our body cells are proliferating constantly and the old non functional cells are left to die to make way for the new ones. But keep in mind, our body is not able to tolerate when too much cells replicating at a time and will end up in a cancerous state. Get the analogy?

and mind you, this does not refer to Lady Gaga's "I was born this way" in any kind..


and I hope insya Allah I will practise what I preach.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Older and wiser I hope

I think the phrase life is not a bed of roses needs to be rephrased to sometimes life IS a bed of roses ..It seems happy and pretty on the surface but we never know the thorns behind that bushes of roses. You will never know what kind of hardship a person already endured unless they tell you so but even then, you are not in the position to tell how hard/easy living their lives. So instead of judging other people lives whether they had it easy/hard or it looked easy/hard/boring/awesome/anyotherwordthatwillfitin to our eyes, what we should do is to contemplate on ourselves.

Alhamdulillah..I am glad for my 22 years of life, though may not be as eventful as Kim Kardashian to have it viewed to the entire world, there were moments I cherished, there were moments I wished them to be deleted, there were moments of many "but what if"s... but that was that. I had my time. I had my chance. You only live once. To live a life with so many regrets of the past is not living and I hope I will not be that kind of person as I age.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

accepting advises.

I have to say kudos to this girl for what she said are true. For the most of us, it's not that we don't want to tell people, "Dude, you are doing this the wrong way"..but it is that we are scared that after doing so, they will back away and avoiding us. Well it's true for my part as I usually tend to keep my silence and minding my own business. But in a way after watching and processing her words, I am pleased to say, sila jaga tepi kain saya. No worries if I back away from you, insya Allah it won't be long as what you said probably will get through my mind. It is worse if it never reaches my ears and realizing what I have done is wrong. Get what I mean?

So yeah, please mind my business. Not thoroughly such as in stalker-stealth-mode but if I ever did anything wrong which is very obvious, it is best to reach my ears first. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

A sigh of relief


and Thank You

Thursday, 19 January 2012

From the Middle Earth to Mordor.

Have you ever live with a friend or a sibling and could not help yourself but wonder why are they being so blissfully weird? One huge probability is that he/she might be a middle child. They said that middle children are introverted, quieter and a bit loner but I don't know I knew some of them are having totally the opposite character.

I am not having anything against any middle child. In fact, after Haziq came into this world , I automatically became one of the middle children too but I guess after having 11years of living as the last child in the family, my symptoms are quite mild or I might  just be asymptomatic. But honestly, I did some reading about middle child syndrome and I could not help noticing the comments below. Most of it were rants of all the middle children who seems to think that their parents did not love them enough though their achievements are far more superior than their other siblings. The first child always get praised more and the last will always be the spoiled one or just a brat. And I am not talking about the angsty teenagers' rants but grown up men and women with their own kids. To me that is just like "Woooowww.. I never knew it could be this serious" Should parents give more attention to the middle ones or the middle ones should stop thinking too much of being unloved?

I do have my fair share of experience. Heheh.. I have few of my friends "the middle child"  who also complained about more or less the same things. I couldn't say much since I did not know their family that well to say things that I should or should not say. I talked about this with my sister and we think we found the ultimate solution. Do not have only 3 kids. Since the one in the middle will feel he/she will be left alone since they think that the attention of the parents already diverted to the first and the last child. And to prevent that, have more middle children in the family! They can gang up or team up against their parents and bully the first and the last child. HAHA

Anyway, 12th of August is The Middle Child Day. See middle children, everyone is trying to make you happy. Everybody loves you. You even get your own day! Be proud of that okay.
There are some good traits that are exhibited by middle children. These children grow up to be more independent and are born mediators and negotiators. They also tend to "go their own way" when dealing with established ideas. They are innovators and thinkers. Some famous middle children include J.F.K., Madonna, Donald Trump, Barbara Walters, and Bill Gates. Each of these people is an example of just how successful middle children can become with a little extra encouragement from their parents. 
Joe Jonas is a middle child too. Well that explains a lot..

and to my sister the middle child, I love you! =P

My exam ends on the 25th. May Allah ease us and grant us success! Amin.