Friday, 23 November 2012


I do understand why some people think that boycotting will not get us anywhere. Nothing can be achieved when in a month from now, we will go back to our usual routine of buying our usual stuff without any second thought. Yes it is actually a lifelong commitment i.e to boycott. Not just when there is an attack with a huge mass media coverage then we suddenly realize and have this sudden burst of emotion to retaliate, boycott and condemn those who doesn't.

But we are mere humans. We are protected, comfortable, happy, with our stomach full everyday that most of the times we forget. We forget about those who suffer. We forget that there are people who go to sleep at night, hungry. We forget that there are children orphaned by the war. Due to our forgetfulness, we slip back to our normal routines. Grabbing all the available products we seem fit to our lifestyle and the boycotting fad dies away. Why? Because we forget.

For me, I find that the idea to boycott is plausible. It is doable although it can be a one time act. You see, it is an act of telling the organisation that we are not agreeing with them to contribute their profits to a military body that kills civilians without remorse. Though it is a one time act, still when the company do their monthly review, they'll know that their sales have dropped. It shows a statement made by the people that they do not condone.

I find that people belittling other people's effort to at least contribute to a bigger cause is somewhat disappointing. Let them do whatever they can. We all have our own means of contributing and so do they.
What important is the present, not the past the we cannot change nor the future that we cannot see. If at present, we have the power/controlling the urge to buy from the obvious organisations, then do it. If boycotting is too much, then find some other way to contribute. Just don't belittle the efforts put by others. And those who already contribute, don't flaunt what you have done and condemn others who have not. Promote what you do instead of bashing those who doesn't.

As for Muslims, the story of a little bird trying to put out the fire when Ibrahim A.S was burnt alive is enough to serve us as a reminder as to why doing a small thing that may not show result, but more importantly is the effort being put is what being counted by Allah.

p/s: Jews and Zionists. Need to learn the difference.