Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Nak belajar tapi...

Salaam Alaik

Tiada mood untuk study. Lebih kepada menonton cerita duniawi sambil berangan menghias bilik. Kalau boleh dicat bilik tu, dah lama den cat kan.. HAHAHA..tapi takpe, kita mesti make do lah.

Sila doa minggu depan diri ini semangat sikit belajar.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Terasa high bila menari tu, macam mana?

Salaam Alaik

I have been ignoring Daddy's questions on HAVE YOU GET YOUR KEYS YET? Sadly Daddy, No I haven't. My other friends already got theirs and what the person in charge said was that our key to our home will be in our hands this Monday. I have not pack a single thing yet. I think tomorrow I will go and search for boxes to keep my things and I have lot of them. Haihh..We have to move out before May comes, you know and this people said that we gonna get our keys on Saturday. So much the talk lah kan? Rasa geram nak hentak-hentak kepala mamat yang cepat saje encash duit tapi lambat buat kerja.

Something is bugging me for quite a while now but I am really not sure whether to write it down or not because I said it before I don't want anybody to get hurt. So I apologize before if this may offend any of you.

Erm, it is just that I wonder that how some people took off their hijabs easily when coming to new places.. No offence intended but I was just wondering. How easy it is for them to take it off when almost all their life they have been wearing the hijabs? Yes, this is strictly to those who have been wearing hijab since small or since puberty but took it off as they come to a new place. Culture shock very much maybe? I don't know. And the problem with society is, I mean the Islamic community, the friends who share the same faith, the same religion, can compliment on how good she looked without one. Isn't that all wrong? Maybe yeah she looked good without hijab but whatever it is, as a Muslim, why do you want to encourage your friend doing something against her religion?our religion? Can't you keep the compliment to yourself only?

And I really am wondering, how does the doer feel after yanking the hijab off from her head? Does it comes easy?

The thought of doing so came across my mind like, a thousand times before but praised be to Allah, I am still keeping my sane for now. We will not know what I'll become in the future but I hope not for the worse but for the better. I am still questioning how strong will I be if I am in her shoes? How my Iman will stand for all the temptations existed around me for I am only a human. Like what people say, if your foundation is strong, you will never be swayed away but if  there is a lack in reminding yourself, it will corrode away and there goes your foundation. Mungkin nilah saatnya kita cakap, Allah dah tarik hidayah dari kita. Nauzubillah.

For now, seeing old ladies' belly button is not enough to make me taking my hijab off.

May Allah protects me from doing any more harm to myself or those around me that I care and love. Ameen.

p/s: Yelah, tajuk pun tak masuk dengan apa yang nak ditulis but the thought came into my mind so suddenly. Forgive me as it is almost 3 in the morning. Anyway, anyone care to enlighten me?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Salahke perempuan sebut kentut?

Salaam Alaik

I don't know..I have always say this word erm.. farting, kentut, passing gas, whichever you prefer but does it makes a girl lacks some grace after saying FART? KENTUT?

It is just so funny. Because I tend to say it often with my friends. Even with guy friends. And those who heard me saying it for the first time sounded kinda suprised. Well, at least I am not cursing. What is wrong with society nowadays? Saying a word that happen to be so natural because admit it, you farted and I farted and we have been doing the farting thing since we were born, why make it sound so weird?  But if we heard a girl is cursing her heart out because she is soo angry, shouldn't we react the same too? I don't know. Maybe we should or maybe we shouldn't so as not to offend the other party or avoid being smacked by her but shouldn't we felt offended hearing the curses all the way? We do have a freedom to choose on what to hear anyway, don't we?

Either way, I do not like cursing but once in a while, it slipped off without me realising it so. What to do? I am just a human myself with so many imperfections. May God forgives me. Ameen.

I was just reading some posts regarding life in India and UK posted by someone over the Facebook. By all means and respect, do not even compare our life and your life,over here and there. It is of two different standards, of two different worlds, of two different cultures. The best thing we have and ought to do is be grateful that we were given money to complete our education. Why suddenly comparing our lives together? All the money that we (no, I am not involved. Just watching from the sideways) are bickering on, is not ours to begin with. A friend told me that all places that we were being sent to have their own pros and cons. I thought so too. I have my positive sides of living here (although all I can think of right now are all negatives. XD.) To argue with the point, why did the government send me here is pretty much invalid because ..

why do you choose such a career,honey?  And we asked you already whether you are willing to accept this course regardless of the place, don't we? And sugar, you said yes. So, are we to be blamed for this, pumpkin?

Kalau jawab Tidak dulu? Hish.. tak baik OK bermain sama dengan '"what if". It is part of His planning, I believe. Nak jadi kuat, kenalah berhadapan dengan cabaran dulu, ye tak?

Marilah kita belajar sungguh-sungguh. Nanti satu hari, kami akan pijakkan kaki kami di tempat awak pula. Awak yang rasa hidup di India best pun boleh datang sini. Gobi Manchurian sedap. =P

But as what they say,the grass is always greener on the other side. I see your life as pretty much a good one and you see mine prolly the same too. =)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Minum teh hijau sihat katanya

Salaam Alaik

Maan.. I have got nothing else to do I guess. I have told you already that I have no life right now aside from logging on to the internet 24/7 (well, almost..... since I spend half of my day at school.) and facing books (yeah well.. almost again)  It will be more or less 2 to 3 months from now to my final exam. And the things to read and memorize are endless. And after that I will be going back home. Then, Insya Allah may this be true, I will be in the second year. Hoooray!! I will be going to hospitals and see some actions at least.

This is the ever beautiful and photogenic side of my school. But it is summer now. The weather is hot and sticky. and smelly

School as usual I think. Aside from lots of cadavers coming into the dissection hall lately and phew, the smell!! No need to tell about it. I am still not getting used to the formalin. But it was pretty sad, I guess. Looking at dead bodies that sometimes, these people do not have any respect. Slapping,rummaging, or poking parts of their body and make jokes about it. I mean, the cadaver was once alive you know. Maybe he/she was once a mother or a father.Regardless of them probably be the homeless, or an army with a bullet sticking into his abdomen, or just some old woman. Whichever it is,do have some respect at least. It is just sad sometimes as the cadavers are teaching us and instead we are making fun of them. It is as if we are making fun of our teachers while they are standing right in front of us which is rude, you know. I have no pics to post regarding the dissection hall in my school because I rarely took pictures aside from my own self. HAHAHAHA.. Okeh no.. my table is very near to the teachers. If I was caught holding a phone, that will be the end of me. Plus, all of us will always be the teachers' aim if they are not really in the mood. Maybe that is why we are always prim and proper sitting around the table and read Chaurasia.

Fibi. is a Malaysian. Can be mistaken for Indian. Rasa comellah tu? Hahaha..nanti kena bunuh dengan dia.

So today was just another day. Friends heading to Bangalore for some entertainment but I am just not in the mood to go. I'd rather be at home watching movies? and keep Atul some company. Teehee.. Mulianya hati I. Yang pergi Bangalore bolehlah membeli buah tangan untuk Nonawa. Probably I will go to  some fine dining restaurant we have here in Mysore. It is not wrong to be gediks sometime, is it? But Mysoreans will always be.Hehe. Those in Tamil Nadu, or Karad, or Davangere, or Mangalore, or Manipal or BelgaaaAUUUMMm,come to Mysore as we have gooood food here and yeah, it is clean =P. From what I saw.

Fuh.. fuhh... fine dining. This is my starter. Atul is on the other side. The restaurant motto was "It'll take  us a few minutes to take you from Mysore to France".. Fuhh...dengan ekon nya mungkinlah. tapi den nunggu punyo la lamo eh nak makan.terus rasa diri kat India balik.

Aaaaa.... I want Brahim's ready made food. It is like the closest thing to home. Well, in terms of food. My Brahim's sambal ikan bilis is almost out of stock. One packet left only. I know, I should be cooking instead but it is very very very inconvenient to cook inside my room. It will give erm.. some sort of smell? Not that it is not pleasant but it will get stuck in any material we have and that is annoying. Because the next thing you know, you'll be wearing a tudung with the smell of sambal to school. Whoever will fancy that?

My shoes yesterday. It attracted too many attention. Maybe because no other 20 year old wears this here but I am a kid at heart, eh Ayu?

My shoe today. A boring seminar made me do this. So pardon my poyoness over here. 

I am overly excited about moving out I think. But this katil is way too menarik to be left out.Although the bed cover doesn't do the justice, still it is an interesting bed..

p/s: I wonder does anyone back home is reading my rants or not? BACALAH OK. I WROTE ALL THESE BECAUSE OF YOU.. heh. emo sementara. entah mana semua orang kat rumah ni pergi. geram i.*sambil kipas-kipas diri sendiri* oh yes, read between the lines especially yang ada tulis Brahim's dan coklat  Eh, takde tulis coklat. tapi sekarang dah ada dua perkataan coklat. And now it's three=D

p/p/s: yelah..yelah..tajuk post hari ini takde kaitan pun dengan isi. tapi minum teh hijau memang sihat.and terima kasih pada Atenchan kasik award pada I. rasa diri ini beautiful sementara. hihihi.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

10 benda. tapi tolak-tolaklah sikit.

Salaam Alaik

Aihhh know I detest doing this tagging stuff. Ni mesti sebab kau takde kerja kat rumah kan?kan?kan?

But as a good friend who persuaded you to talk to your father about that thing, I will do it laaaah...
*Sebenarnya, ain nak kawen.dia takut nak cakap sama ayah dia. jadi, diri ini tolong nasihatkan dia. ain, ayah kau kasik sebenarnya.kenapa kau malu-malu nak tanya? kau cubalah bertanya. kau tak akan rugi apa-apa. lantas dia pun bertanya. Dan cukup gembira sekali, ayah dia bagi green light* mwahahahahahahah. yeah, the story is a made up... sadly.

anyway,here goes.

10 fakta tentang saya

1. Saya suka menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris sebab Bahasa Melayu saya selalu kena condemn. Dalam penulisanlah. Tapi saya taklah sehebat Ain atau Faridatul dalam menulis.

2. Saya suka makan coklat. Milo pun jadilah.

3. Waktu kecik-kecik, saya tak suka baca surat khabar sebab surat khabar tulisan dia semua kecil belaka. tapi sekarang tak kisah. Besar OK. Kecik pun OK.

4. Saya suka membaca. Kalau desperate, label barang-barang pun saya baca.

5. Kat rumah, waktu buat bisnes, selalunya saya baca buku. Hahahaha...

6. Hari-hari saya online internet. Sangat takde life hidup sekarang.=(

7. Saya nak cuti panjang. Saya agak menyesal tak menghargai cuti lepas A-Level dulu. Manusia memang tak pernah bersyukur.

8. Saya dah ada tiket balik raya. *dengan nada penuh sombong*

9. Pipi saya tak menggambarkan saiz badan saya. Kehkehkeh..

10. Saya tak kisah beli buku mahal-mahal. Saya nerd. Sekarang saya nak Kindle. Enviromentally-friendly katanya. Lepas tu, benda ni sangat cool.

10 perkara menakutkan saya

1. mati. Allah. neraka

2. orang-orang yang saya sayang pergi dulu dari saya.

3. hilang nikmat deria rasa,lihat dan dengar dari saya

4. hilang salah satu anggota badan -upper limb mahupun lower limb mahupun head and neck mahupun abdomen dan thorax

5. Kalau tetiba dunia semua orang lesap, tinggal saya seorang. Macam dalam cerita doraemon tu. Nobita tertinggal kat dunia cermin. Takde orang. Siapa nak tanam padi? Siapa nak masak? Siapa nak buatkan Milo? Siapa?

6. Kena diagnos penyakit yang tiada cure.

7. Hilangnya pegangan yang dah lama saya pegang.(patutnya ni nombor satu tapi this list is in no particular order okeh?)

8. Orang tikam belakang (literally and figuratively)

9. Jatuh miskin papa kedana sehelai sepinggang rumah kotak.

10. Kiamat

10 perkara yang selalu saya sebut(buat masa ni lah)

1. Study

2. Internet

3. Cuti

4. Elektrik

5. India

6. Black out

7. Rumah

8. Balik

9. Makan

10. JSS

10 (tolak 2) perkara yang amat bernilai

1. Nyawa

2. Ahli keluarga dan kawan-kawan

3. Laptop Mp3 Phone

4. Duit

5. Kad Debit

6. Buku Medicine (perlu ni)

7. Kertas kajang atau A4 tuk menulis nota dalam kelas (miahaha. bajetlah sikit)

8. Kamala. (asyik pancit rasa macam nak beli baru)

10(tolak 9) pertama kali dalam hidup saya

Pertama kali saya tak tidur malam adalah lepas SPM sebab nak habiskan tengok cerita Full House milik bibik saya.

Malas lah weh. Den dah ngantuk. Nak tido

7 orang yang saya tag

Sesiapa yang rasa diri comel dan hensem dan cantik dan berkaliber x7

Sekian. Perlu kembali ke sekolah dengan penuh bersemangat.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Today is the birthday of an Indian politician.

and thanks to him we have a day off today.

This is Ambedkar. Which made me wonder why don't Malaysia give us any holiday for Tunku Abdul Rahman's birthday.
Salaam Alaik

The power outages are freaking absurd. We were in the dark for almost 3 hours straight last night and 2 hours or so in the day. It was lucky enough to have rain on our side. If not, we were toasted.

Yesterday was all no good day for me. I was extremely pissed off and I did not know to whom or to what should I channeled it. Weird still, I did not know why I was so angry? No.. no.. not in the mood. Later in the evening, I was angry. Obviously, to rant in my own blog proved to be impossible yesterday. Better it be that way because somehow, when we are not in a clear state of mind, our rambling may tend to be erm.. a bit over the top? Like if we are angry, we tend to curse so much? More or less like that I think. And to talk with my sister even proved harder. I have no credits left on my phone and again, no electric for me to get connected to the internet. I have no sad stories to watch but I have "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and was laughing like mad afterwards. Which is better to laugh than drowning in your own tears..

Even the food I ate was against me. What have I done to you, world??!!

I was looking forward for today and yesterday to end. I went to bed early and finished reading Artemis Fowl second book and starting the third one. Nothing is better than a break from your daily routine.

Is this PMS? No, don't answer that. =D

Tata everyone. May today be good to me and to you too. Ameen.

p/s: I am glad to have friends and thanks for listening me grumbling. I have A LOT to grumble, just so you know.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Kalau nak cakap, mesti cakap baik-baik.

Salaam Alaik

It would be nice writing without any hesitations. I have tonnes to say about but I cannot bring myself to write them down over here in my blog. Some thoughts could be lay down over here while some just can't or shouldn't because I am scared that if I write them down, I will hurt some. Maybe what I am afraid of is what will people think of me or I was too hypocrite to openly state my feelings but then again, it is just the same. I do not want to lose friends solely because what I think of without considering other party as well.

Same goes when we are talking, ain't it so?

I know how some people say I don't care of what others think of me, I will just be me and you have to accept that.

Which is fine by me because I tend to live by that principle sometimes.

What I personally think, and this is all me we are talking about, is just that no matter how much we say we don't care much about what others will say, at some point of our lives, we eventually will without us realizing so. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

I wish I can give an example but my brain is out of ideas it seems.

Caring for what other will think about us is not all that bad though. Somehow, it makes us a better person. Humans have feelings. When we converse, we tend to let our emotion in control rather than our head. Hence, we may hurt others without realizing. But to assume, of what people will think before blurting out anything that may cause harm will prevent any incidents we don't want.

Freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever you want. In everything, there is a limit to it. You can voice out if it is necessary but if it means to hurt others, so better shut it. As what they say, freedom does not mean you can do anything that you want but in doing the right thing. More or less it sounded like that. Heh.

Toodles everyone.

Friday, 9 April 2010

cepatlah habis first year


shopping beli barang rumah pasti seronok. keh3

Friday, 2 April 2010

I feel old but not very wise.

I have,
So much to think about,
and so much to do,
Yet so little action.

What should I do now?

p/s: ada orang mati lagi. sebab lagu tu dah bunyi. dan ada orang berarak-arak kat luar.