Saturday, 17 April 2010

Minum teh hijau sihat katanya

Salaam Alaik

Maan.. I have got nothing else to do I guess. I have told you already that I have no life right now aside from logging on to the internet 24/7 (well, almost..... since I spend half of my day at school.) and facing books (yeah well.. almost again)  It will be more or less 2 to 3 months from now to my final exam. And the things to read and memorize are endless. And after that I will be going back home. Then, Insya Allah may this be true, I will be in the second year. Hoooray!! I will be going to hospitals and see some actions at least.

This is the ever beautiful and photogenic side of my school. But it is summer now. The weather is hot and sticky. and smelly

School as usual I think. Aside from lots of cadavers coming into the dissection hall lately and phew, the smell!! No need to tell about it. I am still not getting used to the formalin. But it was pretty sad, I guess. Looking at dead bodies that sometimes, these people do not have any respect. Slapping,rummaging, or poking parts of their body and make jokes about it. I mean, the cadaver was once alive you know. Maybe he/she was once a mother or a father.Regardless of them probably be the homeless, or an army with a bullet sticking into his abdomen, or just some old woman. Whichever it is,do have some respect at least. It is just sad sometimes as the cadavers are teaching us and instead we are making fun of them. It is as if we are making fun of our teachers while they are standing right in front of us which is rude, you know. I have no pics to post regarding the dissection hall in my school because I rarely took pictures aside from my own self. HAHAHAHA.. Okeh no.. my table is very near to the teachers. If I was caught holding a phone, that will be the end of me. Plus, all of us will always be the teachers' aim if they are not really in the mood. Maybe that is why we are always prim and proper sitting around the table and read Chaurasia.

Fibi. is a Malaysian. Can be mistaken for Indian. Rasa comellah tu? Hahaha..nanti kena bunuh dengan dia.

So today was just another day. Friends heading to Bangalore for some entertainment but I am just not in the mood to go. I'd rather be at home watching movies? and keep Atul some company. Teehee.. Mulianya hati I. Yang pergi Bangalore bolehlah membeli buah tangan untuk Nonawa. Probably I will go to  some fine dining restaurant we have here in Mysore. It is not wrong to be gediks sometime, is it? But Mysoreans will always be.Hehe. Those in Tamil Nadu, or Karad, or Davangere, or Mangalore, or Manipal or BelgaaaAUUUMMm,come to Mysore as we have gooood food here and yeah, it is clean =P. From what I saw.

Fuh.. fuhh... fine dining. This is my starter. Atul is on the other side. The restaurant motto was "It'll take  us a few minutes to take you from Mysore to France".. Fuhh...dengan ekon nya mungkinlah. tapi den nunggu punyo la lamo eh nak makan.terus rasa diri kat India balik.

Aaaaa.... I want Brahim's ready made food. It is like the closest thing to home. Well, in terms of food. My Brahim's sambal ikan bilis is almost out of stock. One packet left only. I know, I should be cooking instead but it is very very very inconvenient to cook inside my room. It will give erm.. some sort of smell? Not that it is not pleasant but it will get stuck in any material we have and that is annoying. Because the next thing you know, you'll be wearing a tudung with the smell of sambal to school. Whoever will fancy that?

My shoes yesterday. It attracted too many attention. Maybe because no other 20 year old wears this here but I am a kid at heart, eh Ayu?

My shoe today. A boring seminar made me do this. So pardon my poyoness over here. 

I am overly excited about moving out I think. But this katil is way too menarik to be left out.Although the bed cover doesn't do the justice, still it is an interesting bed..

p/s: I wonder does anyone back home is reading my rants or not? BACALAH OK. I WROTE ALL THESE BECAUSE OF YOU.. heh. emo sementara. entah mana semua orang kat rumah ni pergi. geram i.*sambil kipas-kipas diri sendiri* oh yes, read between the lines especially yang ada tulis Brahim's dan coklat  Eh, takde tulis coklat. tapi sekarang dah ada dua perkataan coklat. And now it's three=D

p/p/s: yelah..yelah..tajuk post hari ini takde kaitan pun dengan isi. tapi minum teh hijau memang sihat.and terima kasih pada Atenchan kasik award pada I. rasa diri ini beautiful sementara. hihihi.