Monday, 21 January 2008

bila nak cuti ni??

well..well.. my sister went for her eurotrip already..

sangat seronok OK? berjalan-jalan ke sana ke mari. not like me. stuck in this "airport city".nyeh3.

i can't wait for holidays. I want to be back home. Seriously Papa Mama ku~. I am not making excuses to avoid home. Siapa pernah buat alasan tak mahu balik rumah?

Anyhow, I am having a class in an hour. Pray for me. Semoga dapat memberi perhatian penuh dalam kelas.


p/s: Akak, do remember me while you're busy with shoppings or melawat tempat sana sini. I love you and selamat bercuti!

Salaam all~

Thursday, 10 January 2008



Assalamulaikum w.b.t and peace be upon everyone

I think it is not fair to write a post for New Year 2008 but not to write one for our New Year 1429.
And so, here i am trying to express my hopes for this new year 1429. I don't have any ideas really what to write and so on. Ideas are not coming into mind, I think.

I hope this new year both 2008 and 1429 will be a year full of blessings to me and my family.
There are lots of things that I am hoping for. I think I am lacking the ability to express them into words. So, I hope that I can convey what is on my mind into words, be it in writing or speaking.

Things were not very easy for the whole family last year. I hope each one of us will live happier each and every day, also be blessed by Allah. I hope for Haziq especially, to be a very good boy. Ye adek? May school gives you tonnes of happy moments as I am currently missing my school and friends too.

I was extra lazy last year. Hence, I am hoping that I will not be in the slightest lazy mode this year and be extra hardworking ,for this year is very important to me. I hope I can always stay focus in class and never fall asleep or "curi-curi tidur" whenever I am in a class. I hope I achieve 4A's and band 9 for IELTS. Insya Allah.

These are the hopes, my hopes that Insya Allah will be fullfilled this year. Ameen ya rabbal Alameen.

p/s: I changed the skin to mark this new year. =)


Monday, 7 January 2008

sanah wildah ya jameelah

Earlier this morning, I watched my mother prepared breakfast for my brother and fed him. It made me into thinking back to those days when I was still in primary schools. Mom will wake up early in the morning just to prepare breakfast for us. But I hate to eat breakfast those days. Though sometimes the breakfast was so nice,say nasi goreng or nuggets or drummets, or it was as simple as milo and biscuits or bread,still if i had the chance, I refused to eat them. Mom will never let us go to school with empty stomach. She believes that great minds come without empty tummy.

I even threw my morning tantrums so early in the morning because refusing to eat a couple of biscuits and a mug of Milo. I almost skipped school because mom will sit next to me and told me to finish the Milo. If not, Uncle Sahak (The person who sent me to school) had to wait till I finish my breakfast. Haiyoh.. It's a real torture, i tell you ,to finish those foods.

Well, for now I can never go with an empty stomach to start my day. Thanks to Mom.

Mom is best at bargaining prices. I think it's a skill I can never had. Haha. She's simply amazing when dealing with these sellers. She's patient enough to wait till she get the price she want. Salute to you, IBU!!

Mom is also good at searching things in the internet. Heheh. We couldn't keep secret anymore from her as she's very good at Googling other people. Ask my sisters. They'll knew what I meant. But I don't mind. In fact, I am ever so proud with my dearest mummy.

I love you,
If I ever hurt you,
Actually I never meant to.

I am sorry
I was being silly
And tomorrow will mark your new day
So here I would like to say
Happy Birthday!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Tahun baharu atau tahun baru?

salaam alaik and peace be upon everyone

hi and hello

A year comes and a year goes. Right now, I am writing in the year 2008. Weird..because time flies so fast without us realising it, because I think I am still living in the year 2007, because I am getting a year older, because I will be facing numerous tests and exams..

Heh..Being 18..I think, most people are anticipating to reach this age. BUT I DON'T. I don't want to be 18. I hate thinking of reaching the age 18. I want to stick being 17. I don't even mind being a 6 year old. I want to be a 6 year old again and again. Back to the old days when Ayah can still "dukung" me behind his back, when I can do whatever I want, when people sees me as innocent young little girl[hardly getting this nowadays..] Haih~~

For the year 2007, there were so many memories both sweet and bitter. To list them all, I am not in the super rajin mode I don't think I will list them.Muahaha.

I think of doing some resolutions for this new year. There are lots of them but sadly I currently don't know how to put my resolutions of the year into words. They are indescribable. Haha. But what I know is, I really want to be a better person, a better daughter, a better muslimah for this new chapter of my life. May this year is full with blessings from Him. Ameen.

This year, there are two exams I'll face. I need to score both if not i'll be doomed. Saya mahu terbang menerjah awan yang memutih dengan gembira.Doakan saya berjaya dengan cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang.

p/s: to my dear Muhammad Haziq, though you cried on the second day of school, i am still proud of you, boy! Sarangheayo Adek!!