Sunday, 24 October 2010

Isnin isnin yang kebiruan?

Monday blues. Make sense?

Salaam Alaik
and greetings humans.

What make us hooked to Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Tumblr or any online social websites there are?

1. You are lying if you say you are not a busy body yet you surfed the internet and looked into others' profile. You are just like me who like to know what happen to others. Whether they are getting fatter or slimmer or hotter or sexier or more soleh/solehah. In short, you are a busy body. You are. Tak payah geleng kepala or pointing fingers or make faces because admit it. YOU ARE!

2. You can express yourself in any way that you want when no body else really cares. Say, in the form of words or your photography skills. Like in saying whatever you like, or taking pictures and post it up in whatever poses you want. Which also can help with your self-esteem when one compliments you.

3. You are an attention seeker. Come on. Admit it. No harm in that. So what if we are? Since small we do need attention from our parents, don't we? There are five stages of grief and most of you, not me, is in the first stage. That is denial. I am on the fifth i.e acceptance. What are we grieving for exactly? The sad human race who have no life other than surfing the net. Again, I am accepting the fact that I am sad too.

4. You like sharing which is a pretty good thing. Sharing is caring, eh? If not, what is with the videos and notes and lyrics and quotes being posted? I am being general not only focusing on Facebook or Blog. Because I like to share. Saw the HP trailer already? It was awesome, wasn't it?

5. Or maybe all these things are our creative outlet? Writing.. Photography.. Music.. Hmm?

Pfft.. I have no life. I need to get out and do some shopping. My orange juice is out of stock. Aih.. can't wait till December but am really dreading January. And I also in need of new story books. Mysore has limited number of story books. Must go to Bangalore to purchase lots and lots of new ones.

Sorry for the pointless babbling. And if you read till the end though it is short and that is very lazy of you if you don't, you deserve a pat on the back. Syabbas mera beti!Syabbas!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Jumaat is the best day of all days. Period.

Salaam Alaik

To be honest, I never really like people putting up songs on their blog. It almost kill the mood instantly to read their posts. That is why I am not putting any on my blog. It clashes with my principle.*yeah, I sense the poyoness too* But I was once like that because I think I want people to hear what I was listening at that time, in which later I found out, nobody cares. The same with my writings but then who cares right? We can do anything that we are pleased to do which is why I am writing this piece of junk and wondering when will I be able to write seriously for my intellectual satisfaction. Heh. Prolly light years away.

 I like to read when it is all quiet. But when academic comes to mind, I prefer music or anything that sounds good to my ears on the background. Not that loud but you pretty much know what is playing at least. Or I will just let a movie play by itself while I am doing my work. I need companion badly while I am studying. Or I will go mad.


Indians sure party really hard. I don’t know Indians in other places but Indians in Mysore sure do like loud music. It amazes me how they can stand the loudness of their music. I almost went deaf yesterday due to their shrieking,whistling and of course much too loud music. I am the kind of person who almost cannot tolerate loud music.. Almost but seriously it was too much. Even a friend of mine who used to loudness complained about it. So, it wasn't just me.

My head was buzzing last night after the function. Too many people dancing on the stage too and it gets boring when you see the same thing on repetition. You know, menari, menyanyi, menari, menyanyi, pastu menari balik. pastu fashion show. It was a jaw dropping scene to see the PGs and doctors with tight faces all day long suddenly dancing or was it jumping? wildly at the middle of the auditorium. They went banana all right.

I just watched Unthinkable. I think it was a bit dry. Again, a bit about terrorism and Islam. You guys got nothing else but Islam and terrorism? But anyway, the story was basically on how far you’ll go and torture  to get info from a terrorist or so it seems. It was brutish. More like Saw movies, not gory as much but you will cringe few times.

Today is holiday again. I will have a slumber party all day on my bed. Awesomeness.

Till then,


p/s: I am sorry but I have to add this.

Look away I'm hideous
 XD XD XD guling-guling lagi.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Macam rindu rumahlah kan..

Salaam Alaik

Now now the internet is so freaking slow that it annoys me so much. ( I Fareed). -->it was written few days back and I am too nice to let this makcik "enterframe" anyway.


Today was my bad hair day. I mean literally. I am just too tired to think and my lids will be closed at any moment now but I have a record to do. And to tepuk2 following the synchrony also, I am out of it. People are clapping upwards, me doing it the wrong way.People clapped but i didn't. I clapped but they didn't.  I am too messed up now.Poor kid sitting next to me who was apparently trying to follow my steps. HAHA..I am bad at performing anyway.

I had been fighting really hard to keep my eyes open during class since this morning. And whatever drugs we were learning, I think, 0.001% went into my head but I diligently wrote down whatever the teacher was saying.It was Pharmac class by the way.

 And then there was posting. The OBG posting. The posting that I "like" the most. Seriously I do.

I mean, I don't mind people teaching me and all because that is what my purpose of coming here. To learn as much as I can. But as you see, my mind has already wandering to have lunch and paying the least attention to whatever you are saying. It is nice to have someone teaching you, showing you the methods etc but can you do it when early in the morning when my level of enthusiasm is high. Not when it is near the time to go back and feed my stomach? It is a plain torture. And you saw us glancing at the watch every now and then. But hey,you said, you have another bus to catch isn't it? *sigh*. It was hot this afternoon and my head was throbbing like mad. I skipped lunch to get some sleep. Because later I had my Pharmac practicals at which I carelessly spilled the mixture over my friend's book. The teachers asked me question but I didn't know what I was babbling. At least, I tried. For whatever I was saying, I don't think they'd understand because I was a lil bit confused my self at that time. hoho.

Who am I to complain anyway?

And tomorrow, I hope nothing comes my way and now I am just earnestly hoping to have a good night sleep.

Oh haven't I tell you yet? We will be having College Day tomorrow and we Malaysians just knew we had a slot for us to perform. Yeah, thank you very much.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Humans are annoying freaks
so are you and you.

and yes, me too.

so, good night.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

it is so fluffehhhh!!

Salaam Alaik

Thursday is holiday again. I am kinda liking this term. The more holidays there are, the better! So keep 'em coming! Waking up early in the morn is a pure torture. And it adds the torture even more when you see your house mate on the mattress just outside your door, snuggling comfortably. One word. Jelesi. I have changed my posting this week from Surgery to OBG. Weird I know. Nobody back home called it OBG. My sister surely can laugh her head off if she heard me talking "it's OBG here" because for sure she'll be asking "what is that? Korang memang kelakar. Budak grad india memang asek kena gelak.term korang tak kena langsung" and on and on. 

I had seen ultrasound for the first time in real life and it is an exciting moment to watch one little creature inside moving its jaws up and down. Cute little things. I couldn't help smiling but trying to keep the straight face all the same. The mothers that I saw in the outpatient department were young. Even younger than me and having their first baby already but no offence, they looked much older than I am. Is it the height? No I doubt that.

So here's a feast for the eyes. If you wanna call it a feast, seeing the wonderful things in India. 

You have seen ponies and cows. Here's something extra. Gajah Ok? GAJAH ON THE ROAD!

Christmas in September. Only in JSS. *angkat-angkat kening*

Monyet besar-besar banyak berpeleseran di muka bumi JSS. 

Santek kaaan? Ha mai la datang umah.

My friend's. Mine is hideous. I got D or E for Art. So you know..

Our definition of Facebook. Korang ada ke?

Ok.Mysore that still make me feel in awe with India. What you see on the road is different everyday. It is just that we are too busy to observe the things around us because we have unnecessary things going on in our head. Kan? Jadi baby lagi bagus. I read somewhere that if you want to be happy try to feel amaze by something simple. Macam tengok bintang. or tengok bunga. And I believe it's true. =) 

Now moving on to Hospital action!! Wehuuuu!!

The final year students were busy taking case history. And I was busy snapping photos here and there. 

 Well yeah. It need to be done secretly. Mana tau ada cikgu ke kat dalam tu. So I was hiding behind my notebook. Secretlah sangat kan?

This is a female surgery ward. The floor is not that clean but what choice do we have? Kalau pen jatuh kena letak sanitizer. Tapi beg??

Lobby. Duduk bersila at the corner next to the stairs is a normal thing hey.

Outpatient Department. A bit boring because we had to stand for hours and even there were patients, I was not able to understand them. I have to learn Kannada.  A must.

The same. with more people sitting around waiting for their turns.

Classic, eh? Fit for filming a ghost story or thriller kinda movies. Takyah letak effect extra-extra. Jimat. Ada cerita tamil paling mahal baru keluar. Semua boleh pegi dolod. Rajnikanth berlakon. XD

Tempat cuci tangan lepas pegang-pegang sana sini. Since I am only in the third term, takde canlah lagi nak pegang-pegang. Berani pun tak.

Lame attempt to snap unknowingly with crowds of people. Even standing in the middle of the lobby, cold stares were everywhere.

If you need blood transfusion, you need to pay for it. I mean, pay for the blood. Buy the blood. Nothing is free here madam.

Secretly snapping behind the curtain. The other side was a room full of doctors and professors. I'll be dead if they caught me doing this during OPD.

I forgot to snap the male surgery wards. I am telling you the smell was unbearable sometimes and the sight was never pretty. Too many ulcer cases and scrotal swelling. Working here will be a good practice for your patience, so they say.

After watching these two bunnies, I miss my hamsters the late Radhu,  Karpet and their only two surviving boys who turned gay ( since Mummy didn't want to buy a female hamster anymore)

Ok peeps. I think that's all for now. Later I will snap the OBG wards and all. And around Mysore too. Mysore banyak Mat Sallehs lately. Datang untuk Yoga kot. Should I snap them too?