Sunday, 24 October 2010

Isnin isnin yang kebiruan?

Monday blues. Make sense?

Salaam Alaik
and greetings humans.

What make us hooked to Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Tumblr or any online social websites there are?

1. You are lying if you say you are not a busy body yet you surfed the internet and looked into others' profile. You are just like me who like to know what happen to others. Whether they are getting fatter or slimmer or hotter or sexier or more soleh/solehah. In short, you are a busy body. You are. Tak payah geleng kepala or pointing fingers or make faces because admit it. YOU ARE!

2. You can express yourself in any way that you want when no body else really cares. Say, in the form of words or your photography skills. Like in saying whatever you like, or taking pictures and post it up in whatever poses you want. Which also can help with your self-esteem when one compliments you.

3. You are an attention seeker. Come on. Admit it. No harm in that. So what if we are? Since small we do need attention from our parents, don't we? There are five stages of grief and most of you, not me, is in the first stage. That is denial. I am on the fifth i.e acceptance. What are we grieving for exactly? The sad human race who have no life other than surfing the net. Again, I am accepting the fact that I am sad too.

4. You like sharing which is a pretty good thing. Sharing is caring, eh? If not, what is with the videos and notes and lyrics and quotes being posted? I am being general not only focusing on Facebook or Blog. Because I like to share. Saw the HP trailer already? It was awesome, wasn't it?

5. Or maybe all these things are our creative outlet? Writing.. Photography.. Music.. Hmm?

Pfft.. I have no life. I need to get out and do some shopping. My orange juice is out of stock. Aih.. can't wait till December but am really dreading January. And I also in need of new story books. Mysore has limited number of story books. Must go to Bangalore to purchase lots and lots of new ones.

Sorry for the pointless babbling. And if you read till the end though it is short and that is very lazy of you if you don't, you deserve a pat on the back. Syabbas mera beti!Syabbas!