Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dreams can be good.

Salaam Alaik

I am in currently in the mood of house-hunting. It is hard to live in the side of the world where it is almost impossible to trust anyone when it comes to money. And I do not mean in India only. I was you-tubing just now to search some songs. Ye keje takde pekdah den buek ha. Yeah Hanson came to my mind aside from Barbra Streisand's Memories. Bwahahaha.. which reminded me of the musical Cats. My sister was a big fan of Hanson and so I heard Hanson's songs for quite a lot of times. I mean almost all the popular ones. I don't know how old I was back then when their song keep on repeating and then there were also in this karaoke CD Dad bought for us (yeah..yeah.. we did karaoke at home. I guess it is a way of Dad protecting his little girls going out karok-ing outside).

Ok back to the topic of house hunting, urm.. I am thinking of a LOT of things to buy, like, pardon my gedikness but I want a tableware set. Heh. Cheap plastic ones are enough, you know to throw some homely feeling to the house. And a carpet with some motives on it and a big square pillow where you usually put in front of your TV. To hope for a TV in the house is like aiming for the sky with our current state of money and thinking the amount to put up front for the deposit. We'll think about that later, I think. Haha. But anyway, I don't mind of not having one. Even a computer is enough to keep me distracted from my purpose. Like.. right now.

What else, eh?

Rumah pun tak sure lagi nak gedik-gedik berangan. But you know what they say, everything starts as somebody daydreams. So, no harm in dreaming a bit. =p

This is so random but I hope from today onwards, I will try being grateful for every single thing I have in my life. Be it from the moment I wake up in the morning to the minute I fall to sleep. Life may be harsh sometimes but good things might be behind all the troubles. We just need to take our time to lift the curtain and see what has been hiding there. I had some thoughts but my cursing won't do any good. It won't settle my heart. It won't change a thing. But it does made me feel good like .... I do not know. But for sure, I knew all along a part of me told that it was not good. Hence, care for the words I will be using from today onwards too. May all be well. Insya Allah.

Night all.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Crappy talk from a crappy person.

Salaam Alaik

Exam was over for three weeks already and still, I have been lazing about. I need to start my engine running again and back to study mode for this is what I signed up for, isn't it? If it is not the study mode, well at least I should get my homework done. There are mountain load of reports and things should be copied. Even that, I am too lazy to do them.

I bought a ticket already to go back home this raya. Hihihihi.. That will help to boost me up this few coming months. I am excited of thinking I will be having rendang for this raya. Yeeeeha!

p/s: I miss debating. Congrats kanak-kanak Labu in Mesir.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Esok ada tuto. Kalau ponteng tuto kena marah tak?

Salaam Alaik

Jadi seperti mana yang kita semua tahulah kan, hari ni hari cuti kat sini. Ada tahun baru katanya. Ugadi ke amende tah nama dia. Ceklah sendiri kat wikipedia. Malas nak amek tahu. Semalam budak-budak ni ajak pergi bersuka-ria. Yelah, kat sini mana ada shopping mall nak lepak2 . Jadi , ada satu amusement park dekat-dekat rumah kitorang. GRS waterpark. So, hari ni dengan bangun lambatnya dan disajikan makan pagi yang gemuk iaitu pancake yang sedap dari jiran sebelah dan dengan tak mandi paginya (ok fine, yang tak mandi tu aku seorang je maybe) bersiap-siaplah kitorang pergi GRS naik auto.

Kitorang (yang perempuan dan bertudung) tak plan nak mandi. Nak mandi OK saje.. tapi mengenangkan bergelumang dalam air yang direndam bersama-sama nenek2 dan makcik2 pakai sari/salwar/etc, maka lupakanlah saje hajat tersebut. Memandangkan ni amusement cum waterpark, jadi kitorg decide nak tengok2 jalan2 amek angin sambil meng-amuse-kan diri je lah.
Kagum nya la kan dorang ni, boleh mandi pakai sari, pakai salwar dengan dupatta.. nak mandi, mandi je lah, tak perlu kot dupatta tu. Kan ke menyibuk je nak naik ride2 tu tapi taaak, dupatta masih bertahan di sisi. Agaknya macam kita punya tudunglah... kot.

Ferris Wheel de gila laju. Maybe tak leh lawan yang kat fun fair yang dorang kata tu. Maiso ada fun fair.. Fuyooo.. Tapi, cukuplah buat pening kepala nak muntah2. Nak naik Merry Go Round tapi sayangnya untuk kanak-kanak 10 tahun ke bawah. Itu pun super laju jugak. Pastu tadek lagu2 accompany kuda tu pusing2. Dengar bunyi gedek2 macam mesin lama nak rosak je. Lagi satu benda pelik kat sini, monumen2 ke ..patung2 de?, semua sangat disturbing. Meh la datang sini tengok sendiri. Sumpah tak paham apa maksud tersirat di sebalik patung2 tu. Tapi sebab banyak sgt benda pelik dan tadek kamera best, kitorang tak amek gamba sangat.

Orang2 tempatan ni pun sangat bising ok. Kitorang masukla satu tempat ni, Dragon's Den nama de, dengan budak2 India dari sini. Mak ai kau, bisingnyaa. Tak sempat start amende pun adek-adek oi, tak payah jerit2. Rasa nak sumbat2 je tshirt basah kat dalam mulut dorang. Tapi tak pelah, kitorang ni Alien ( bak kata constitution dorang), haruslah beralah. Tapi all in all, it was a fun day despite having dizziness due to naik apemende tah yang pusing2 tu sampai dua kali. Haha. Yeah, terima kasih jua pada mereka yang masak2 malam ni. Sedap*2 thumbs up* Maka, boleh masak lagi.

Pakcik Red India besaaaaa... ada tanduk. lubang hidung pun besar.

Kononnya dalam shoe house. Tapi yang rumah kasut ni, terbalik. Kretip sikit.

Itulah budak2 Malaysia yang berani bermandi-manda. Kata nak blend in kaaaan? Huha.

Macam excited lah.

Ferris wheel. Nampak dari jauh, tenang aman dan damai. Tapi realitinya pusing laju sungguh.

One of many patung yang ada. Pervert. Buatlah beruk muda.

Muka pening semua orang. Sipi-sipi nak muntah pun ada.

[gamba cilok tapi lebih kurang je situasi tadi]Ini namanya, Aqua Dance. Orang2 kat sini suka menari reramai. Macam Joget Lambak ke eh? Yang ni, de pasang muzik kuat2 pastu pancut2 air kat tengah. Pun boleh jadi daya tarikan.

[gamba cilok]Ini nama de..erm..lupa. Tapi ni lah yang naik sampai dua kali sebab angin sepoi2 menampar muka sangat syok. sampai sekarang pening masih tak hilang. padan muka.

[gamba cilok]Music Bob. Nama je ada musik. tapi tak dengar pun musik nya. Kalau jadi orang pertama naik benda ni, de pusing sangat lama sampai dah terdiam tak larat nak kata pape baru de nak stop. Tersiksa sementara.

Jadi, menarik kan Maiso?

Okeh all. Tata

Saturday, 13 March 2010

The thing I like about India is the cheap books.

Salaam Alaik

Yes. The title never really say what I am about to write. More to what I currently feel.But who cares anyway. I write what I want. Eheh.

Do you get irritated or annoyed or simply could not care less when people randomly invited you to join groups or pages existed over the Facebook? Well I do. I understand if you join groups/pages for the fun of it like Save the trees Stop the exam kinda thing but this group and this group? Seriously, it does not get me at all. And why many people do join these group after all? You joined this group just to prove a point there are many muslims living in this world? Well, if you are not lazy enough do some quick search over the net to look on how many muslims there are rather than joining some random group.After proving a point of getting what, 1mil muslims there are, what change could we, muslims bring if we are not changing ourselves for the better future?

Say to support one thing, does by joining a mere group in your Facebook will amount to anything?

And to hate some people and pouring your hatred for them does not do any good too. What can you achieve? They will get a divorce or break-up just because you are hating them? Logically, there are tonnes of other things you could do if you seriously hate seeing them together. Just use your imagination. And who are you to judge people because you read their story in the tabloid. In the tabloid?? Like, seriously? I am not defending whoever they are of whatever they have been doing.

Human beings are weird. And I am one too.

Even this also got meh.. hemohemohemohemo (i miss hearing dad laughing like this.hihi)

Friday, 5 March 2010

Hidup tak selalunya cerah.

Salaam Alaik

Hi and hello. Today is just another day where we came to school and did the usual things, attended the classes and all, and hey came 4pm, bus arrived and we went back home. This week I have done nothing at all to improve myself. Aside from chatting with my family and friends, I have been looking for ping pong table with my friend, celebrating my birthday, successively taking out lungs full of maggots, getting results for exam, and watching movie every night. Without fail.

Yeah, life has been treating me good so far.

I have been getting 8 hour sleep every day without fail too for this whole week. How awesome is that. I am sleepy really right now but I think I will finish my record for Biochem first whilst watching Charmed ( I know..I know.. it is so outdated but what to do I like to watch it since I was small) , read my newly bought story book and off to bed. A bliss.

I am having PMS-es so often nowadays. I mean, in classes. I am soooo grumpy whenever few things are happening in the classes. Classes can be irritating yet entertaining somehow. I saw a quote on the back of a bus when I was on my way to Bangalore,
Life is a drama. You are the actor.
Sure it is. You will understand this better as you step into classes here. Everyday is drama. Everyday is an exciting story. Everyday is a gossip day. Trust me. But it can get boring at times when you know, the same thing is being repeated each day. Just like TV drama. Please do some other plot, I was thinking sometimes. Occasionally, no most of the times we feel like we are back in times in primary school where we are being treated like a kid. Not a university student. Kanak-kanak yang hidup kat sini mesti paham. Jadi, siapa setuju angguk dua kali.

Okie dokies. I am off now.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Jadinya, tahun depan dah boleh mengundi.

Salaam Alaik

10 years ago, I never thought of reaching the age 20 but then again, today I am twenty years old. I have always wonder how will I look like in ten years time. Will I be any taller? Will the fat on my cheeks subside? What will I be doing at that time? I must be in the university enjoying life as a big girl out from the house venturing in a new world which sounded so cool to a 10 year old girl. But here I am peeps. In India, celebrating my birthday with my thoughtful friends. And I was awfully sleepy. On my birthday night. Haish.

I am thankful really to be sent here though there are only a few of us but we managed to keep it cool so far. We have our disagreements sometimes but thinking there are only a few of us and it does not worth to be fighting over small things, I believe we compromised with each other. I am grateful to have you guys here is what I am trying to say.You are all wonderful people. I really do appreciate my friends but I did not know how to show it. Let alone maintaining the friendship can be hard on me. So, bear with me, eh? This includes my friends who are all near to my heart and my YM and my phone. Haha. You know who you are. Thank you.

I am thankful to Allah for all the wonderful things that he gave and still giving them to me, in my life. From the chair that I sit on to the every breath that I am able to make. I may forget now and then but still He never lets me down. Thank you.

I miss my family right now. They have made my 20 years of life as meaningful, as colourful as it can be. They gave me love all the time. They gave me words of strength when I was weak. They protected me whenever I was lost. For that I can never thank them enough but anyhow, thank you.

So, big fuss being a 20? Naah. Age is just a number. I am still young at heart and people won't believe I am 20. Hahahahaha. That's a good thing being short I tell you. Now I don't really mind people calling me short. If I am to say I am 15, people will believe. Petiteness makes you look younger. Whatever lah kan. Like you guys care.

p/s: Thank you friends for the watch and the camel. The camel is betina I believe because I want it to be one and her name is Ludmila. A russian name. Wuuuuu~ And the watch is just awesome.You guys read my mind you know.. Thank you!!Thank you!! Thank You!!