Friday, 5 March 2010

Hidup tak selalunya cerah.

Salaam Alaik

Hi and hello. Today is just another day where we came to school and did the usual things, attended the classes and all, and hey came 4pm, bus arrived and we went back home. This week I have done nothing at all to improve myself. Aside from chatting with my family and friends, I have been looking for ping pong table with my friend, celebrating my birthday, successively taking out lungs full of maggots, getting results for exam, and watching movie every night. Without fail.

Yeah, life has been treating me good so far.

I have been getting 8 hour sleep every day without fail too for this whole week. How awesome is that. I am sleepy really right now but I think I will finish my record for Biochem first whilst watching Charmed ( I know..I know.. it is so outdated but what to do I like to watch it since I was small) , read my newly bought story book and off to bed. A bliss.

I am having PMS-es so often nowadays. I mean, in classes. I am soooo grumpy whenever few things are happening in the classes. Classes can be irritating yet entertaining somehow. I saw a quote on the back of a bus when I was on my way to Bangalore,
Life is a drama. You are the actor.
Sure it is. You will understand this better as you step into classes here. Everyday is drama. Everyday is an exciting story. Everyday is a gossip day. Trust me. But it can get boring at times when you know, the same thing is being repeated each day. Just like TV drama. Please do some other plot, I was thinking sometimes. Occasionally, no most of the times we feel like we are back in times in primary school where we are being treated like a kid. Not a university student. Kanak-kanak yang hidup kat sini mesti paham. Jadi, siapa setuju angguk dua kali.

Okie dokies. I am off now.