Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Jadinya, tahun depan dah boleh mengundi.

Salaam Alaik

10 years ago, I never thought of reaching the age 20 but then again, today I am twenty years old. I have always wonder how will I look like in ten years time. Will I be any taller? Will the fat on my cheeks subside? What will I be doing at that time? I must be in the university enjoying life as a big girl out from the house venturing in a new world which sounded so cool to a 10 year old girl. But here I am peeps. In India, celebrating my birthday with my thoughtful friends. And I was awfully sleepy. On my birthday night. Haish.

I am thankful really to be sent here though there are only a few of us but we managed to keep it cool so far. We have our disagreements sometimes but thinking there are only a few of us and it does not worth to be fighting over small things, I believe we compromised with each other. I am grateful to have you guys here is what I am trying to say.You are all wonderful people. I really do appreciate my friends but I did not know how to show it. Let alone maintaining the friendship can be hard on me. So, bear with me, eh? This includes my friends who are all near to my heart and my YM and my phone. Haha. You know who you are. Thank you.

I am thankful to Allah for all the wonderful things that he gave and still giving them to me, in my life. From the chair that I sit on to the every breath that I am able to make. I may forget now and then but still He never lets me down. Thank you.

I miss my family right now. They have made my 20 years of life as meaningful, as colourful as it can be. They gave me love all the time. They gave me words of strength when I was weak. They protected me whenever I was lost. For that I can never thank them enough but anyhow, thank you.

So, big fuss being a 20? Naah. Age is just a number. I am still young at heart and people won't believe I am 20. Hahahahaha. That's a good thing being short I tell you. Now I don't really mind people calling me short. If I am to say I am 15, people will believe. Petiteness makes you look younger. Whatever lah kan. Like you guys care.

p/s: Thank you friends for the watch and the camel. The camel is betina I believe because I want it to be one and her name is Ludmila. A russian name. Wuuuuu~ And the watch is just awesome.You guys read my mind you know.. Thank you!!Thank you!! Thank You!!