Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Aside from the grammar nazis..

Salaam Alaik

Suddenly it occurs to me that being here my pronunciation of English going to differ slightly.. urm, maybe not slightly but does it really matters if you pronounce it differently? I mean, we have British English, American English, Australian English etc. So how are we supposed to know which is right and which is wrong? Some people really make it such a big deal. Well, I was. But a friend told me, it does not matter. If you pronounce it wrongly or differently, just act like it is correct and just pretend that you are from another part of the world who uses another type of English. Haha. But I guess it's true. The most important thing is that you are confident yourself in what you are doing.

It does not mean that if someone tries to correct you, you brush them off completely. My sisters LOVE to correct my pronunciation. No, actually, we sisters love to correct each other. Now, lagilah. I am using Indian English ( if there's any ). Another is Australian English. And yet another is proudly saying she is using British English. Yeah, whatever. I will teach you guys the Indian way anyhow. Heh. I like to be corrected. Yeah, it is embarassing sometimes if like when you said it and someone will intervene and correct you outloud. At times, when someone pronounces wrongly or I thought they say it wrongly, I tend to shut my mouth and say nothing about it. Because, I am not comfortable in correcting other people. Unless, they ask me. My level of English is not that great after all.

It is just like how I found out just now that there are two ways of pronouncing dissect. One is the usual dai-sekt and the other one is dis-sekt. See, we thought we are always right but somehow we are not. We have so much to learn and that is why I have to go now because tomorrow I have Physiology tutorial again and I do not know why that particular teacher loves to pick me saying I am Malaysian and I should have open my mouth to answer the question and Hello, there is another Malaysian who is also sitting there and not opening his mouth. Sheesh.

Okie dokie. Tahta~
8 days to go! Wuhuu!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Ada Santa India. Tadi baru nampak kat KD Road. Hohohoho.

Salaam Alaik

Should I start the countdown now? Gaaaaah.. It is so stressing to find no one is here. Practically, I am the only girl still stuck in this middle of somewhere waiting for my time to be back in Malaysia. There are actually two other girls also but one is going out somewhere visiting friends in other part of India in which she will be coming back I do not know when and another one is having her boyfriend to spend her time with from what I heard for quite a long time.

But a good thing being alone is you can do whatever you want. No one can tell you what to do. No need to care the other party's feeling. No reason to chicken out of doing a thing you want to do at the first place. Either you do it or you lose it. Having two rooms for yourself is pretty much cool too. Heh. Right now I am a lone ranger. I do stuff on my own. I go to places I want to go on my own but being me, one very lazy minah, I usually tuck myself in home.

But I do not like to be alone. That is so not me. Sometimes. But there are times I love to be left alone too. It depends I think. Entahlah. I am confused myself.

Anyway, the point is,

1) cepatlah 7 Jan.
2) cepatlah 7 Jan
3) cepatlah 7 Jan
4) cepatlah 7 Jan

song cue: Alone by the BeeGees. LOL. I am sad, aren't I?

p/s: Ayuuuuu, jom skype lagi. buat 3 jam la pasni. heheheheh.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Penat secara psikologi.

Salaam Alaik

Bila masa mahu mengutuk, secara auto aku akan tukar gear jadi Bahasa Melayu. Heh. About approximately 48 hours ago, I attended a class party organised by who else if not my classmates. My Indian classmates. I was reluctant to go at first. Like really really really really really ok enough to show my very small enthusiasm to attend the "Class Party". Boy, how wrong I was.

Mula-mula, nak pakai jeans and shirt sahaja. Ye, bersama tudung. Walaupun ada request untuk membuka tudung, tapi hek korang aku nak bukak tudung sebab jamuan korang yang dalam hutan tu. Tapi tiba-tiba mendapat hidayah dari Ilahi. "wahai Nurnawwar, pakailah kamu baju kurung. Mudah untuk kamu bersolat nanti." tipu. sebenarnya akak suggested me to wear baju kurung showing the Malaysian side of us. Haha. My oh my. How right she was.

Seriously, I felt like I was a green alien from outer space who came in peace and just wanted this to finish early and get back to home and berjoyah like mad. sebab I was the only with baju kurung. Cool kan? Tapi, kelakar weh. Sebaju-baju kurung aku pun, mana ada aku nak buang tebiat pakai blazer dengan tie memalam buta dalam hutan? Pakai baju kemeja yang berkilat dengan seluar putih sambil pegang kot di tangan? Sangkut spek mata hitam kat leher walaupun majelis waktu malam. Dari kampung manakah kamu wahai rakan sekelas? Dari mana?! ok maybe takde orang pakai baju kurung dalam hutan tapi pehliz lah. Aku ingat perempuan yang sibuk berlawa-lawaan dan lelaki sempoi je. tapi sangkaan kita memang selalu meleset. Kat sini, seperti apa yang selalu semua orang cakap, expect the unexpected.

10 minit pertama, hanya mampu melopong. 10 minit berikut sampai penghujung malam, bergosip sesama kitorang. tengok nombor ini dan ini. dia pakai ini dan ini. sangat tak percaya. bukan nombor ini dan ini sangat geek ke dalam kelas dengan spek tebal. kenapa perlu perempuan itu jalan ikut beat? perlu ke laki tu pun jalan ikut beat? baju nombor ini dan ini berkilat sangat.baju tu macam nak pergi orang kahwin. wah rambut dia. kembang. kenapa nak menjerit macam gila kat sebelah telinga.kenapa nak jerit untuk setiap benda. kenapa dan kenapa dan seterusnya. tepukan untuk perempuan nombor ini dan ini kerana berani menari 5 lagu tanpa perasaan segan dan malu. oh lelaki no ini dan ini pasti merasa hot sebab berjaya menari sedemikian rupa. ada orang mabuk. takut takut takut.

kesimpulan ada satu sahaja, mereka stress dan perlu tempat untuk meluah perasaan. Maka, hutan menjadi tempat yang ideal untuk kembali pada nature.

oh yeah, the reason why I thought baju kurung was an ideal move? No one can drag me to the dance floor. Pakaian tak sesuai. Tak boleh. The rest of my friends? Yeah, they are pretty much being dragged by the Indians to dance. Sangat liar jamuan tersebut. Sangat.

Tapi makanan sedap. Walaupun perut memulas-mulas lepas tu.

What a bad occasion ending my first Muharram. Yang Islam pun melompat-lompat sama dan siap boleh tanya kenapa kami berpuasa. Satu Muharram kakak dan abang. Kami sambut bukan sebab kami syiah tapi sebab kami orang Islam yang mahu meraikan tahun baru. Seperti kamu menyambut tahun baru kamu. Pertanyaan yang paling epik sekali, kamu muslim.saya muslim. saya menari. kamu tak menari? Gugur jantung den.

I am not used to this kind of thing. Yes, I admit. My upbringing is different. I am more to, how can I say this, I do not know, don't do dancing as in jumping jumping here and there in front of other people in forest? Urm.. I think most of you who knows me, understands. Dancing like you guys did is just not my nature. Not my thing. So do not force me doing something I don't like. People should have respect for other people. When they say NO, sometimes or most of the times, they mean it. And it shows especially when bajillion same questions being bombarded to you, and you said plain NO in the nicest way you can. And I like being nice. Who don't?

But, it is a whole new experience. I treasured it. And I have got so many things to berjoyah when I am back in Malaysia!

Friday, 18 December 2009

May New Year brings us tonnes of happiness

Salaam Alaik

Another year comes and another year goes. And every human being on earth tries to make their list of goals, no matter how awfully the last one went

and the other last one too

and the other other last one too..

Same goes for me. We made plans. From small tiny petty goal to the big important ones. Some of us worked their heart out to make them come true but some of us, instead of working our ass off, we tend to expand them. And I really hope I do not fall to the latter. I think it is time to really think hard on what I really want in life. Instead of slacking off and thinking there is still tomorrow, I should work hard starting from now and today. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is not just to enjoy the fun of it. But I believe life is to make the most of it. I sounded poetic, didn't I? =D

I think I will share a few of my goals that I think not too personal. Personal matters meant to be kept between me and me only. Yeah, I am that secretive. I do not open up easily.. or so I thought that is who I am. Heh.

1. I must really try to control my anger by decreasing the amount of curses used. As I said before, my bitchiness level tripled after only a few months here.
2. I must try harder during exams. Passing is good. Getting better marks, as in higher than borderline is much much better. A safety zone, I called it.
3. I must think before I say and not to blurt spontaneously. It hurts other people sometimes and I lack in realising it. Baaaad quality I tell you.
4. I will try to decrease the amount of lamenting about my current condition here and try my best to bersyukuuuuuuuur. It will be impossible to stop just like that. Sometimes, we need to whine and lament too. It is nature.
5. And as a friend said, I will try to make tomorrow a better day than today.
6.And yeah, another thing. Life is too short and being sensitive about what people do or say sometimes does not worth it. You will feel offended at times but I think it is better to let go. Prolonging a problem will not settle it. Hence, I will try to feel less offended by what other people do or say as long as it does not hurt me physically that will cause me a terrible loss as in money, time, and energy.Compromising is good. And volunteering with no hard feelings is even better.Sometimes, you can feel the satisfaction after doing something by yourself not because someone else told you to.( Uwah, goal ni panjang huraian dia. )
7. Be a better Muslim.
8. Bangun awal untuk Subuh. LOL.Sume orang kena doakan supaya diri ini dapat bangun awal. Mekaseh pada Fareeda for helping me to wake up every morn. Banyaaak pahala beliau. Sayaaang beliau. Hihihi.

So far that is it. Later if I have more, I will add. I have not start on counting days to be home yet but my, how excited I am .. you have no idea. I am afraid that the more that I wait for the day to come, the longer it will feel. So, kita deal on that later. Let me feel the "joy" of attending classes first.

If there is any left.

Ok peeps, have a blast hijrah!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Comel ok dapat anak macam ni.

Salaam Alaik

I am having Physiology tutorial tomorrow but reading is too boring right now. I hope the teacher does not see me (kasyaf..kasyaf.. LOL) and so I do not have to answer any questions. Muahaha. Anyway, tomorrow going to get the big news. Nantikan...

Aih..sonoknya yang dah sampai Mesia..

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Makin hari makin bertambah iritasi.

Salaam Alaik

Esok ada meeting katanya dengan pakcik-pakcik-perut-maju-ke-hadapan. Haih.. malas sungguh. You know, no matter how many times you wanna meet us but if you cannot settle it, tak jalan ah. Apa kata bagi kitorang a nice long holiday? Apa kata bagi kitorang apartment beberapa buah? Apa kata kasik peluang dengar apa kitorang nak cakap? Tapi apakan daya, pakcik-pakcik-perut-maju-ke-hadapan tak mahu dengar. Pakcik tu semua bajet penting dengan bawak buku nota nak catat apa masalah. Blah la pakcik. Setakat bawa buku baru ngan pensel konon mahal dengan muka bajet penting, baik tak payah. Karang mesti kitorang kena marah lagi. Bosanlah.

Pakcik2-perut-maju-ke-hadapan asyik cakap kalau ada apa-apa masalah, sila bagitahu. jangan mengadu. Citpodah. Dah berapa kali bagitahu korang. apa pasal buat dono?Apa pasal asyik ulang I understand I understand when the fact is you don't at all. Listenlah dulu. Baru kasik komen. Bila bagitahu, kena marah. Bila tak bagitahu, cakap kitorang memandai. Apa yang korang nak sebenarnya? You expect us to sit tightly and listen to what you have to say? Hello~

Rasa nak tarik-tarik rambut pakcik2 perut maju ke hadapan.

Depresi rupanya dok India. Haha. Yelah dengan bilangan kanak-kanak Malaysia yang kurang, agak depresi kot. Peluang bersuara amat tipis sekali. Macam kitorang ni banyak masalahlah pulak. Kitorang memang suka pun bagi masalah banyak kat korang. Nampak macam takde kerja je kan? Jadi, dengan adanya kitorang barulah rasa cam sibuk sikit. kan? kan?

p/s: today I just love to be cynical. Mood swing, very much? Yeah, maybe.

Monday, 7 December 2009

a post on how terribly happy I am

Salaam Alaik

I am awfully awfully awfully tired because the road to Manipal was awfully bumpy. Macam terbang-terbang dalam van tu. But surprisingly, I managed to sleep it off.

Manipal was a blast! Meeting friends is a nice thing to do.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy because I just confirmed a ticket to go back home. HOREY WEH HOREY! Now I know the feeling to have a ticket to go back to Malaysia to meet my family to finally having all the family together after God knows how many years not all of us are home.

So happy

I am so happy that I can scream and jump at the same time but of course macam tak senonoh. So duduk diam diam sambil terseringai sudah.

Anyway, siapa nak belanja makan satay tu, siap-siapkan duit bebanyak..bukan saje satay aku mahu.muahahahahahahahhahahah

p/s: tenkiu ayah. i love you.Mmmuah!

Friday, 4 December 2009


Some people should not be given power as they will go gaga over it and try to control everyone around them.



Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I will never be..I will never be..tall..NooOOoo...=D

With the power of high heels, yes I can!

Salaam Alaik

I want to read books. Coming here to India has deprived me from reading books. Academic books are not in the list of course. What I meant is story books. Books that make you lost in your own world, happily building up another realm which only you and your characters exist. I miss those moments when you read and no one can bother you. Books in India are way too cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! but I find myself having no time to read them. It is like I am spending my leisure time watching movies, korean dramas and sitcoms rather than reading books. Weird.. because usually books will be my priority.

No, reading books are not nerdy or geeky or whatever. It is cool to read books. I never understand why some people does not like to read book. Come on! Books are fun. Watching movies are fun but hey, not all things described in books can be done on TV. You could use some imagination there. Hence, the level of funness (if there is such a word) is higher by reading books rather than watching. But then Nawa dearie, why are you not spending time reading?

I don't know. Maybe I am too jakun with the downloading spree I am having right now. Nyahaha..

Anyway, here we are again in another December. I have always thought few months ago how will I be doing when December comes. Well, pretty much the same I guess. Maybe I changed while I am not realising it. Who knows? But I know that I am quite a whiner nowadays. I am bored with the smell of Formalin right now. Macam takmo masuk je Dissection Hall tu. I have a problem actually with Formalin. I got teary eyes whenever I have got to be standing in front of the cadaver. It is not like I want the tears to come out but they come out whenever they want. Quite annoying really because you are supposed to stand there, watch and listen to what your teacher have been saying. Not busy wiping up the tears and sniffing. My teacher suggested me to wear a pair of goggle. Seriously, are you kidding me?

I want to put up some pictures of what have been happening to me lately but sadly, I found nothing interesting going on here. The same as always. India is India and Nawa is still the same ol' Nawa. Might be putting up a few kilos but I don't know. Here is em, can I say boring? Because of the same routine everyday.

I wake up
I get ready
I go to school
I go to class
I meet my classmates
I go home
I clean myself
I eat
I read books
I disturb some people on YM
I go to sleep

So it is like boring. No excitement in my everyday life. Gediklah kan nak esaitmen2 plak. Hentak sekali baru tahu.

Actually, I need to read about head and neck. Apa dia merepek entah buku ni. I am trying very hard to understand what the book has been saying. OK back to work but oh? it is my bedtime now.


Tata all