Friday, 18 December 2009

May New Year brings us tonnes of happiness

Salaam Alaik

Another year comes and another year goes. And every human being on earth tries to make their list of goals, no matter how awfully the last one went

and the other last one too

and the other other last one too..

Same goes for me. We made plans. From small tiny petty goal to the big important ones. Some of us worked their heart out to make them come true but some of us, instead of working our ass off, we tend to expand them. And I really hope I do not fall to the latter. I think it is time to really think hard on what I really want in life. Instead of slacking off and thinking there is still tomorrow, I should work hard starting from now and today. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is not just to enjoy the fun of it. But I believe life is to make the most of it. I sounded poetic, didn't I? =D

I think I will share a few of my goals that I think not too personal. Personal matters meant to be kept between me and me only. Yeah, I am that secretive. I do not open up easily.. or so I thought that is who I am. Heh.

1. I must really try to control my anger by decreasing the amount of curses used. As I said before, my bitchiness level tripled after only a few months here.
2. I must try harder during exams. Passing is good. Getting better marks, as in higher than borderline is much much better. A safety zone, I called it.
3. I must think before I say and not to blurt spontaneously. It hurts other people sometimes and I lack in realising it. Baaaad quality I tell you.
4. I will try to decrease the amount of lamenting about my current condition here and try my best to bersyukuuuuuuuur. It will be impossible to stop just like that. Sometimes, we need to whine and lament too. It is nature.
5. And as a friend said, I will try to make tomorrow a better day than today.
6.And yeah, another thing. Life is too short and being sensitive about what people do or say sometimes does not worth it. You will feel offended at times but I think it is better to let go. Prolonging a problem will not settle it. Hence, I will try to feel less offended by what other people do or say as long as it does not hurt me physically that will cause me a terrible loss as in money, time, and energy.Compromising is good. And volunteering with no hard feelings is even better.Sometimes, you can feel the satisfaction after doing something by yourself not because someone else told you to.( Uwah, goal ni panjang huraian dia. )
7. Be a better Muslim.
8. Bangun awal untuk Subuh. LOL.Sume orang kena doakan supaya diri ini dapat bangun awal. Mekaseh pada Fareeda for helping me to wake up every morn. Banyaaak pahala beliau. Sayaaang beliau. Hihihi.

So far that is it. Later if I have more, I will add. I have not start on counting days to be home yet but my, how excited I am .. you have no idea. I am afraid that the more that I wait for the day to come, the longer it will feel. So, kita deal on that later. Let me feel the "joy" of attending classes first.

If there is any left.

Ok peeps, have a blast hijrah!