Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Aside from the grammar nazis..

Salaam Alaik

Suddenly it occurs to me that being here my pronunciation of English going to differ slightly.. urm, maybe not slightly but does it really matters if you pronounce it differently? I mean, we have British English, American English, Australian English etc. So how are we supposed to know which is right and which is wrong? Some people really make it such a big deal. Well, I was. But a friend told me, it does not matter. If you pronounce it wrongly or differently, just act like it is correct and just pretend that you are from another part of the world who uses another type of English. Haha. But I guess it's true. The most important thing is that you are confident yourself in what you are doing.

It does not mean that if someone tries to correct you, you brush them off completely. My sisters LOVE to correct my pronunciation. No, actually, we sisters love to correct each other. Now, lagilah. I am using Indian English ( if there's any ). Another is Australian English. And yet another is proudly saying she is using British English. Yeah, whatever. I will teach you guys the Indian way anyhow. Heh. I like to be corrected. Yeah, it is embarassing sometimes if like when you said it and someone will intervene and correct you outloud. At times, when someone pronounces wrongly or I thought they say it wrongly, I tend to shut my mouth and say nothing about it. Because, I am not comfortable in correcting other people. Unless, they ask me. My level of English is not that great after all.

It is just like how I found out just now that there are two ways of pronouncing dissect. One is the usual dai-sekt and the other one is dis-sekt. See, we thought we are always right but somehow we are not. We have so much to learn and that is why I have to go now because tomorrow I have Physiology tutorial again and I do not know why that particular teacher loves to pick me saying I am Malaysian and I should have open my mouth to answer the question and Hello, there is another Malaysian who is also sitting there and not opening his mouth. Sheesh.

Okie dokie. Tahta~
8 days to go! Wuhuu!