Friday, 1 January 2010

It's 2010,folks.

Salaam Alaik is that time of the year again. where in Malaysia people are busy making up new year resolutions, busy wishing each other a prosperous year ahead, busy pampering themselves at home, busy spending time with friends and family, busy having their own holiday, busy shopping because there is this end-of-year sale, busy..busy and busy. But they are all in the name of Good Busy. Good Busy is good, you know. Unlike here, you do not have holidays during New Year. You have to go to school and have Physiology tutorial for heaven's sake it has been how many times already this week and facing the horrible stench of the cadaver *this time around, the cadaver really smells bad.Only lifting up the plastic covering it up will expose few maggots and yes, flies are everywhere. so, please remove your laptop and puke now.

Everything is so new. This will be a different beginning for me and few friends who are strong enough mentally and physically to put it up over here and not going back during new year. Our endurance level are high, my dear friends. Very high but fear not. Malaysia is just ONE week away. Though for only the two of us. But no worries, we will send your wishes and regards to Malaysia. Muahahah.. I am a bit excited today just by thinking the fact that this day, next week, I am probably snuggling up on my real bed at home, or eating mummy's cooking, or chatting and catching up with family or meeting up with friends or happily giving away my money to the malls. My, how nice that would be! Currently, those are what keep me going.

How the time flies, isn't it? I thought I was just in kindergarten playing along with dear friends and have to stay back with the teacher until Mum and Dad finished their work. I thought I was just in primary school where academic performance was the least of my problem.*Siapa kesah berapa A dapat waktu kecik2 dulu? I thought I was just in high school doing things that a teenager ought to do. I thought I was just finishing up my A-Level papers and finally got a taste of freedom. I thought I knew for a fact that I was confirmed to go to India . I thought I just landed on Bangalore Airport and could not believe myself I was in India. And now, everyone, I am here for 5 months already. Soon, I am going to be back home though only for a while.

Everyone I would like to offer my sincerest and humblest apology to you. If I ever done anything wrong, do please forgive me. And if anyone ever done me wrong, I forgive them.

I hope this year will be filled with joy and happiness for you and me.