Sunday, 3 January 2010

Grumbling won't do any good.

Salaam Alaik

I am getting lazy day by day. Is it because in a few days time I will be back home? =D. Shut up, Nawa. You are showing too much excitement here. Mwahaha. Well, if you are happy, I thought you have to share with other people, don't cha? See here is what I am currently doing. Sharing all the love with you people.

What am I talking about really?

Has it ever occur to you that Internet is wasting your time? I have this test tomorrow with this teacher who is awesome in teaching but surely do love to compare her students. "you know, this and this student is better than you. You did not read, did you? How come you do not know the answer?" Yeah well, maybe it is her style. Maybe she thinks it is like a booster or something for her students to perform better the next time she sees them. Positive thinking, do you mind? I think she thinks that by doing that, we will read and come, and answer her questions gloriously and she can praise us and all of us are happy and we will be the best dissection table ever existed. End of story. At least, that is what I think. It annoys me to be compared really.

But it all downs to how we want other people to accept us. To view us. Other people's perception on us. We sometimes try hard to get other's approval that it eats us up. Some people went overboard to get other people like them. You need to be handsome. You need to be pretty. You need to be smart. You need to be witty. You need to be wealthy. You need to be bitchy. You need to be wangi.Just don't mind. It rhymes anyway.Or no one will be friends with you. We choose our friends, don't we? Our friends reflect us of what we are. So if you have a wealthy friend, it means you are one too? Naah because that is too superficial. I think what you have deep inside is what reflects you and your friend. If say, you are my friend, and you are bitchy. Hell yeah I am gonna be bitchy too since you are bitching to me and I have to respond in a bitchy manner. Got what I meant?

But no, good people can be friends with bad people. Good people with strong will will not get influenced by bad people. So that is why usually good people have to be friends with bad people. Bad people have lack of will. With that, good people can make bad people good. Got it?

Darn. I am babbling.

Have you ever ask you friends what did they think of you the first time they met you? My own first impression is bad usually. Most of times, people said that I am,

1. stuck up
2. arrogant
3. unfriendly
4. not a people person

So sad to know this. Well, basically those are what my friends told me. I kinda accepted it already because most people when I asked them what is your first impression on me? I got these answers but I do not mind that as time goes by, it just a prove that these qualities are not mine. I tak berlagaklah. I am shy only. Eheh. Maybe it is true that you need to know that person before then to judge him/her. I did not smile a lot. That is what people say. What to do? What to do? Then, smile Nawa.. Smile~

I cannot fathom why sometimes we tend to dislike a person just by looking at them. I think it is really unfair because that person is not doing anything bad to us. I did it countless of times before. And still doing it, I believe. An unexplained feeling that come up out of nowhere. Just by having a few observations, and immediately we can tell we like/do not like a person. Human is surely complicated especially women. We tend to let emotions play rather than having a deep careful thought about it. Guys seem do not care that much. Well, most of the guys. As far as I know, I let myself not liking so many people,then after a while I do realise that they are actually all good people. Or other people said they are. Well, who I am to judge? Therefore, here comes another resolution,

- to think positively about others.

After all, life is all about thinking positively, isn't it?

Sorry. I could not help myself. =DD

Aih, will have to turn off this machine before I can start revising but how? I am too edgy right now. Cannot sit at one place and reading an academic book requires you to sit at one place. I do not want to go to school!

Wednesday my darling. Come early please.