Friday, 29 January 2010

Kucin Lapa takmo kasik cuti?

Salaam Alaik

There was this Fresher's Day yesterday and we were forced to do cultural perfomance for that day. I love when they do something-something Day, because classes will be suspended for that occasion but the thing I never will like is to do things I do not like to do,like having to perform cultural dance or something. So, they told us, we Malaysians had to think of something to do for the day. There are only 18 of us and luckily, I had seniors who were very responsible to think of something anyway and friends that have free flow of ideas on what are we going to do.

Well, if it is me, kita nyanyi lagu Negaraku je lah kan senang. Muahaha.. See the pemalas side of me?

At first the seniors finally made up their mind to do a traditional dance. My friends and I were like, WHAT??!! and so came along the saviours that suggest the rest of us to do some sort of Dikit Barat movements. Heh. Mestilah mau. Duduk main tepuk-tepuk je.

So, for barely hours of practicing, we performed well I must say. The hall was pure madness I tell you. We were even scared before doing the Dikir Puteri. Because if the crowd did not like what they see, they'll boo you. Sangat kurang sopan. Penat menggeleng-geleng kepala semalam sebab ketidaksopanan mereka semua. But one thing that impressed me was that some have really HIGH confidence level to recite their own poem. Monotonously. Kagum. Sumpah kagum.

p/s; Kucin Lapa, semoga semua orang tahu siapa beliau.. Muahahahah