Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Oooorang biasaa baaaaaasikal tuaa.

Salaam Alaik

So we decided to buy new bicycles for the four of us. Well, it is more convenient to have one since riding a scooter or a bike or even driving a car is out of the question though I must admit having a scooter is kinda nice.

We went out and look for decent ones in a real shop selling only bicycles. Sadly, the seller did not seem to want money or seriously out of his mind or he thought we are having loads of money that we would not care to buy a 20k rupee bike. He is mad. He just lost his four potential customers who were ready to buy any nice and affordable ones but hello? 20k for a bicycle and your reason is it is from Thailand??!! and it is a gent's bicycle??!! What the heck.

So we went to More and despite having to wait for nearly an hour or so to settle some things, we managed to purchase four bicycles. Gimme a break. I did not know before to buy bicycles will have to involve so many workers there. We requested for a delivery service from the guy in charge and he said that there is no delivery service provided. After a very much commotion, I asked,

"So, what if I buy a washing machine, you cannot send it to my place?"

"Oh, we will send it to your place, mam. It is just that we do not have delivery service for bicycles."

"Can I request you to deliver my bikes for using the same service then?"

"But you have to pay for 200rupee,mam"

Duh.. that is what we have been asking before. Seriously, these people. And so I swiped my card and bought the four bicycles and a basket only for me..Teeheehee

I already got a name for it. Since Ahmad is the laptop and Nohara is the ipod, I need a touch of Indian-ness well since I am in India, so here I am welcoming Kamala, the bicycle. I guess you'll understand as you see the colour of it.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I am happy nevertheless. =) Because I have Kamala with the bakul. Sadly, no ribbon though.

Hi, I am Kamala. My nickname is Mala.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kenapa nak sakitkan hati dengan menonton movie yang tadek ending? Kenapa?

Salaam Alaik

Theory papers are done and still there are 3 more practicals to go. Whew. Anatomy paper was bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad and yes, bad. Enough said. Still I hope I can make do with the practicals. Hopefully.

I went off buying a few things this evening and bought a new laundry bag. Yay! My old one dah buruk, koyak-koyak already.

And I have to wear a separator for my teeth for the whole month. Not yay. Separators are annoying irritating blue rubber thingamajig stuck between your teeth. The belakang ones. Susah OK nak mengunyah lepas ni.

And yeah, nak beli basikal yang ada bakul soon. Miahahah.

Sumpah takde benda nak tulis. Rather babbling and talking non-related stuff incoherently, better off to sleep.


p/s: And I like this post. Macam terkena batang hidung sendiri rasanya part whine whine whine complain complain complain.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

I tak sambutlah Valentine's Day. CNY can lor.

Salaam Alaik

Tahun Baru Cina.
Cuti yang lama patutnya
Cuti tengok movie
Cuti tengok TV
Cuti dengar lagu raya cina
Kat TV ada banyak lagu raya cina.
Best tengok.
Especially yang ada Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni Ya...
Ada lagi satu, yang tong tong chang apekemende tah. Best. Hee.

Tapi cuti raya cina tahun ni,
Takde cuti.
Ada cuti tapi cuti hari Ahad.
Jumaat pun cuti tapi bukan sebab cuti raya cina
Tapi cuti sembahyang apa entah
Sebab kita bukan di negara China ye tuan puan
Kita di negara India.
Maka, cuti raya Cina tak valid sekali di sini.

Anyhoo, cuti tak cuti, still I will be having to study like gila-gila. I had palpitations just now waktu duduk sorang-sorang baca Physio.. Mungkin sebab terlalu teruja dengan periksa yang portionnya terlalu banyak nak baca. *sigh*

To all my cousins, uncles aunties, Mummy =D, and friends, Happy CHINESE New Year! AUMM!! since it is the year of tiger, isn't it?

Okeh. abaikan perempuan yang miming tak berjaya dan berperilaku pelik di permulaan lagu. Yang penting adalah lagu. Lagu. Okies?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mengapa ye?

Salaam Alaik

Hello all. I just have two questions.

1) Why is that whenever exam is near, you tend to sleep more than you need?
2) Why is that whenever exam is near, we have power outages like so often?


Okeh. pray for me and gudbai all.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Naked man. You begone!

Salaam Alaik

Some people said, they really do not understand why people blog nowadays? Couldn't they express themselves verbally? Who in their right minds would like to spend times reading other people story by the way? Isn't it a waste of time and energy skimming through what people have gone through and so forth? This kind of thing has been bugging me for quite some time really and it got me into thinking why I read blogs and why I blog at the first place.

Some of us don't really like to read about other people while some don't really like to tell our story and publish it to the public. The thought that will always come to mind is Why should I know about you? Why should I know what you cooked today? Or what you ate today? Or what you wore today? Isn't it like me being a busybody? And why should I tell you what I am thinking? Why should I tell you how my day was like?

Why do I blog anyway? My answer will be, I don't know. I guess it is just for family and friends to know about me. Because I am very baaaaaaaaaaad at keeping up with people. Although this will be a unidirectional kind of communication but at least you know I am not dead yet. I think I've talked about this before but never mind.

It is funny how you can see that blogs have been sprouting like mushrooms nowadays. There are blogs with vain people who really exist just to update every second of their lives. There are blogs who motivate and inform people. There are blogs that had been turned into lucrative businesses . There are blogs with lovey-dovey couple who after finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend, when the previous relationship turns sour, will open up a new lovey-dovey blog. There are blogs of proud mummies who dote their children. There are blogs of average teenagers who love to whine and getting cranky for every second of their lives (miahaha..sounds like yours truly) They are plenty. You pick your blog.

For me, my motive of blogging might be clear to me now. Writing is my medium of expression. You can say what you want but not all things can be expressed vocally. Sometimes, things will all be clear to you as you are typing it away. Call me what you want but that is me and no one can change that. I do not know how long I can keep up with managing a blog but let me just let time decides that.

BUT if you know what you like to do, then do it and stick to that no matter how judgemental some people could be sometimes. That what makes you, YOU anyway.

I am so cool.

p/s: never mind the title.
p/p/s: Aina Adelia, happy birthday girl! May your every minute be filled with happiness,joy and blessings from Him.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I wish I could hug you and give you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

Salaam Alaik

Today, my eldest sister is celebrating her twenty fifth birthday. It made me realized my, how old you are! But your height does not show that you are 25 years old. No worries. Good things come in small packages, eh? You know, I love you and very proud to have you as a sister. You never believe how much you influenced me until now but all of us in the family knew that you are the mastermind of the family. and a pakar putar too. Mueheheh. So, dear sister, enjoy your birthday with all your loved ones back home. Although I am not there, but I will always be praying hard for you here. May Allah bless you and your days ahead.

Yippee.. I dah graduate. I dah habis tagging. I dah ada kereta. I dah ada beg dari India. Sekarang bila I nak kahwin??

With all the love in India,