Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tak tahu nak beli apa kat bazaar..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

Ramadhan has always been the month i love the most.The joy of fasting, solat terawikh, menjadi budak baik for the whole month, boleh menguap without having to cover my mouth using the back of my hand (inappropriate for a girl i know but i enjoy doing this..HAHA), and yes of course, breaking fast is forever the best moment in Ramadhan.

This year, i spend most of my Ramadhan in different way of berpuasa. i remembered those days where Ramadhan was during school holidays.The whole family will wake up at 5am.Mom will prepare the food for us.usually it was the left over from buka puasa before.Dad didnt allow us to go back to sleep after that but we had to complete the whole 30 juz before raya.sometimes i just dozed off when one of us was reciting the Quran,well to wait for my turn.then we'll solat.and i climbed up my bed and terjelepok dan tak bangun-bangun until it was 2pm.

In school,it was a different way of ramadhan.sahur was like just getting up,took a few gulps of water then back to sleep till it was subuh.

In college, somehow i think I need my sahur but it was never that nasi and lauk kind of sahur.just milo and biscuits.if i am in super rajin mode, i will not get back to sleep but instead baca quran ke,study ke..but that mode is very seldom i tell chocolate coloured katil usually looks more tempting than anything.

The college provides a bus to go to the bazaar but we have to pay RM1,pergi dan balik.i haven't been to the bazaar yet. the Indians and chinese are very excited to go to the's like they go there everyday..Gila la..5 hari pergi bazaar sama denga RM5..lauk untuk dua hari..pembaziran.better for me to buy the lauk pauk at the cafe..the makcik,it seems sangat pemurah waktu bulan puasa all the lauk i bought cheaper than before..

I do really want to spend my weekend of puasa in college,try to go to the bazaar once by bus with friends, but i just can't.rumah asyik kata Mari~ Mari~..must not complain anyway..

One day..One fine day..before ramadhan ends..I will..


Friday, 21 September 2007

sangat segan

i had a class this morning. it was on 8 o clock..

as usual, i walked along with yati to college from our house. when we arrived there, we met vidya.

without any hesitation, the three of us simply barged in to LH3.zati and shema tagged along.after few minutes, there were many people unknown to us waiting outside the LH3.

"kenapa dorang ramai-ramai kat luar ni ek?"

"dorang nak ganti lecture fizik esok.gabung tiga kelas sekali."

"Ooo..Kesian ek tadek LH kosong."

an indian guy asked us,"your class is using LH, right now?"

yes we said confidently.

"our classmates always come late."

"betulla..dulu2 awal betol sampai..sekarang bukan main lagi.."

Achik suddenly came into the LH...

"kenapa korang kat sini?bkn kelas kita kat LH2 ke?"*Note=LH2 is just beside LH3.

WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT????!!!! went the five of us.all of the 3 classes stared at us.i noticed miss Su, the lecturer was already outside the LH trying to confirm whether this LH was in used or not..

haisy..even the lecturer was here..cepat2 jom kluar...

quickly,we went out of the class and went to LH2..

malu malu malu..

Saturday, 8 September 2007


ramadhan is coming and all my housemates already bought foods to cook for sahur.

ahaha..poyo aje..

but my house is really like a house compared to others..

semua ada..

and this new budget about raising our scholarship is tremendously good news for us


sadly our country is not in the list..HAHAHA

Saturday, 1 September 2007

selamat tinggal

usually when it is Hari Merdeka, me and ayah will go to Padang MPS to, well celebrate Hari Merdeka..

but it was an exception for yesterday..

we didn't go to the padang but instead we went to KLIA

to see my friends who went to Egypt and Jordan.

there were about 10-15 of them.

when they were about to go, i see all my friends "hujan-hujan" except me.

oh well,

i've seen too many departures before..therefore, no tears were coming out..

for me

i have to wait another two years..


and yes,

i bid my special farewell to them with my warmest hugs and kisses..