Friday, 21 September 2007

sangat segan

i had a class this morning. it was on 8 o clock..

as usual, i walked along with yati to college from our house. when we arrived there, we met vidya.

without any hesitation, the three of us simply barged in to LH3.zati and shema tagged along.after few minutes, there were many people unknown to us waiting outside the LH3.

"kenapa dorang ramai-ramai kat luar ni ek?"

"dorang nak ganti lecture fizik esok.gabung tiga kelas sekali."

"Ooo..Kesian ek tadek LH kosong."

an indian guy asked us,"your class is using LH, right now?"

yes we said confidently.

"our classmates always come late."

"betulla..dulu2 awal betol sampai..sekarang bukan main lagi.."

Achik suddenly came into the LH...

"kenapa korang kat sini?bkn kelas kita kat LH2 ke?"*Note=LH2 is just beside LH3.

WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT????!!!! went the five of us.all of the 3 classes stared at us.i noticed miss Su, the lecturer was already outside the LH trying to confirm whether this LH was in used or not..

haisy..even the lecturer was here..cepat2 jom kluar...

quickly,we went out of the class and went to LH2..

malu malu malu..