Thursday, 31 May 2007



nampak tak semua

kale kale yg meriah

dan tulisan yg besar besar sekali~~~


takot rabon!

so i changed the colours and the font size

plus akan merangsang otak2 anda apabila membaca entry2 brikutnya


Wednesday, 30 May 2007

SRI sekolah ku

semalam pergi SRI..

nak pergi daftarkan muhammad haziq ramalan sekolah darjah satu

jumpa cikgu2 di kala zaman sekolah rendah dulu..

cikgu asmahan,cikgu haliza,cikgu khazidah serta ramai lg


skema penulisan daku~~~


SRI dah maju!!

serta yuran pun bertambah maju

215$ permonth

oh sungguh mahal

KTT gila ceruk


setaun setgh je...

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

the arrival of that letter

surat JPA sampai jua akhirnya~~~

i woke up this morning[pkl11 kire moning lakan]..and the letter was beside my ear..heheh..seb bek ibu x bukak dolu..muahahaha...ibu baek..bagi privilege kat awa dolu..ibu mmg baek..


it said


saudara/i [nawabaek]

anda ditawarkan .........kursus perubatan.....

????:kolej teknologi timur
program: a-level

????:universiti di india
????:60 bulan which is equal to 5 years
program: perubatan

lega la it is not twinning programme as yg digembar gemburkan akak..muahaha..


this is whati remembered as i am too lazy to look at the surat tawaran..


i have to learn physics..haih~~


ibu ayah akak angah aziq sete sabat2

pray for my success

Sunday, 13 May 2007


i'm sad

i'm sad

i'm sad

and worried

with that,

thank you.

Friday, 11 May 2007

ayah n ibus' happy day..mine also..

and so i thought of not going to sleep today.thought of waiting till morn to see my JPA result.
but i couldn't help the calling power of my klabu bed with slimut harry potter.
at 7, i watched CSI which was downloaded last night.

and so about 0746,i checked the result.and yes,it shocked me..INDIA's unexpected really.i thought they would campak me to poland or anywhere but never INDIA..tula..tulaa..but being me..a very OPTIMIST kind of person, i think INDIA is not so bad..lots of interesting places to go..heeeheee...and plus they said lots of specialists graduated from India..oh well...

but i am grateful.really i's a birthday present from me to ayah..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH..i love you very2 much..(bila mane enpon baru maw dibeli ini? =D penatla dropping hints yg trang lgkan bersuluh..)

INDIA..reminded me a scene was 3 years ago.I was playing with a globe with a couple of friends. i gave a thought that why dont we spin the globe and try to stop it with our finger.that place is where will we be at one day..lame i know..but that was what i do sometimes..lame things..

and finger stopped at INDIA..hadeh~..

well, Allah did give me a hint.and so i thanked Him..


ps= A BIG AND WARM THANK YOU with hugs and kisses also,to ayah and ibu and akak and angah and yes not to be forgotten adek aziq..marila ke india..kite bercuti..murah dan byk tmpt menarik..mari dan mari~ngaha

pps= to my friends who managed to get the offer,i said guys deserve this after all the hard work done..and to those who dont, i still love and appreciate you guys..there's a blessing in disguise there.we'll never know probably.but to thank Him is the most important thing we ought to do..

ppps= i changed my blog skin.the name of this skin is "bila JPA klua"..oh so creative of me and i just love this new song..

Monday, 7 May 2007


we went to KLCC to celebrate those who were born in May.


anyway,i had lots of fun celebrating you guys.let the pictures tell it all.

i went back to nadiah's home in Klang with night we checked our upu result.
Nadya= UIA asasi senibina
Ayu = USIM tamhidi perubatan
Nawa = USIM tamhidi perubatan (told ayah ibu about it.and they were extremely excited of the thought -me studying in malaysia i think..wahahaha)

we checked a few others too.but cant really remember all of them.but lots of them got UIA.

the next day,we went to Kajang.tgk perantin..huda's brothers got married and we(me,ayu,nadya) were the first to arrive among huda's clans.

sian belle ilang fon jua mekaseh pada faqeh kerna tumpangkan kami ke komuter stesen..

Thursday, 3 May 2007

a day in PD

suddenly Ayah..out of blue wanted us to have a has been years we dont have a picnic he usual when it is a picnic, mom is the one who have to do lots of works..heheh..trimas ibu!

we are on the way to PD when we saw a pair of indians on the road.satu terduduk dan satu terbaring.people didnt stop except a stopped by then only lots of other ppl stopped by then.
the chinese said that he did actually ran into the and haziq stayed back in the car as ibu didnt let us go and see them.they were injured pretty badly.that was what ibu and ayah said.
ibu called the police.but they were slow.too much bureaucracy..too much process..that is malaysia if you asked me..

anyway,we headed to PD and we had a lot of FUN!

main pasir,mandi manda,makan2[ibu prepared nasi lemak for us]

adek as usual being all excited about going to bathe at the sea.but pity then, when i brought him to the sea, there were lots of that time,air laut belum pasang lg.jadi sgt jauh dari tempat kitorg ke laut.sgt jauh!

i thought of not going into the waters but then it seemed that i couldnt help it.i didnt put any lotion at all.hitamlah muka ku~

we went home at the evening.maka tercapailah cita2 ayah!!
p/s: due to my tiredness,i slept for 14hours today![clap..clap]

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


my back hurts..after walking for hours at PWTC[there is a bookfair there],my back hurts but not my feet.

there were lots of people there mind you. i said to my friend."bkn org mesia ni slalu asek dtekan budaya membace ke?aku tgk ramey aje org means org mesia ni rajen a membace kan"
she said"ko tgkla ape dorang bace" and i cant help but to agree with her..

there's a booth there under MOY publications.and i did some survey.i think 99% who went to the booth were malays.65% who went out of the door of PWTC were holding the paper bag of MOY and also karangkraf.

MOy jual ujang and those kind of stuff..which kami da x bli.kami sapot sincan..hohahaha.ppl were busy memborong novels and mags kat karangkraf.and dont have to tell what kind of mags or novels they're buying.ngah3.ceritera chenta and gossiping mags.alah mags camtu pgi kdai buku nempek sane patuh bace..jimat dwet..thought of buying ramlee awang murshid's book but sadly dwet da kering.

when we went to the second floor where mostly buku ilmiah and english books.the ppl up there consist 1/3 dr yg ade kt bawah.bwh mostly buku mlayu patuh buku agama.ade jual cd zain yg lamenye..and dolod aje da bule dpt satu album.tayah bli mahal2..satu cd abg tu kate kalo yg baru klua la ade la 60-70 inggit..mahal mahal..doloding is much ahmad deedat pon ade..mnarek..things for sold there adela sgt mnarek.

i bought ayat2 cinta..the name of the book mmg la agak sepeti cheesy bgitu but then i read the reviews and all my friends who already read them said that it's worth to buy it as its not that ordinary chenta books you can find on's about islam jugak that's different.even mom is starting to like it.

list of books i bought

-insomnia[stephen king]
-the street supper
-tuesdays with morries
-ayat2 cinta
-majalah i
-halal haram pemakanan
-the umbrella man[roald dahl]

thats all.but i spent 200 on these..thought of buying a few more but budget tidak kesampaian.alangkah bahagia jika dwet sepeti air..ohoho

on the way back, i came across 3 couples.two malays,two chinese and two vietnamese.berpolok sepeti belangkas yg tamaw lpas2.
tolongla..i dont mind the chinese and vietnamese but those malays,they're muslims i think.oh sunggo menggelikan.melentok2 kan kpala..bermaen2 tgn..oh should know your boundaries if you're not married yet.and same goes with those yg bertudong but then still pegang2 tgn.and polok2 and let the guy pegang ur pinggang.tlgla.mencemarkan imej org bertudong.better u take off your tudong than doing those stuff wktu pakei tudung itu.haih.

smoga mereka cepat2 bernikah utk mengelakkan maksiat dan smoga yg menules dan membace dilindungi from doing these kind of things which are haram dlm agama kita..amin~