Tuesday, 1 May 2007


my back hurts..after walking for hours at PWTC[there is a bookfair there],my back hurts but not my feet.

there were lots of people there mind you. i said to my friend."bkn org mesia ni slalu asek dtekan budaya membace ke?aku tgk ramey aje org means org mesia ni rajen a membace kan"
she said"ko tgkla ape dorang bace" and i cant help but to agree with her..

there's a booth there under MOY publications.and i did some survey.i think 99% who went to the booth were malays.65% who went out of the door of PWTC were holding the paper bag of MOY and also karangkraf.

MOy jual ujang and those kind of stuff..which kami da x bli.kami sapot sincan..hohahaha.ppl were busy memborong novels and mags kat karangkraf.and dont have to tell what kind of mags or novels they're buying.ngah3.ceritera chenta and gossiping mags.alah mags camtu pgi kdai buku nempek sane patuh bace..jimat dwet..thought of buying ramlee awang murshid's book but sadly dwet da kering.

when we went to the second floor where mostly buku ilmiah and english books.the ppl up there consist 1/3 dr yg ade kt bawah.bwh mostly buku mlayu patuh buku agama.ade jual cd zain yg lamenye..and dolod aje da bule dpt satu album.tayah bli mahal2..satu cd abg tu kate kalo yg baru klua la ade la 60-70 inggit..mahal mahal..doloding is much ahmad deedat pon ade..mnarek..things for sold there adela sgt mnarek.

i bought ayat2 cinta..the name of the book mmg la agak sepeti cheesy bgitu but then i read the reviews and all my friends who already read them said that it's worth to buy it as its not that ordinary chenta books you can find on's about islam jugak that's different.even mom is starting to like it.

list of books i bought

-insomnia[stephen king]
-the street supper
-tuesdays with morries
-ayat2 cinta
-majalah i
-halal haram pemakanan
-the umbrella man[roald dahl]

thats all.but i spent 200 on these..thought of buying a few more but budget tidak kesampaian.alangkah bahagia jika dwet sepeti air..ohoho

on the way back, i came across 3 couples.two malays,two chinese and two vietnamese.berpolok sepeti belangkas yg tamaw lpas2.
tolongla..i dont mind the chinese and vietnamese but those malays,they're muslims i think.oh sunggo menggelikan.melentok2 kan kpala..bermaen2 tgn..oh should know your boundaries if you're not married yet.and same goes with those yg bertudong but then still pegang2 tgn.and polok2 and let the guy pegang ur pinggang.tlgla.mencemarkan imej org bertudong.better u take off your tudong than doing those stuff wktu pakei tudung itu.haih.

smoga mereka cepat2 bernikah utk mengelakkan maksiat dan smoga yg menules dan membace dilindungi from doing these kind of things which are haram dlm agama kita..amin~