Friday, 11 May 2007

ayah n ibus' happy day..mine also..

and so i thought of not going to sleep today.thought of waiting till morn to see my JPA result.
but i couldn't help the calling power of my klabu bed with slimut harry potter.
at 7, i watched CSI which was downloaded last night.

and so about 0746,i checked the result.and yes,it shocked me..INDIA's unexpected really.i thought they would campak me to poland or anywhere but never INDIA..tula..tulaa..but being me..a very OPTIMIST kind of person, i think INDIA is not so bad..lots of interesting places to go..heeeheee...and plus they said lots of specialists graduated from India..oh well...

but i am grateful.really i's a birthday present from me to ayah..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYAH..i love you very2 much..(bila mane enpon baru maw dibeli ini? =D penatla dropping hints yg trang lgkan bersuluh..)

INDIA..reminded me a scene was 3 years ago.I was playing with a globe with a couple of friends. i gave a thought that why dont we spin the globe and try to stop it with our finger.that place is where will we be at one day..lame i know..but that was what i do sometimes..lame things..

and finger stopped at INDIA..hadeh~..

well, Allah did give me a hint.and so i thanked Him..


ps= A BIG AND WARM THANK YOU with hugs and kisses also,to ayah and ibu and akak and angah and yes not to be forgotten adek aziq..marila ke india..kite bercuti..murah dan byk tmpt menarik..mari dan mari~ngaha

pps= to my friends who managed to get the offer,i said guys deserve this after all the hard work done..and to those who dont, i still love and appreciate you guys..there's a blessing in disguise there.we'll never know probably.but to thank Him is the most important thing we ought to do..

ppps= i changed my blog skin.the name of this skin is "bila JPA klua"..oh so creative of me and i just love this new song..