Sunday, 28 November 2010

Am I a racist?

Salaam Alaik

It has been ages since I watched Hindi movies. I used to like them before because my sister watched Hindi movies like A LOT. Then in KTT, my tangga mates LOVE Hindi movies big time. One can even recognize all the actors and actresses. I pretty much watched the latest movies and listening to the songs at that time because of them. Heheh..

But after a few months here rebelling and all, I have come up to the level where I hate their movies and couldn't even bear to hear the language spoken ( there is this one girl who keep on talking to me in Hindi. I was doing my "yeah i can totally understand u" face  and she was like oh, I forgot you don't understand Hindi.*big grin here*  Duh..) or to watch the dance as the people here love to dance a lot. Yep, that much of hatred. So here I am, after a year and a half, the hatred is still there but only in a small amount but can only be triggered and multiplied at times, having finally made up my mind to watch one of the famous movie of the year 2009 or is it 2010? , the 3 Idiots.

Aamir Khan looked young and pretty much cute in the movie and he was smooching with Kareena. I didn't hear any sound about it because believe me, for Hindi movies ,sexy : yes but kissing part never took place. Well prolly it's not classified as kissing since what Kareena did was forcefully smacking Aamir Khan's lips. I thought people here are sensitive about that in the movies/real life/whatever because if I am not mistaken, when Richard Gere kissed Shilpa Shetty on the cheek, the ruckus they made was unbelievable saying he was not respecting their culture and all.

Oh well.

Putting that aside, the movie was funny though and my detest for Hindi is no more now or well, very little at least. I will be looking for other Hindi movies after this. Hahah.  I thought of rambling about their education system, how the students and teachers are like but I am too lazy. Later when I have the power to ramble on, I will do this.

p/s: My voice sounds manly due to the coughing. *sigh*

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

aha.rabu cuti lagi.

Salaam Alaik


Actually there is nothing to write but I am just like getting to know tumblr for now. Sure it is cool . Very cool. They say it's microblogging. I don't know how to explain. Just go and find out yourselves. Of course it is pointless when you already have a blog, come to think of it but you know somehow we need to be pointless. Haha.

I am blabbering.


Mysore is just the same boring old Mysore with bits of gossips thrown in here and there. It is boring. Totally boring.  It's the apex of boringness you can never know. I need to get out of this place as soon as I can as it is killing me from the inside.

Drama queen very much.

2 weeks more.
2 weeks.

And I am very jealous of you lot vacationing here and there back home. Good food and a good place. What more could you possibly ask for?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Is there any Thursday blues? 'cause I am having one right now.

Salaam Alaik

Happy Eid everyone!

I woke up late this morning. The alarm snoozed alright but I went to sleep like I always did. Here's the thing actually, I miss home. Last night I listened to the takbir and it made me saaad... hormon ka? I was browsing Dad's photo album over the FB. Yeps you got that right. My father has a Facebook account. So is my mother but Dad doesn't use it much as Mum. Hehe. Actually come to think of it, Facebook used to have mostly old people only in it. I mean not old.. old.. but you know those in working circles, university students and all. older generation maybe? The number of friends will not exceed few hundreds I believe but lo and behold, now we can see there are like 4k+ friends for some veryyyyy feyyymesss pipel or those who like to make friends? 

But my 9 year old brother is having a Facebook account too and not to forget his little friends. Kids these days. Sheesh.. Pergi main sep tiang / baling selipar sudah. Nak main fesbuk..Sheesh..

Anyway, what am I talking about?

Oh yeah, I miss home.

I saw Dad wrote the caption, Ini Masao for his friend's photo. Come on Dad. That is an inside joke. What if Masao gets to know about that eh? Habislah nickname tu kita tak boleh guna ok? But sure it cracked me up when I read it. 

Hrithik Roshan ada nyanyi-nyanyi ke?

Jom tengok HP7 jommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

p/s: My eid this year is much much much better than the last. الحمد لله .Thanks to Malaysians in Mysore and that is 37 of them, I think, excluding me. I had a proper celebration minus the qurban though and i am stuffed with yummy food , also with a nice weather to snuggle up in bed later.



Monday, 15 November 2010

Lari untuk selamat.

Salaam Alaik

Rasa sangat berdosa.
Yeah,if you know what I am talking about.XD



Malam ni kena doa banyak-banyak sebab orang wukuf kat Arafah.

Nah pergi baca.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

down memory lane.

Salaam Alaik

As I was browsing the net, I miraculously found this. Teehee..

Man.. How lame the vids back then. I couldn't imagine if I was in the video and watching it 10 years later. Malu seyh. I was really laughing my head off because the last time I heard this song was during my KTT times. My friend did have this song on her phone and played it out loud during exam times if I am not mistaken. And the part when the guy was reciting poem to this Fiona girl was really funny. Haih.. I wish I can turn back time during those days. KTT was really small  but the people in it really brighten up the place. I miss my KTT friends really.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

kredit dah capai negatif.

Salaam Alaik

I only realized just now that I said the HOD kept on pushing us but actually it is not the HOD. This person I was talking about actually is my unit head. He's in charge of the unit and pretty awesome at that too. He was the HOD for a couple of years but if one post is being held too long by someone, it will do no good. You can see the state of Malaysia now. Drama y'all. Barulah syok kau ada rival-rival. Semua orang nak buat kerja sungguh-sungguh. Layan orang bawahan dengan baik. Kasik itu ini nak menangkan hati orang bawahan. If there's no opposition team, the world will be dull, I tell you. Same like if you have a friend that nod and yes-sing to every word that you said. Kan kan? Just say yes will ya? HAHA.

I was being asked earlier today whether Babi or Syaitan is much worse?

Due to my lacking of reactivity? or reaction? in giving proper answer, and I wonder how did I answer all those POIs before.., I choose Syaitan to be the worst though I told my friend it is just the same.

You see, Babi is just a dirty animal. Babi sounds so not nice but a pig sounds otherwise. When you hear someone is calling names of other people, Babi will sound so horrendous and not pretty at all. The emotion of saying pig and babi is different too. Try, you pig! is nothing more than just calling someone who ate like a pig. At least that is what I imagined all this while.

He's a pig. Babilah dia. Contoh ok. Haha rasa macam zaman sekolah rendah. I din know why we were so allergic to the word to the point if we want to say it, "contohlah kan.." must be inserted. What I want to say is, Babi or pig is just an animal. A dirty one. Maybe that is why people will be offended if you are comparing him to an animal.

Erm.. I am not encouraging anyone to "membabikan" those who made you angry but it is just too funny. Piglet is cute by the way. My parents don't like me cursing others. I am a good daughter so I obey them. HAHAHAHAHA.shadap. What I am doing now,my friends.. is what we call angkat bakul sendiri.

Syaitan on the other hand was and still a pure evil. Who can challenge that,eh? 

A girl in her outfit to the shopping mall. Why Mummy never dressed me like this before?
I learnt a new word. Daghak? Any Kelantanese to clarify this? 

p/s: why so serious?

Monday, 1 November 2010

Naik motor pukul 5 pagi kat Mysore was awsome.

Salaam Alaik

Finally after a month being posted to OBG department, I was able to see babies being delivered with my own two eyes. I know people would be thinking , I should be able to see babies being delivered anytime I want as 29 babies are being born each minute in India. I was just out of luck and with the HOD kept on pushing us, I managed to squeeze some luck finally. It was bugging me really seeing other units happily left the hospital but our unit had to bust our ass off and still being threatened to be marked absent. Our "physical" attendances apparently are not enough and so were the night postings. You need to work extra hard, so he said.

There is this warm fuzzy feeling inside when seeing this for the first time and watching the baby right after being born, opening up his big eyes madly gawking at everything made all of us went, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.." Many people said newborn babies looked like wrinkled monkeys but seriously, are you people out of your mind? No babies are ugly. Babies are naturally cute and have nothing similar to monkey at all but the cries might be slightly funny and annoying too.

I went for night posting and didn't sleep the whole night. But all worth it tho. =)

A baby girl. I hope the world treats you kind and you treat others the same too. 

Sometimes, I think I talk too much. Waaaay too much. It is a sudden realization. And puking on the bus with no plastic in hands proved to be hideous and one smelly occasion. I am sorry,Atul. I hope it did not ruin your journey afterwards. Must keep in mind to travel with a plastic bag, just in case. A pair of surgical gloves is handy too. Anything to contain your vomit. Haha.

But anyway, came across this page. Penat gelak-gelak yawww. And I think I am becoming more cynical over the days but one hopeful cynic, I hope.