Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Is there any Thursday blues? 'cause I am having one right now.

Salaam Alaik

Happy Eid everyone!

I woke up late this morning. The alarm snoozed alright but I went to sleep like I always did. Here's the thing actually, I miss home. Last night I listened to the takbir and it made me saaad... hormon ka? I was browsing Dad's photo album over the FB. Yeps you got that right. My father has a Facebook account. So is my mother but Dad doesn't use it much as Mum. Hehe. Actually come to think of it, Facebook used to have mostly old people only in it. I mean not old.. old.. but you know those in working circles, university students and all. older generation maybe? The number of friends will not exceed few hundreds I believe but lo and behold, now we can see there are like 4k+ friends for some veryyyyy feyyymesss pipel or those who like to make friends? 

But my 9 year old brother is having a Facebook account too and not to forget his little friends. Kids these days. Sheesh.. Pergi main sep tiang / baling selipar sudah. Nak main fesbuk..Sheesh..

Anyway, what am I talking about?

Oh yeah, I miss home.

I saw Dad wrote the caption, Ini Masao for his friend's photo. Come on Dad. That is an inside joke. What if Masao gets to know about that eh? Habislah nickname tu kita tak boleh guna ok? But sure it cracked me up when I read it. 

Hrithik Roshan ada nyanyi-nyanyi ke?

Jom tengok HP7 jommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

p/s: My eid this year is much much much better than the last. الحمد لله .Thanks to Malaysians in Mysore and that is 37 of them, I think, excluding me. I had a proper celebration minus the qurban though and i am stuffed with yummy food , also with a nice weather to snuggle up in bed later.