Wednesday, 24 November 2010

aha.rabu cuti lagi.

Salaam Alaik


Actually there is nothing to write but I am just like getting to know tumblr for now. Sure it is cool . Very cool. They say it's microblogging. I don't know how to explain. Just go and find out yourselves. Of course it is pointless when you already have a blog, come to think of it but you know somehow we need to be pointless. Haha.

I am blabbering.


Mysore is just the same boring old Mysore with bits of gossips thrown in here and there. It is boring. Totally boring.  It's the apex of boringness you can never know. I need to get out of this place as soon as I can as it is killing me from the inside.

Drama queen very much.

2 weeks more.
2 weeks.

And I am very jealous of you lot vacationing here and there back home. Good food and a good place. What more could you possibly ask for?