Friday, 29 June 2007

the new life

so i am saying

i am starting my new life

i am nervous

oh yes i am

gedebak gedebuk hati ini to be more precise..hehs

-will i be good?

- will it be fun?

- will everything be as smooth as planned?

- will it?

- will it?

i am hoping everything will be fine.

so dear all,

pray the best for me..


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Saturday, 23 June 2007


hari ini ayah balik lambat..

maka dengan itu ada la habuan untuk kami yang setia menunggu di rumah..


adek : nak tengok pirate boleh tak?

W: tak mau tunggu ibu ayah ke?

adek : ha..tunggu tunggu..

Maka cd pirate 3 pun dipasang dengan penuh profesionalnya oleh adek.

skrin tv tulis : PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 3

translation tv tulis : DICETAK ROMPAK KARIBEAN 3..


Ibu : Diorang ni memang nak cabar polis betul-betul ke?

oh ye

CD tu cetak rompak punya..hehs

adakah kari bean-kacang kari atau pulau-pulau tersebut??


Sunday, 17 June 2007


I was rummaging through ayah's documents the other day as he asked me to look for something in his James Bond briefcase.

In the middle of the rummaging procession, I stumbled upon this.


My sweet and dear 'old' Ayah

Thinking I was only in Form One when i was enrolling to Form Four..

I will always be your littlest girl

Mind you.. ye akak and angah,the littlest girl in the family.


I love YOU

or as you put it ,ILU...

I remembered when I was accepted to be in a boarding school.

Ayah seemed reluctant.He said,"Nanti lama-lama awa keluar gak dari rumah.Takpayah la pergi."or sounded like that lah.

Ibu tak kisah.I chose and she agreed."Ibu nak yang terbaik untuk awa.Ibu basuhkan baju weekly kalau pergi."she said.

Maka terus hati ini teruja mahu meneruskan pelajaran ke sekolah berasrama.. =D

Siapa tak menolak kan??

After 'pujukan' and continous persuasion from Akak, Ayah gave in.

I tell you Ayah. It was not,and never a waste when you sent me there.

With That,



Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Back to school...again..

Today I went for blood and urine test. There was a little commotion going on in the clinic as "akak kaunter" made a little blunder but it was not that serious. But I must say pity other patients. and it annoyed ayah and me too. But just a little bit.. Since she said SORRY , i guess.

We went to GH straightaway but then as usual lah, government hospital. There will be problems as expected. They said we were able to do the mantoux test today.[ the very very super duper nice doctor H called the hospital to confirm when mantoux test could be done the other day and they said we could do it on Wednesday Thursday and Friday] . But when me and ayah arrived there, they said ,"oh, tak boleh. Test tu tak buat hari ini. Sebab nanti kalau buat kena ambil result hari sabtu.Sabtu cuti."

What the heck??!!..I saw the annoyance on ayah's face. They said,"Datang hari jumaat la..hari isnin boleh ambil result..". Before that we were greeted by their laughter and looked as if they didn't want to entertain us at all. We sat there a couple of minutes listening to them talking and pretending as we were invisible. Tak pun kami ni kurus sangat sampai tak nampak?Made me wonder if we were VIP, how will they treat us then?

Ayah said OK. We went out and together exactly we said, "Ontah Papo.."

I sent Adik's form to SRI. At first, I was reluctant to go..Segan lah...Then so suddenly OK. I went out and sent the forms. I met Cikgu Zaiton, Cikgu Maryam, Ustazah Salasiah who was very popular among us students. Teachers called her Kak Sally.She asked about my sisters as well. Terharu cikgu-cikgu ni kenal kita lagi..isk..isk.Segan pun ada. Bangga pun ada.

SO on Friday I have to do the mantoux test.hope there will be no other problem.Ameen...

p/s : maaflah ye akak dan angah. kamera tak bawa sekali. jadi tak adalah gambar sekolah yang dicintai itu

Sunday, 10 June 2007


pandang atas tengok siling

siling bocor

air menitik nitik jatuh

panggil ibu

ibu:hujan ni.sebab tu lah bocor.kang dah abis ujan tade la boco tu

daku: oh yek?

sehari lepas tu..

pandang atas lagi

bulat tu makin besar

air pun makin banyak menitik jatuh

panggil ibu

ibu:aik,ada lagi?ni bukan sebab hujan ni..

panggil ayah

ayah:koff..koff..haahla bocor..kejap lagi ayah pergi tengok..

ayah naik siling

ayah:o..paip PVC ni ada crack.kena panggil Ah Kin.Ayah tak dapat repair.

Ayah telefon Ah Kin

4 jam kemudian

adik:yah..bu..dah makin besar dah.sampai kipas

daku:mana?mana?haahla..dah makin besar dah paip tu bocor.malangnya nasib.ishk..ishk..habisla tilam.

lubang kecik je.yang besar air meresap kat siling.

Komputer kena alih.letak luar.

ayah:Ah Kin sesat.Dia pergi tempat lain

Ibu:Bukannya dia tak pernah datang

Daku:....(nak kata apa?)

pukul 6petang

Ah Kin datang dengan Ah Fook.Ah Fook macam kanak-kanak.faham-faham aje lah OK?

Habis repair Ah Kin balik.

Daku kena tido luar hari tu.sebab takut kalau pasang kipas nanti siling roboh.

p/s: Cuki..happy birthday!!kawan2ku semua dah tua!!waha..

Saturday, 9 June 2007

pot of gold

We went to Kuala Selangor to attend kenduri kahwin one of ayah's friends

Ayah said we were to go makan sedap


Like I dont know nak pergi kenduri kawin actually

kenduri kahwin = makan sedap .bak kata ayah lah

on the way home, we saw a rainbow


jumpa pelangi pon nak kecoh

but then people
this was no ordinary pelangi, okeh?

we were at the end of the rainbow!!!

BUT there was no pot of gold..

Friday, 8 June 2007



macam dalam cerita p.ramlee tu..

finally, i managed to get haloscan back into the blog

and so my 'very precious' comments are not wasted just like that..

after so many hours 'bego-ing' this stuff,haloscan is back..

lagi cepat rasanya guna haloscan.

dan dengan itu,

saya letakla link haloscan


Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Abang, fuck you!!

-a quote from a profile found in friendster.

That’s not me. I don't have any abang for sure. Kakak-kakak I have.

But I am a bit amazed about how she can directly use the f-word to her brother.

Does this person really meant what she wrote or simply because the f-word is a very common word we heard everyday in TV and so she used it?

Although, it seems as if she was joking but still...

That’s in writing. Does she talk to her brother like that too?


If it's me, I say it's rude.

If it's me, I would have been bombarded with "tohmahan dan nasihat" by "pihak yg bertanggungjawab”, I would say.

It’s not right to use those kinds of words toward someone who is older.. Or younger. Be it family or friends or simply someone you just don’t even know if ,he/she ever existed. It’s just not right I must say.

But that's me.

Other people? I don’t know. Well, people do have their own way of thinking, don’t they?

Our PM is getting married by the way, to Jeanne Abdullah.

manusia tak penah puas

hello ebribadi!!

i changed my skin

yes i know

and the comments from haloscan also had been removed

and so was the chatterbox

i am currently using flooble right now

sbb senang

takyah den nak pilih2 colour

so i changed the template [guna XML nye bkn html.lg sng lah..keje pon sng] to look a little bit more matured and professional


matang tak saya?professional tak saya?


itu lumrah bukan

kita tak puas

mesti nak tukar2

kan kan

kalau henpon da lame mesti nak pakai yg baru nye kan kan kan



apdal apdal

hepi 18th birthday!!

tua tua

semua orang makin tua

i je yang kekal muda


okies la ebribadi

saya mahu ketiduran terlebih dahulu

tata for now

Saturday, 2 June 2007


hem hem

a beautiful day today..


and so we[me and adek aziq] did a vid dedicated to akak and angah

miss adek kan kan kan

and so here he is