Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Abang, fuck you!!

-a quote from a profile found in friendster.

That’s not me. I don't have any abang for sure. Kakak-kakak I have.

But I am a bit amazed about how she can directly use the f-word to her brother.

Does this person really meant what she wrote or simply because the f-word is a very common word we heard everyday in TV and so she used it?

Although, it seems as if she was joking but still...

That’s in writing. Does she talk to her brother like that too?


If it's me, I say it's rude.

If it's me, I would have been bombarded with "tohmahan dan nasihat" by "pihak yg bertanggungjawab”, I would say.

It’s not right to use those kinds of words toward someone who is older.. Or younger. Be it family or friends or simply someone you just don’t even know if ,he/she ever existed. It’s just not right I must say.

But that's me.

Other people? I don’t know. Well, people do have their own way of thinking, don’t they?

Our PM is getting married by the way, to Jeanne Abdullah.