Sunday, 17 February 2008

I'll be gone, but not for long

Salaam Alaik

My holiday is over. I am packing my bags and I'm ready to go. But I am not leaving on a jet plane yet. That has to wait, next year.Insya-ALLAH.

Well, probably I won't be updating for the next two weeks. Even though the net is available but in order to achieve what I had written before, kenalah berkorban sikit-sikit, kan?kan?kan?

I am off to sleep. Need to get up early in the morn tomorrow. I will miss home.

Home will miss me too.=)

My packed things. Mom's homemade sambal on top. Haha. Don't be jealous, eh?

p/s: hem hem.. My birthday is in 2 weeks. 2 March to be precise. Presents are most delightful things, kan? *hint hint with my biggest grin*

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Slow and steady they say and I never like it.

Salaam Alaik

hi people. i am meditating and relieving myself from cursing all the way today by eating, sleeping and finishing Jane Eyre. why? this is because the line is tremendously slow and it has been exactly two days.
Saya tak marah tapi geram je.

a quote from a dear friend that i will always remember till today. If she's somewhat visiting, i would like to say HI and I MISS YOU and HOW'S EGYPT, Illani?

Anyway, back to the topic. I am angry,very angry [I just don't show it =D]. Pardon my faulty languange my dears, but ba wau dal wau ha lah streamyx [or simply S-T-U-P-I-D actually]. Broadband in Malaysia sucks. WHY must we [my father obviously] pay a huge amount every month [rm77 tu kira banyak apa?] and never ever get a smooth speedy service? Currently, I am envying those who had the access to sangat laju connection. I can't even download anything. There goes my holiday without internet and downloading spree. A relief to know that in a few days I'll be back in college and start focusing into other things such as studying and ..... ogling the eyecandies. HAHA. not girls obviously.

I have to wait patiently for what?an hour or two?to post this? Heh.. Tak sangka saya penyabar. Haziq went to an ENT specialist the other day. He complaint [still complaining actually] his right ear was in pain. The doctor tried to check with his minicamera but sadly, he couldn't. Both ears apparently ,being blocked by something.

Muka sakit

So what this doctor [ he looks like a cantopop singer according to my mother. I didn't go in and was quite sorry.hehe ] did was to "korek" Haziq's left ear [ The doctor checked both ears and he was screaming immediately after anyone touched even his right earlobe] and suprise suprise, earwax that looked like a huge cotton puff [ mom and dad said ] was out from my brother's ear.

Imagine this. Yellowish, a bit hard and compact and slimy, I think.

Patutla budak ni selalu tak dengar. The TV's volume is always full blast. No wonder. He has an appointment with this doctor to "korek" the right ear, next two weeks. It was infected and he was having a fever because of it. He missed school yesterday and today but he did not look like someone in pain at all. Sangat gagah dan macho adikku. I told Mom already, not to forget the camera and capture the moment. Really, I want to see it with my own eyes , the thing that blocked my brother's hearing. Sungguh mengujakan. So he heard me even when I was muttering under my breath to test his hearing ability. They charged us a whopping rm137 for ear "korek-ing" and few bottles of medicine.. Gila kaya jadi ENT specialist ek?

I want to watch movies. I can't. I have to wait for another 99:99:99 precisely to finish a movie. Nak beli piggybank la macam ni. Nak warna-warna. Macam seronok je. Although I am not and I think never ,an artistic person, but I do love to colour. Though my art was constantly D and E during my schooldays, I love colouring. Just to have a new set of colour pencils gave me a euphoric sensation.

Yeah, I am exaggerating. For now, I am just colouring my notes to practise my colouring skill.

Dahla. I am off to read Ungu Karmila. A new book by Ramli Awang Murshid. I bought it for Mom actually. Tapi takpelah. I will finish it first. Then I'll buy a new book for myself.

p/s: I can't upload many pictures. Even to upload these two, it took me ages. Sengal lah!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Paint your palette blue and pink...and white too

girls normally will like this.

While many girls are crazy about frilly pink stuff, I am not.Frankly,pink is not my obsession. I am not a huge fan of pink but I can still live with it. The colour white seems to be "boring" for some. Plus with the coffee cup thingy, this blog looks too old in comparison with my "young" age.

clearly, coffee is for the old

I don't have specific likings of any colours, really. If it looks good, then I'll like it. As this looks good on my blog, and also nice for the eyes to see, I used the combination of these 3 colours. White,vibrant pink and baby blue. They look nice together, don't they?

this looks good

White is pure,calm and serene.But white without combining with vibrant colours, for sometime, I find it..well to be honest..a bit boring too. Hence, pink and blue are added. I like the combination of these two colours. Pink, they say, potrays youth, energy and high spirits while blue is the colour of peace, trust and a safe one. Ah well, to me.. they look nice. I don't really care for the meaning of colours really.

The thing is, my father said that this blog looks dry in its calming whitish serenity.Well, Dad?=P

p\s: i like the voodoo doll too.=D

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Up in the blue sky where the birds fly ,she's flying too

She went away today for the second time. but I don't know how many times she cried, feeling so sad to leave home(or leaving me?) She cried before getting ready. She said she cried many days before so that when she's about to depart, she will not shed any tears.Yet she cried in vain.She couldn't contain her sadness seeing herself leaving us. She cried before checking in. She cried and cried. My, my.. I never knew she's a crybaby.

Dia nanes..Dia nanes..

I knew she's a very sensitive person. Someone who is very fragile at heart. Sometimes,being a very good person myself,=D,I had to be very careful not to splutter any words that might trigger her emotionally unstable.But she is patient enough with that little guy's tantrums. Salute to her for her patience. She is never selfish, and always think of others before herself.In other words, she spends her money for ME quite generously. And this very much I like(sungguh materialistik duniaku).Hehe.

She's a girl. and what girls like to do more,none other than spending away their own money?Ah yes, she really does love to shop. I have to confine myself, not withdrawing "fulus" from Cina India Melayu Bank anymore for the next few weeks. This is all due to her influence in terms of buying. She seriously needs to avoid shopping complexes during festive season.

She's an indecisive person. She, I think, could not make up her mind easily. It seems that she's bad in terms of choosing. Please don't take it too long if you're choosing something (macam tudung kat Zulda Masri tu and also all your dresses.) but that little guy is much worse. He can go for one solid hour just to choose a toy from two small racks. Haih~

Yet she's gone. Away from home. Away from us. Physically she is, but never in our heart. You'll be missed. Deeply missed. Here and there.

But never worry. In nine months, you'll be back here.Soon..Very soon.

the pakcik and his son

Itu minah.

For now,
I wish you luck
I wish you joy
I wish you happiness
May Allah bless you always.

p/s: I wish I can upload the "anaconda" photo.

Monday, 4 February 2008

a special wish to a very special person


To this special person, I would like to say Happy Belated Birthday.

Mesti kamu rasa bangga sebab banyak gambar kamu terpampang di sana sini?


anyway my dear, happy birthday.May Allah bless you in every single thing that you do.I love you mucho.