Sunday, 17 February 2008

I'll be gone, but not for long

Salaam Alaik

My holiday is over. I am packing my bags and I'm ready to go. But I am not leaving on a jet plane yet. That has to wait, next year.Insya-ALLAH.

Well, probably I won't be updating for the next two weeks. Even though the net is available but in order to achieve what I had written before, kenalah berkorban sikit-sikit, kan?kan?kan?

I am off to sleep. Need to get up early in the morn tomorrow. I will miss home.

Home will miss me too.=)

My packed things. Mom's homemade sambal on top. Haha. Don't be jealous, eh?

p/s: hem hem.. My birthday is in 2 weeks. 2 March to be precise. Presents are most delightful things, kan? *hint hint with my biggest grin*