Thursday, 7 February 2008

Up in the blue sky where the birds fly ,she's flying too

She went away today for the second time. but I don't know how many times she cried, feeling so sad to leave home(or leaving me?) She cried before getting ready. She said she cried many days before so that when she's about to depart, she will not shed any tears.Yet she cried in vain.She couldn't contain her sadness seeing herself leaving us. She cried before checking in. She cried and cried. My, my.. I never knew she's a crybaby.

Dia nanes..Dia nanes..

I knew she's a very sensitive person. Someone who is very fragile at heart. Sometimes,being a very good person myself,=D,I had to be very careful not to splutter any words that might trigger her emotionally unstable.But she is patient enough with that little guy's tantrums. Salute to her for her patience. She is never selfish, and always think of others before herself.In other words, she spends her money for ME quite generously. And this very much I like(sungguh materialistik duniaku).Hehe.

She's a girl. and what girls like to do more,none other than spending away their own money?Ah yes, she really does love to shop. I have to confine myself, not withdrawing "fulus" from Cina India Melayu Bank anymore for the next few weeks. This is all due to her influence in terms of buying. She seriously needs to avoid shopping complexes during festive season.

She's an indecisive person. She, I think, could not make up her mind easily. It seems that she's bad in terms of choosing. Please don't take it too long if you're choosing something (macam tudung kat Zulda Masri tu and also all your dresses.) but that little guy is much worse. He can go for one solid hour just to choose a toy from two small racks. Haih~

Yet she's gone. Away from home. Away from us. Physically she is, but never in our heart. You'll be missed. Deeply missed. Here and there.

But never worry. In nine months, you'll be back here.Soon..Very soon.

the pakcik and his son

Itu minah.

For now,
I wish you luck
I wish you joy
I wish you happiness
May Allah bless you always.

p/s: I wish I can upload the "anaconda" photo.