Sunday, 29 April 2012

A good Sunday.

This reminds me of the days when I was not in the boarding school. When my dad sent us off early in the morning. You know how sleepy all of us were but instead of  rocking off to Bohemian Rhapsody, he made us read the Tafseer Quran.. Yeah I know it is quite the opposite to what this family is doing. Hehehehe.. and most of the time we will look for the shortest ayaat available. He even made my neighbour to read them also.Poor guy but my dad is just being my dad. None shall be excluded in doing his daily routine with his girls. but that was what sweet about this. About Dad/Mum that make the journey to school so memorable. About having that  unforgettable piece of memory while doing something very ordinary.

But none the less, this kind of session, singing our heart out is still in commence I believe, when we have small trips whenever I get back and have nothing much to do in the car, usually we'll sing nursery rhymes or in the case of my brother who seems to be knowing current songs, we will be singing along to that too. My sisters and I pretty much knew most of the nursery rhymes because we had this cassette with girls singing the nursery rhymes and playing it again and again until the we memorized the words...Ooohhh I miss home..

Friday, 20 April 2012

You know,

what I think when I read about this?

but seriously though, if no internet connection or any other sources people can gather their information, community will believe word by word whatever being fed to them by those in power. Like North Koreans, obviously. 

tapi still, kelakaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012


I think this is the longest period of time I have been in India.. I think.

Nak balik laaa.. Rindu keloarga.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

anger management issue.

I guess it is easy to become angry when we think we have the right to be angry. Allah gives us the ni'mah of having all kinds of feeling including anger, so there must be really goodness in having these feelings that most of the time will only create animosity. I suppose, it is a matter of where to channel the anger to benefit us in some way.

Always I regret my post-hulk actions and words. After being angry there will always be a pang of regret. Just like the other day when an auto driver took an extra 10rupees, I was easily raising up my voice to him. Few minutes after bickering with him, I went up to my room and regret my action so very much. And I thought of going back later to find him and say sorry because he was old and yeah, he was working to find extra money to feed his children maybe.. (although that is not an excuse to cheat people but come on, my 10 rupees is not worth to be angry about) But of course, saying sorry is such a huge task for me and ended up not doing it. It is also hard to find that one particular auto driver in Mysore..

For me, the best way to control my anger is to shut up. Because with that, my anger will subside in a drastic way. I find that in keeping mum about it, made me think twice why should I be angry..and the right I have to be angry with other people whom I don't know things they are currently going through. 

I just hope I am able to control my anger and forgive and yes, apologize.