Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I mean no disrespect.

Hi I am going to finish Obs & Gynae soon. I am undoubtedly happy about it. Anyway, what I wanted to lament and complain now because that is what I do best is how much people are sometimes over sharing about certain something. For example, breastfeeding. I know you are advocating breastfeeding. Undeniably as a medical student we were stressed about the importance of it. The whole chapter in Paediatrics was about breastfeeeding. In Obs, the first thing we did after delivering is feeding the baby with the mother's own milk and strongly denied the mother to feed the baby other than breast milk for the first 6 months. I really support these mothers who really want the best nutrition for their child but sometimes, dude.. there is a line. I don't need to know how much you have pumped today. I don't need to know how you pumped your milk. I don't need to know how much you have stored in the fridge and how long it will last. I get it you are excited to share the good news. You are happy. You are one of the few lucky enough to be pumping away with a very good outcome. But I guess, it's Facebook. Can't really tell people how to run their lives. Insert one selfie with deep captions about life. So, bye-bye.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lesson learnt.

The most important and useful lesson I have learnt so far is how to handle a newborn baby. I can now proudly carry babies without any fear of dropping them. Well, the fear is still there but I can brush them off confidently since Psshh.. I've carried a few newborns now. 

Tomorrow is Diwali. I have to go to work and put up a night there because it is our OPD day. Our consultants already told not to admit any patients unless emergency. I am going to do labor duty and I hope there is at least one labor to see and conduct hopefully. 

What a life!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday blues.

You know, when you have to go to work even on a Sunday, you sighed and hoped that you can take a day off just to sleep in, just a little bit more of sleep then all will be okay? Well, I did just that today.
But I had an upset stomach and lets not get into details here. In India, it is customary to get it once in a while.

So, say goodbye to sleep because I was all up and not ready to sleep again. I had 50% of battery in my phone. so I might just as well use it until it died and charge it afterwards. As soon as it hit 1%,  the power was out. Great! Also, a pretty usual occurrence here but today it lasted for four hours. FOUR HOURS!Luckily I charged my tab previously. So smart of me, I know.

Now I have a birthday party invitation but I am just not in the mood. The power is back on and I need to charge my phone.

i just came back from the said birthday party since I think it was not nice of me declining an invitation when I had no other reason to say no. Now I am stuffed and I am sleepy.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

It's already a month over in OnG. 


Five more month in India y'all!

Monday, 13 October 2014


I wanna buy a slow cooker. From what I read, it is very suitable for lazy people like me. Just throw chickens, sauces, broths, spices etc, let it cook for hours and tadaa.. your meal is ready. But I will just hold on spending for a month, maybe.. since I think I have spent quite a lot this month. 

I also wanna read more books. I read Reddit which is not equivalent to reading books. I downloaded like tonnes of books but never get the chance to read them because the time I should spend for reading books, I reddit. I pinterest too. I left tumblr long time ago. I just fell off that wagon and joined another wagon. 

I don't want to get angry and take everyday as it is. A friend helped me realized this. There is no point dreading the day after when you are never going to know what will happen next. So take it slow. Take it as it is. My first week I get flustered  and frustrated a lot. Now no more. I am happy as a clam. Maybe a day or two I feel like slapping someone on the face and curse a lot. But I am okay now. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

of boring sunday.

People said that when you write daily, it helps to reflect on life. From today onward,  I want to write daily just for the sake of it.Maybe not religiously daily. I would love to read the things I did when I have gone back for good. Since my days in India are numbered, might as well document my last months here.

It is almost a month I have been dealing with women. Women only patients. Even most of the doctors are women. Even the HOD is acting like a woman. Before starting to work with this department, I was all pumped up with the subject. Like yeah, I love OnG. Now, after seeing all the gore, i.e blood, amnion and shit (literal shit..once a patient had an enema, the smell filled the whole labour room. I had to wait outside to breathe).. my interest is dwindling away.

Even so, the cases that came through the door are always interesting.

Then I browsed instagram and seeing other people are finishing their 5km, 10km even 21km runs, visiting interesting places, eating exotic food, completing masters, then I started to question what the hell am I doing here?

p/s: why i don't feel like i am wasting money when i online shopped?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

confessing something i shouldnt do.

Hi and halo.

Today I didn't go to work? why? Because I am lazehhh. I woke up but i dont have the energy to get ready. Since I have one CL left for this posting. Might as well use it. from last few months i have been a very lazy bum causing weight gain and what not. and today will be my last holiday for the next few months since tomorrow will be my last day in community medicine. no more sundays for me.

I am dreading to go into OnG. I am just dreading the people in the department. Hormones mess people up


so sad leaving behind the most relaxing 4 months I ever had. wishing goodbye to community medicine.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

oh "happy" day!

I miss home.
I wanna see my new nephew. since I'll be the distant aunt. who needs to bribe nephews/nieces in the near future. for some love.


Finishing Surgery postings. Cannot wait to get out of this gastrosurg dept especially. What lazy ass and annoying nurses. Could not even bloody prescribe adult diapers to patients. or write an ultrasound form. Still need me to do it and bitching like hell for one form she wrote since I wasn't there as I was busy doing some other stupid work. and the ridiculous "you need to be here and complete ward work by 830" when the rounds will start at 10. Blame on me when biopsy report wasn't ready yet. yeah I am patho dept alright. Stupid stupid. 2 more days.

enough rant.

Bye bye.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

i am okay

So yeah.. So much for the talk of updating more often once I started working. I am being posted in Surgery for the net two months. I don't know why but I am just super tired everyday. I will sleep early every night without fail. Maybe because I have been running up and down the stairs to collect lab reports and what not.

Anyway, found my new anthem for now.

Wait actually I found two. HAHA. So very productive today. I need to read my BLS book.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bang Bang


Finally I feel like blogging again. Just because tomorrow is my birthday. My 24th birthday mind you. Getting so old yet I am not feeling like it. Feeling muda-muda giteww. Sebab tulah harus bersyukur dengan ketinggian yg rendang. Boleh masuk Taj Mahal dengan free. HAHAHAHA. I bragged about this a lot. It is like an amazing feat for my years in India. Kahkah.


I will be starting to work with JSS soon. I can't really say that I am eager to work there but I can't really say that I am not looking forward to it either. Half of me is saying bring it on! while the other half is saying Nooooo.. there goes my morning sleep, my sundays, my holidays, my fatty Malaysian food, my cheesecake, my rendang, my nasi lemak, my mee rebus, my yong tau foo, and the list continues. and yeah, my family which actually should be the first in the list. 

Well, here is me hoping that another good year is coming with Allah's blessings. Keep me in your du'a to whoever is reading. 

I think I want to write more this year. Like once you are working mesti banyak cerita kan. since studying is the same routine for everybody but working in India is not. It is a rare chance that not everyone will get. Must treasure it and keep the memories alive. Rhonda Byrne sangat kan. But see lah how.If malas tak jalan la jugak.