Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday blues.

You know, when you have to go to work even on a Sunday, you sighed and hoped that you can take a day off just to sleep in, just a little bit more of sleep then all will be okay? Well, I did just that today.
But I had an upset stomach and lets not get into details here. In India, it is customary to get it once in a while.

So, say goodbye to sleep because I was all up and not ready to sleep again. I had 50% of battery in my phone. so I might just as well use it until it died and charge it afterwards. As soon as it hit 1%,  the power was out. Great! Also, a pretty usual occurrence here but today it lasted for four hours. FOUR HOURS!Luckily I charged my tab previously. So smart of me, I know.

Now I have a birthday party invitation but I am just not in the mood. The power is back on and I need to charge my phone.

i just came back from the said birthday party since I think it was not nice of me declining an invitation when I had no other reason to say no. Now I am stuffed and I am sleepy.