Monday, 13 October 2014


I wanna buy a slow cooker. From what I read, it is very suitable for lazy people like me. Just throw chickens, sauces, broths, spices etc, let it cook for hours and tadaa.. your meal is ready. But I will just hold on spending for a month, maybe.. since I think I have spent quite a lot this month. 

I also wanna read more books. I read Reddit which is not equivalent to reading books. I downloaded like tonnes of books but never get the chance to read them because the time I should spend for reading books, I reddit. I pinterest too. I left tumblr long time ago. I just fell off that wagon and joined another wagon. 

I don't want to get angry and take everyday as it is. A friend helped me realized this. There is no point dreading the day after when you are never going to know what will happen next. So take it slow. Take it as it is. My first week I get flustered  and frustrated a lot. Now no more. I am happy as a clam. Maybe a day or two I feel like slapping someone on the face and curse a lot. But I am okay now.