Sunday, 12 October 2014

of boring sunday.

People said that when you write daily, it helps to reflect on life. From today onward,  I want to write daily just for the sake of it.Maybe not religiously daily. I would love to read the things I did when I have gone back for good. Since my days in India are numbered, might as well document my last months here.

It is almost a month I have been dealing with women. Women only patients. Even most of the doctors are women. Even the HOD is acting like a woman. Before starting to work with this department, I was all pumped up with the subject. Like yeah, I love OnG. Now, after seeing all the gore, i.e blood, amnion and shit (literal shit..once a patient had an enema, the smell filled the whole labour room. I had to wait outside to breathe).. my interest is dwindling away.

Even so, the cases that came through the door are always interesting.

Then I browsed instagram and seeing other people are finishing their 5km, 10km even 21km runs, visiting interesting places, eating exotic food, completing masters, then I started to question what the hell am I doing here?

p/s: why i don't feel like i am wasting money when i online shopped?